Wednesday, August 01, 2007

Banquet @ Bangsar Village 2

I know I'm very slow in certain things. I have only watched 'War of the Worlds' last week on astro. I haven't watched 'Transformer' yet *malu*, two months ago I wanted to watch 'Blades of Glory' but didn't manage to make it. it still playing in the cinema?

Food wise, there are so many eateries that I wanna try them out and my list has already reached 2 metres long. Till last Friday, I managed to strike out one--Banquet @ Bangsar Village that has been on the top of my list for a month.

The 'Banquet's butter fish rave' was initiated by meiyen, then followed by JFKA's president and Nipple Joe. When in Rome, do as the Romans do. But I was craving for spicy nudles that day, how? So I forced char siew bao to order the legendary butter fish :p

Start off with a plate of Mango Salad first. Intially I thought it is going to be something like fresh mango cubes with salad leaves but I was wrong. It turned out to be a plate of Mango Kerabu! Priced at Rm 13, it is achingly expensive but worth every cent paid. Seriously, the mango salad was really good. Nice balance of sweet and sourish taste, topped with crunchy peanuts and anchovies. This should be the signature starter for Banquet.

Taadaa, here comes the Oven Baked Butter Fish with Honey Mustard (RM25). The flesh of the butter fish was really tender and juicy, tasted bland without the honey mustard dressing but no complains. Fresh fish always taste good on its own.

To fix my craving for spicy nudles, I had a bowl of Penang Prawn Noodles (RM16). The broth was full of flavour, sweet and delicious. Try it with Banquet's home made sambal to give it extra kick.

Even a glass of iced lemon tea (RM8) from Banquet tasted unique, which we believe that it's freshly squeezed lemon juice, different from the usual sweetish commercialised iced lemon tea.

Didn't try their dessert (tiramisu!) as we planned to visit Midori later that nite for its green tea desserts. Will do will do....on my next visit :)

LOCATION:1st Floor-28, Bangsar Village 2, KL.

TEL: 03-2282 3228


Lyrical Lemongrass said...

Better late than never, they say! Mango kerabu looks good. Have yet to try it. Maybe next time for a healthy alternative, eh? ;-)

"Joe" who is constantly craving said...

hmm the prawn was between the prawn mee and the tiramisu for me..bcoz we ordered a salad as a main..hmm looks like its still a very tough battle..but the tiramisu was very intoxicating!

Anonymous said...

Hey, I still haven't watch Fantastic 4 and Transformers lar. Now who's slower?

The mango kerabu looks really good.

boo_licious said...

Ah, we ordered the mango kerabu too and it was really very good. We voted the mango kerabu and tiramisu as the best dishes we tried that nite.

wmw said...

*Taking notes....*

Collecting Moments said...

Hehe I havent watch transformers too. I think im just gonna wait til it comes out on astro (like 5 years later :P)

I love how the place look like. Like a secluded lil secret garden in the middle of the mall.

Have yet to try this place out. Since reading all the fantastic reviews on the mango kerabu, sill definitely order that next time.

Tummythoz said...

*Lazy so curi photostat wmw's notes.*

Ginger said...

love the prawn mee.. but seems a bit exp hor.. maybe cos got big prawns..

backStreetGluttons said...

you are absolutely right to say that fresh fish always tastes good on its own ( which is describing the mantra of good cuisine )so one fine day we shud come out from da backStreets and follow you even if uninvited to complete your as yet unfulfilled eating odyssey of several metres long ! LOL !

~Christine~Leng said...

the fish looks good :) mango kerabu is something i wanna try.. just love mangoes. have to say the same thing i've said to meiyen earlier. I haven't been to Bangsar Village 2 even once! *paiseh*. don't worry.. u r not the 'slowest one' here.. being compared to m3! :P faint.

God of Food's said...

Yeah, mango kerabu really nice. It's uses a mango called apple mango. At a time, my mum aways make it, almost eating it everyday, till i complain :x she get alot mangoes frm my grandmar house.

Anonymous said...

Come lets sing-along:
(Background music: Fergalicious ~ by Fergie)

Listen up ya'll, 'cause this is it
The "fish" that I'm eatin' is delicious

Fishylicous definition make every1 go loco
They want my treasure so they get their pleasures from my photo.
You can see me, you can eat me.
cuz i'm tasty, I ain't fishy(smell)
I got reasons why I tease 'em.
Orang just come and go like seasons.

Fishylicous(so delicious)
But I ain't promiscuous.
And if you was suspicious,
All that shit is fictitious.
I blow kisses (mmmwwahhh)
That makes ppl drool, drool.
And they be lining down the block just to watch what I got (four, tres, two, uno)

So delicious (it's hot, hot)
So delicious (I make them people drool, drool)
So delicious (they wanna taste of what I got)
I'm Fishylicous (t-t-t-t-t-tasty, tasty)

Ok. I think i'll stop here.
I "see" people vomitting blood oledi listening to CSB singing...

In btw, the Mango Kerabu iz really nice!

Kok said...

xiu long bao,
You can really look for good food. haha!

~Christine~Leng said...

wuah... CSB can sing and compose? haha... good one. Think xiulong bao will be carried away by this.. :P

Xiu Long Bao said...

lyrical lemongrass:
I was struggling btw chicken wings & mango kerabu as starter. Only one buck difference! luckily i made the right choice, really goodie, i can have 2 plates!

