Monday, February 25, 2008

No more Japanese food lar

Tell-a-tale: I'm bao
I'm bao.
Xiu long bao.
I'm juicy and piping hot.
I'm tasty inside out.

Crap, I think my brain is infested with worms and getting retarded for overloading myself with sashimi.

Come to think bout it, last week I've gone totally crazee bout Japanese food.
On Monday, I had sashimi bento for lunch, ramen for dinner. On Thursday I had sushi for lunch. On Saturday I made 10 rolls of maki, I have probably walloped half of it. On Sunday, I had Kampachi for lunch and ramen (again!) for dinner. And today I had Saba Teriyaki set for lunch.

I swear I'm going to abstain from Japanese food for the next 24 hours.

Back to food. Last week I managed to meet up with citygal for dinner who came all the way to Singapore for conference and retail therapy. We met up at Vivo City and ended up in this Bosses restaurant which serves Shanghainese food, something ala Dragon-i and Crystal Jade.

Aside from juicy bao, we also had seafood noodle with big juicy prawns and the savoury claypot waxed meat rice.

And ended our meal with melting custard bun...yummy!

Eh, forgot to mention the big boss of the night. Thankiu Pakcik Nic for footing the bill...kakaka


ekeng said...

Wow...the melting custard bun look so good wor..Must visit Singapore on holiday :)

Anonymous said...

Wahhh....another poet in our midst. Soon you Singapore mali people will be able to start a lit group.

Long live Japanese food! Long live JFKA! :-P

HairyBerry said...

wei, you know what's copyright ar?? haha! nvm lar...cos next meal's on you...i am thinking of lobster sashimi leh...hehehe

ll, xlb must go through a series of tests first before she can join my sg mali flit (food+lit) group...i learnt from the best...hehehe...

Tummythoz said...

Abstain? For 2 days is it?

Big Boys Oven said...

Walio, I must make good friend with Pakcik Nic before I head to Dg so he can foot some of my food bills! lol!

wmw said...

Hey, a familiar face for you in Singapore (apart from Pakcik Nic lah)....Food must be nice and company as nice too :o)

Cokeworld Citizen said...

kenot waste such good food u eat so much! tot their portion very huge...everyday jap food...tak cukup ke?

my aunt says shaw house there or somewhere la (near isetan i think) has a whole floor of fresh jap sushi and seafood.

nic: lobster sashimi like that oni wor...maybe have to eat at jap restaurant...i had in red house...the sauce was bad :P

Precious Pea said...

When I go to Singapore, must go find Pak Cik Nic oledi. Haha!

"Joe" who is constantly craving said...

eh if i come dwn means i get free meal also rite??

Anonymous said...

Wah, I can just imagine a mass exodus to S'pore to come visit you... and Pak Cik Nic (his wallet, anyway). Lol.

Simon Seow said...

Er..Dragon-i have something like that to the melting custard bun. My friend like it very much.

It's that you? You look different. She does look familiar, can't remember where I've seen her before.

Simon Seow said...

Like your new profile pic. So mysterious.

JOjo said...

Haha...Good Food, Great Company, especially others are footing the bill while ladies can do their retail therapy.

PS: Pak Cik nic, when i finally, if ever gg to meet up with you all, it will be on you, deal?

Anonymous said...

Ooo... Cant I tag on Pakcik Nic's too? :P

Anonymous said...

Love reading your post.!!! Is japanese food that good? well, anyway, if u hppn to shop at Takashimaya and do love malay/indon food, pay a visit to sanur restaurant.

Xiu Long Bao said...

The melting custard bun is the highlight of the nite. Must visit us lar, i mean singapore.

president LL:
Lousy pantun, i was trying hard to make it rhymes'm still very far behind lar, yet to be qualified :p

I know lar, but my pantun so lousy, canot fight with ur 'artistic creation' (konon-nya). No more sashimi, no more sashimi, no more sashimi, no more sashimi!!!!!

Results: Failed badly. To date, I had 3 Japanese meals in 3 days.

Pakcik very good one. Not friend-friend also can be friend for the sake of good food. You entice him with more tiramisu lar (with chocolate legs wide spread on top one).

Oh yeah it was great meeting her. Supposed to meet Tim who came for conference in sg as well but didn't make it in the end. So when is your turn ah?

cokeworld citizen:
I'm terribly saturated with jap food over here. Darn, i nvr had so much jap food back in KL leh! But i still have the list of good jap restaurants in sg with me. Lemme rest for 'a while' first then go sashimi crazee again lor...haha

precious pea:
Yes, do look for him when coming down for food galore...haha

Oh dear, everyone is now coming down to see pakcik for makan sessions.

Pakcik gonna kill me for creating a big crowd coming down for free meal :p

I love the custard bun with piping hot custard fillings too. The gal in the pic is citygal, not me lar. Haha...the profile pic syiok sendiri only.

!!! Another friend coming to see pakcik for free meal :P

Yes, please do. You have his number rite? Call him when you need to foot the bill. Omg, he gonna kill me for doing this :p

hey! thanks for dropping by and the tips for good food :)

~Christine~Leng said...

you're really had lots of Jap food gal ;P
time to take a break? hehe.
Nic's talking about copyright o..
I've always love custard buns ;P

daphne said...

Wah..another new place ah? The custard bun looks fantastic!

and that much Jap food! U r indeed a Jap food queen! =)

Cokeworld Citizen said... that sampai bila bila pun tak boleh habis...lolz...

saw ur pic at Jackson's blog...mwahahaha...muka sudah bulat compare to ur old profile pic...hehe...

Simon Seow said...

That's why la look so familiar. The hair a bit different though.

teckiee said...

eh.. what happen to pak cik middle name

Xiu Long Bao said...

Seriously time to take a break from jap food :p He forgot he is talking to a lawyer...hahaha
Btw, the custard bun was really good with the melting centre..yumz!

lol...yes i admit i was a jap food fanatic. Now terribly saturated with jap food. Gimme a break!

cokeworld citizen:
Positive proof that jap food can cause waistline expansion too :p

She cut her hair mar. Leng lui also canot recognise???

His middle name? Edison or lucah? haha...

Cokeworld Citizen said...

but tot japanese food no oil that also can cause waistline expension? :S

skip rice then or have smaller portion lolz

take care oh

Anonymous said...

whoa nic is in big trouble rite now..kekek..anyway thanks for spending ur time with me..*big wet eyes*