Sunday, October 05, 2008

Loy Kee Best Chicken Rice @ Balestier Road

I hate expectation.

For me, most of the time, expectation always lead to disappointment.

It’s like when you were young, you were expected to get straight As for all subjects.

When you completed your high school, you were expected to pursue ‘useful’ courses.

When you struggled to complete your degree, you were expected to graduate with first class honours.

When you finally get out of the school, you were expected to join the workforce and get a handsome pay.

And when you secured a good job, your boss expects you to hit unreasonable targets .

Recently, I realized that I’ve been putting sky high expectation on food ever since I started blogging.

I was told by someone that Loy Kee has the best chicken rice in town. Interesting enough, they even have an interactive website displaying the menu and the pix of celebs who visited their place.

Steamed chicken set meal for one ($ 6)

Roasted chicken set meal for one ($ 6)

A plate of char siew (BBQ pork) with tree bark-like texture ($ 4)

Fried beancurd

All in all, the food was surprisingly normal. Nothing to shout about though it is acclaimed as having the best chicken rice in town.

* * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * *

“Boss, I’m overstressed and underpaid, I expect 10% increment by next year.”

*Stunned for 20 seconds*

“Goodness, we are facing recession now, have I not taught you how to manage your expectation??”


Yes, 8 months down here and the best thing I’ve learnt is to come without expectation and leave without disappointment.


Loy Kee Best Chicken Rice
342 Balestier Road
(Next to Shaw Plaza)
Ph: +65 62522318


Kok said...

xiu long bao,
I hate expectations too! But sometimes, just can't help...:(

"Joe" who is constantly craving said...

hahah its true..i dont expect u to blog..then suddenly u blog!

HairyBerry said...

"I’ve learnt is to come without expectation and leave without disappointment." profound!

same goes for the tiramisu as well? hehehe

LOL at Joe's comment...hehehe...

Anonymous said...

Chicken rice... chicken rice. To enjoy something truly is to not set any expectations. Go with any open mind and your appetite shall e open too.

Don't know what am I writing either...

Anonymous said...

Yeah, sometimes it's good to put no or least expectation.

Simon Seow said...

There's better chicken rice in Singapore. I had one in East Coast in the food court in a shopping mall that's near a water park that I forgot the bloody name. Well, let's sing our heart out this Saturday.

Anonymous said...

Leng Lui,
First tum checking out ur blog..think u hv been to many eating places tat i hvnt been to in Sg!! So ashamed!! ahah..

Do you know there is a good chicken rice stall in maxwell mkt too?

Let me know when ur craving for Jap food strikes again ya? We must go for a better one aft the horrible mass of so-called jap food on that friday.. bad food, bad movie..all went wrong..

Well, its always good to hv some expectations, but in moderation ba..higher the expectation, higher the disappointment..

Your beloved 11th sis.. surfing the net and rotting at home tonite.. sounds pathetic..

wmw said...

Aiyah, didn't even sing on Saturday! Yup, that's how I try to keep myself happy, no expectations - no disappointments.

Xiu Long Bao said...

ahah..havta learn to manage your expectation d :)

@_@ very farnie lor...I also didnt expect I'll blog so 'soon'...haha

classic phrase wat...
but that tiramisu was really good :) Beyond my expectation.
And, stop teasing me on that..hmp! i'm just not inspired by the food here ok.

haha...I've to read over and over again to understand what your msg convey :p too artistic...

That's what I've learnt :) And it really works!

Mmm...nvr heard bout it before. Btw, I've moved out of East Coast 3months ago. Now staying in Central area...nearer to Orchard...haha

My beloved 11th sis:
Finally check out my blog ke...8.19pm on Saturday, I was rotting somewhere else too. And you know my grandma threw me that question again...haha
Maxwell market is so darn far...I can't stand the heat lar.
Btw, I'm on for Jap food anytime. We should go sushi tei :) and good more substance k.

haha...I was seriously tired mah :p Looked like a dead fish that day isn't it? Singing for me is more taxing than rock climbing...goodness

Jean said...

Yes, totally agree with you!
do not expect too much or we will disappoint much~

~Christine~Leng said...

love your second last quote :) hehe...
btw... the chicken rice and roast pork are making me drool.... ;P

Cokeworld Citizen said...

Oooo the chicken rice look so high class. A sign of bad food : P Come to Penang and you can have a whole chicken with 6 plates of rice and 5 bowls of soup at about RM30 including drinks ;)

I heard of the one at Maxwell Hill too...

No expectation, no disappointment. Definitely makes life a tiny bit easier to go through.

Bean Sprout's Cafe said...

Totally agree ! I always try to not expect things too much... but still can't do that...and yeah, especially for food lol

Xiu Long Bao said...

And it works! On bad food :p

haha..and guess what, that quote came across my mind when I'm having all the *** food in sg. Now don't you agree that msian are spoilt with good food.

cokeworld citizen:
haha...cannot compare like this la.
That maxwell chicken rice is good. Btw my office is only 5 mins away from Maxwell :)

beansprout's cafe:
hmmm..but I think I've lowered down my expectation alot over here. It really makes my life easier...haha less complaints on sg food!

Big Boys Oven said...

I had yet the chance to try Singapore's chicken rice except I ahd them during my conference lunch at NUS. But I love this fast food skewered grilled chicken at Orchard. Just adore the japanese rice accompany with a sweet juicy dark sauce! just amazing how delicious some food can be!