Tuesday, February 19, 2008

The day when I stumbled upon you again

Once a upon a time, when I was young (not that I'm very old now), ABRSM exam was my most terrifying nightmare. The world falls apart when I finished counting down the days to the actual exam date.

But each horrifying experience always follow with a comforting good meal, either at KFC or McDs (eh...what were you thinking, I was only a primary school kid back then).

There was a year where my exam was held near KLCC and I had my comforting meal at this Japanese fast food outlet...too bad it has since closed down in KL for no good reason and I miss it dearly.

Imagine how delighted I was when I stumbled upon this outlet again in Singapore. I even revisited it twice in 3 days time. It just brings back the memory of my good old days.

Can't help but love their rice burger.
Ebi burger ($3.90)

I also had their strawberry ice ($1.60 for 3), which is coated with white chocolate on top and stuffed with freezing cold vanilla ice-cream.

Now that's a little price to pay for a comforting meal.

MOS Burger
Check out their outlets in Singapore here.

Coming soon:
Ramen at Clarke Quay
Ah baling glutinous rice balls at Chinatown
Hokkaido ice-cream at Clarke Quay

Till Pakcik nic remembers to take his alzheimer medicine and send me the photos taken with his hi-tech camera.


HairyBerry said...

i so old meh? hehehe...will send you the pics asap :) need to compress first though...

try the teriyaki chicken rice wrap...love it!

Anonymous said...

Wow..!! i so missed Mos burger..!!

"Joe" who is constantly craving said...

aiyoh i heard so much..but nvr try b4..haha piano exams eh? i shake..n i flunked..n i will nvr go again haha

Big Boys Oven said...

oh! ic you are the old man(Nic). but I think she can be called auntie also . . . lol! wah this MOS burger looks for the kill!

Cokeworld Citizen said...

aiks...i go there spore so many times but never actually made it into Mos burger...haha too many other food to try to even consider mos burger..lolz...

u tried the ramen? izzit the one i visited?

wmw said...

I just love Mos "Yakiniku Burger"! But the strawberry dessert looks lovely, which is something I have not tried. Used to eat Mos Burger whenever I'm in KLCC those days. Loved the thick french fries and their grape soda. You know the grape soda is so fragrant, like Japanese grapes!

JOjo said...

I only had MOS burger twice in my 3yrs in Sg. Not a big fan of fastfood =p
But i do agree, the rice burger is fantastic minus the oil a.k.a fat.
ABRSM is one tough exam. I remember my mum got me on shopping therapy after my grade 8 practical exam which i thought i flung and i actually cried in the shopping mall when my dad called. Those were the days... =)

~Christine~Leng said...

MOS! wow... sounds great! too bad they closed down in M'sia :(
the rice burger and strawberry looks great!
and if can.... next time ta pao back for me ;P

Xiu Long Bao said...

Will stop calling u uncle if you turn up with spiky hair on fri. N shave ur goatee too. Won't make u look like suckling pig one lar.

mama bok:
I understand how you feel...haha

haih..those were the days lah...I was shivering like shit in the exam room.

Eh...what auntie???

cokeworld citizen:
MOS burger is also japanese food leh...must try! I forgot the name of the ramen place....errrr something maratomo or marutama...hahaha..

Wah, you were a big fan of MOS too ah? Grape soda??? *checking the sg menu*

haha...am not a fan of fast food too but MOS is just irresistible :p I understand how you feel, the wait for the releasing of result is always torturing :I

lol...how to tapao the strawberry ice ah? I buy you strawberries and a tub of vanilla ice cream ok ah?

daphne said...

Mos burger! MY MUST visit fast food chain. Forget about macs or KFC..this is the best!

Cokeworld Citizen said...

yeah marutama...the special ramen was yummy la...i finish the whole bowl myself and slurp the bowl to last drop! they serve fresh made tamago also!! posting in xanga...forgot Spore day wat liao...

Anonymous said...

Ah, I can understand how you feel... :)

Haha, pakcik Nic!

backStreetGluttons said...

such a pity we got no chance to sample those here ( up north from ypur south )

Ling's Passion said...

Hi Xiu Long Bao, glad to have met you. Thanks for sharing with me how to post a link properly. It WORKS. Thanks again.

Simon Seow said...

I had their Unagi rice burger when I was there during CNY.

sc said...

the only fast food (i had i to resort to) i'll have in S'pore :). hope all's well in S'pore?

Xiu Long Bao said...

high 5! had McDs another day, it just tasted so not right :I

cokeworld citizen:
Waa...finish till the last drop??? You are a big ramen fan ke :D

Yalor, pakcik sometimes forgot to take his medicine...kakaka

up north of my south? lol...then come down south for food galore!

ling's passion:
No prob. Great meeting you too :)

Everybody loves MOS burger :D

Hey, doing good here. Lotsa good food n places to shop...hehe