I wanna try that tiramisu too! Soon, very soon...

haha...same same...
the mango kerabu was very good. Must try!

wow, so out of the 2 best dishes from banquet, i have conquered one!

wmw & tummythoz:
yeah, pls take note:
1) mango kerabu as starter
2) butter fish as main
3) tiramisu as dessert


haha...maybe 5 yrs to play on AXN but 2 yrs on Starworld/HBO.
I luv the ambiance of banquet...clean, tidy n whitish. Very comfy :)

As per our discussion last nite, pls proceed to banquet ASAP for their butterfish!!!

But it is considered cheap in banquet. Western dishes are priced at RM20++. The ambiance worth the price nvrtheless!

ahem....sounds scary wonder i always feel like there is someone following me at my back :p

No worries, take ur time. I have only visited bangsar village when I started working. I dun even know this place when i was studying! haha...

aiya, u are really the god of food! can have mango kerabu envious :I

@_@ after effect of outstation.

Hunting for good food is my real job ^_^

Xiu Long Bao said...

emm..haha...u dun wan to hear him sing! He is attributing this song to his butterfish sweetheart la.

MeiyeN said...

lol at csb!!! :p loved da butter fish soooo sooo much! :D

Xiu Long Bao said...

yalor, the after effect of having luscious butter fish :p

Kenny Mah said...

Mmm... Butter fish... I like it simple and fresh, so a bit of blandness is more than fine. Rather than a lot of sauciness to cover less-than-fresh fish! :D

Xiu Long Bao said...

kenny: ^h5!!!I esp luv plain steamed/ baked fish. Wunderfully delicious!

Anonymous said...

Me and my colleagues went to the banquet today (28.03.08) about 20+ of us to celebrate someone’s b’day.
Food initiallly was good (presentation wise and taste wise) until the three Tom Yam Soup(Set lunch) came after 2:05pm (three of us ordered about 12:40ish noon). Very upset that the manager(?), the guy not wearing uniform was blaming us (customers) for waiting for so long for the food and not leaving earlier(duh?). Few of us(me included) had an argument with him (there’s another lady “manager”, dressed in black shirt/pants who earlier scolded the white uniformed waiters about giving out our Clear Tom yam Soup to the wrong table whose customers have arrived later than us).
Some of us actually suggested and planned to not pay the bill and just walk off. But our manager eventually paid via credit card, ‘cos “pity them”(the lady and waiters meanwhile looked stunned when we told them we wanted to walk off w/o paying).
The lady that time kept quiet. The “Manager” (I call him that ‘cos he looks like makes the most noise there amongst the staff), dressed in dark shirt/pants(young/middle aged Chinese guy) told us we were “liars” (that someone claimed we had waited for 1.5h for our food) and said we’re taking his discount for granted(the discount I have yet to verify ‘cos the bill is with our dept.manager, who also joined us for lunch). He claimed our food arrived within 1h (yeah right, we arrived at 12:30 noon, ordered around 12:45 and it arrived at 2:05pm, go figure!). Then I challenged him to prove it. He proudly said: “Your order came in at 1:15pm!” Then I told him, even if it’s one hour it is still very long to wait for the food, then he told me “IF one hour is long, then you go wait at the coffe shop la!”. I dunno how u guys feel but I was very upset/unhappy over his attitude/response. I then told him (amongst many other offensive verbal exchanges): “I will never come to your shop again, we are your customers you cannot talk like that”. Then he said “Good! I also hope you’ll never come back here again, ‘cos you’re such DIFFICULT CUSTOMERS!”. Hello…..I have been patiently and hungrily waiting for your tom yam soup, I only ask waiters (politely) twice about it (until they realised their mistake and the “Black lady” came angrily running around, pointing here and there, making a fuss to the waiters) and you call me a difficult customer??? I’ve seen more diffiult customers than myself (usually I’m very patient one and never confronted restaurant staff before!This is first time in my life I scolded/argued back to a rude staff/manager!).

SO, conclusion I’ll never come back (as I promised) and well share this with everyone I know of. I’ll discourage everyone from going to that Bangsar Village 2 outlet. This has to be my worst/most rude makan outing I’ve ever experienced (in terms of rude staff treating the customer).

The last thing I told him before I left was “I hope “all your customers can hear this!” (referring to I’ll never come back again). Then he stopped argueing and just shook his head.

Pity, the food (especially lunch sets) were not bad, and reasonably priced. This guy (manager?) must go to a mandatory Service Excellence/Customer service course immediately, or else they will suffer dearly…(I saw quite a number of “high class” patrons eating there, wonder what they must have thought…)

Anyway, checked my parking ticket and it was stamped “TIME IN: 12:14:19PM”, “TIME OUT: 02:22:07PM”. We arrived around 12:30 at the “Banquet”, sat down, ordered around 12:40 or 12:45 LATEST. I think the “manager” didn’t know it was a 2nd order at 1:15pm, not the initial order (the 3 tom yam soup) ‘cos it already went to the wrong table next to us. So, he better get his facts right, we DID wait 1.5h for our tom yam!!!
(boycott, boycott, boycott)…

coco said...

good foods?

coco said...

Hi Piau , you know from the kitchen helpers to Outlet manager, all of them are foreign worker( Nepali & Myanmars..., what more r u expecting for ? try Wasabi at Mandarin Orental K.L.really worth!!