Sunday, September 07, 2008

Everything Belgian @ Brussel Sprouts

“Brussel Sprouts a Belgian restaurant,

Canelle a dessert bar,

Or The Canteen for expensive canteen food…”

3 choices were presented before me for my birthday celebration. I immediately vote for Brussel Sprouts, a place set up by a Belgian celebrity chef Emmanuel Stroobant. Why would the owner name his restaurant after a type of unappealing vege? I thought.

The ambiance of the restaurant was totally out of my imagination. Different from the pictures displayed in their website, the restaurant looks more like a lounge, a bistro to chill out with alcoholics.

Brussel sprouts were nowhere to be seen in the menu. Fair enough, I was more attracted to their mussels with over 17 types of serving style. From cooking with White Wine, Tarragon Cream, Kriek Beer, Leffe Brune Beer to Chilli Padi, Curry and Tomyam. A small pot of mussels costs $ 18 while a big pot is priced at $ 38. Both comes with free refills of extraordinary fat fries.

We had a pot of Brussel Sprouts Special (celery, onion, parsley, butter, black pepper) and a pot of “Devilled” (chilli padi, tomato, curry, coriander, lime).
The Foie Gras Terrine with Pear, Belgian Endive and Duvel Beer Chutney ($19) was ordered by the goose liver fanatic. To me it was only a piece of fat liver layered with jello.

For main course, I picked their Homemade Pork Sausages served with Daily Stoemp ($24). The serving of the sausages was huge and went well with their thick gravy.

Dessert was Forest Fruit Crumble with Balsamic Scented Pear, Fruit Compote and Ice Cream ($10). The bunch of Forest fruits was achingly sour, topped with a scoop of ice cream with unknown flavour. Maybe I should have ordered their Belgian Waffle with Belgian Chocolate :) There is always next time.

All in all the dinner was great, esp when someone foots the bill :p A place that I’ll definitely return for more mussels and fat fries.

80 Mohamed Sultan Road
#01-12 The Pier @ Robertson
Singapore 239013

Tel: +65 6887- 4344


Cokeworld Citizen said...

The way they served the foie gras were so lazily prepared : P What izzit doing in a Belgian restaurant btw?

Hehe I no cute lah...fat got lah...
Got many spare tyres, want to some? XD wahahaha

Kok said...

Sausages for main meals?

You make me miss the chilli mussels in Perth...:(

Simon Seow said...

Ah, you do know what beer is good. Hoegaarden ftw!

J2Kfm said...

funny how mussels in Malaysia did not take off, unlike oysters.
I like mussels a lot ... oh and UNlimited fat fries? I can munch on those for eternity!!!

"Joe" who is constantly craving said...

i thought u stop blogging d...
yes mussels and belgian beer..damn good combination

HairyBerry said...

oh, love the fat fries!! plus the dipping. oh, it's called brussels sprouts cos mr. stroobant's belgian, me thinks.

ROFL laughing reading joe's comment. hehehehe....

LianneK said...

Been there and loved it. Did you spot Emnanuel fella? lol

Anonymous said...

Guess you didn't see Emmanuel else you would have a pic of him with you!

Big Boys Oven said...

ya lor I also thought you had stop blogging . . . nice to see you back . . .. shall we meet up 1st week of december in SG!

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wmw said...

Eh, I blogged on Brussels Beer Cafe. Also had Hoegaarden :o)

Xiu Long Bao said...

cokeworld citizen:
Haha...that foie gras is sort of like cold dish. Anyway it was a big turn off :I

Sausages? Why not?
Oh, I miss the big fat mussels in aussie too :)

Yea, hoegaarden rocks :) My all time fave.

haha...that unlimited serving of fat fries are evil~ when there are bottles of hoegaarden...

lazee n buzee only mar :p
Lurve belgian beer too.

eh, stop teasing me k. I'm just waiting to be inspired *ahem*

Oh, you been there too? I didnt spot Emananuel though...haha


Make sure you make your way down this time round k. Just give me a ring when you are here :)

wmw: fave beer :) :) :)