Friday, August 03, 2007

Seafood galore @ Mei Chixuan.

Warning: This post features fresh seafood that would make your tummy rumble and develop craving for seafood early in the morning.

Special thanks to the sifu a.k.a master chef of Mei Chixuan for the seafood fiesta, great hospitality and his kind offer to give special discounts to blog readers. Please print out this discount voucher and present it to the waiter when ordering. Bon appetit!
(No, I dun get commission for doing this :p)

The sifu (with 29 years of experience...Hwuah!) greeted us before the meal.

The menu for the night:

Huh? No worries, free translation is provided F.O.C:

-Flying fox in the snowy mountain
-Crispy bamboo roll
-Enoki mushroom beancurd
-Coconut prawn in thick curry
-Fresh juicy clams cooked in Chinese rice wine
-Thai style crispy pork knuckle
-'Kam Heong' spicy crab
-Salted egg yolk crab

The grand total only came up to RM195 for 12 persons that nite which is reasonable esp with fresh from the tank seafood. More good news for crab lovers, Mei Chixuan is having crabby promotion now, 1kg for RM20 only.

The dishes of the nite, as seen from the menu...

This is the interesting fosil-looking 'flying fox in snowy mountain'. The fish was first coated evenly with coarse salt and baked in the oven.

A very innovative dish indeed. Just to note that the outer salty layer is not for advisable for consumption. Any attempt to do so will cause instantaneous high blood pressure. The flesh was very fresh, it was also stuffed with super spicy minced ginger and bird eye chilli (cili padi).

Next up is this crispy bamboo roll which was essentially fish paste layered with crispy bamboo shoot and topped with crunchy vege sticks. No complains as I luv these kind of processed food like fish ball & fish cake.
Beancurd with enoki mushroom. Homecooked-like dish.
This coconut curry prawns has the floggers' vote for being the best dish of the nite. We luv the aromatic thick curry cooked in coconut cream. What a good reason to wallop 3 bowls of rice with the curry gravy.

The clams were fresh from the tank as well. They were all obese, meaty and juicy. Topped with shredded gingers which i dun really fancy but dun get me wrong, the dish was very good and according to sifu, the chinese rice wine was made in-house.

*pix missing, for the moment just bear with ur imagination, will update soon*

Ahah...this is another specialty from the sifu--crispy pork knuckle. This was done to perfection. The outer layer was baked/ deep fried till crunchy and yet the flesh was still tender and flavourful. We were not aware that the pork knuckle should be dipped into the sweet sour thai sauce *malu*.

We ended our meal with hearty crabs, one cooked with salted egg yolk and one in spicy 'kam heong' style. I prefer the former though it sounds so artery clogging.

Luscious claw. I suppose most of you would look for claw first when having crabs. Can you believe that jackson actually hate eating claws? Nevermind, the floggers group happily sapu all the claws for him.
Wait, there were desserts too! Tiramisu from Big Boys Oven :)

Ahh...done with all the food. Time for some pix, starring 'Malaysian Floggers Group'.

I always enjoy these kind of outing with the bunch of lovely floggers. I never expect to make so many new frens who share the same passion and interest in food tasting, food blogging and food photographing. Keep up the good job dear frens :)

Mei Chixuan
32A1, Jalan PJU 5/10, PJU Dataran Sunway,
Kota Damansara, 47810 Petaling Jaya.
TEL: 016-2783089 (Steven)

*Feel free to call 'em up to get clearer direction. I know I'm very poor in this :I *


Precious Pea said...

RM20 for 1kg!! I can feel the crabs calling me now. OOooooo......I will go, must go!!

Lyrical Lemongrass said...

Wow, everything looks so yummy! Ok la...if got floggers' vote of approval, must check it out soon. :-)

Xiu Long Bao said...

precious pea:
Definitely very cheap for the crabs. Haha...precious pea goes crabby again.

lyrical lemongrass:
Emm...just stick to their specialties president. U noe wat i mean *wink wink*

Coketai said...

Wonderful! Wonderful! Wonderful! That's the only 3 words I can said.


boo_licious said...

Yums! The crabs look so good.

boo_licious said...

Eh, I just realised, where's Joe in the pixs?

Xiu Long Bao said...

LY Tai,
hi there! Their specialties are very good. The crabs are worth trying too.

YUm! I luv the salty egg yolk crab. The gravy was so nice. Joe didn't join us for dinner dat day.

MeiyeN said...

rm 20 only?!!! that's really affordable.....!

~Christine~Leng said...

salty egg yolk crab! had not have it for a long time! Must go! the promotion of RM20 for 1kg is valid till?

Unknown said...

OMG I look super ugly..nvm la..give u face let u put on ur blog..LOL..

"Joe" who is constantly craving said...

too bad couldnt make it..need to do some cramp studying that nite..u guys going again next week for the bangsar 1?? oh yeah how was the cake? no comment 1?

Anonymous said...

My photos aren't exactly flattering to say the least. Even the food looks more handsome than me leh. Kakaka..that's it, I'm posting your embarrassing photos too! :P

Kok said...

xiu long bao,
RM195 for 12 people is quite cheap! I doubt I can get that price with all the nice food. :P

Poonky said...

next time ur blog should write "danger ahead for hungry people"...oh those food some of them very tempting leh hehehe

wmw said...

hahaha...looks like you folks had fun, the usual when floggers get together!

Xiu Long Bao said...

yup! heard dat king crab offers RM35 for one kg. Worth the try :)

I luv their salted egg yolk crabs too. Sifu added some butter or milk to make the gravy. Very nice! not sure bput the promotion period. Do call em up for clarification. And ask for direction too!

Oh...Tq Tq...luckily u din bring camera or else u would have captured my uglier face..haha!

yup, definitely going for the next feast @ bangsar. The tiramisu was nice too, not too sweet n creamy.

hmp! remember to post the second photo with jackson at the back, dat one not so wat dut..haha

true, the pricing is quite reasonable. Of cus u can't get that in aussie. Now considering coming back for good? hehe...

Oh no! U should fill up ur tummy before visiting my blog :p ok, next time i'll put the warning sign as 'Dangerous for poonky the hungry soul'.

wmw said...
yes we did! Next tues @ bangsar, coming?

Anonymous said...

ooooo lovely crabs....
wish i was there.....

i imagine d crabs must be finger lickin good! muak muak*

wasabi said...

RM195 for 12 pax? Something is just not quite right here. There is price severe distortion and the meal for the night must be heavily subsidised as sifu knows he is serving some VVIPs, people who can make or break his business. So for you seafood enthusiasts out there bring your credit card along just in case you do not have enough cash to settle the food bill. RM20 a kilo for that size of crab???? Can someone be kind enough to walk in and verify that again?

Kok said...

xiu long bao,
True lah. But here earn more leh. Save more here, then convert back to Malaysia Ringgit, wahhh! A lot! hahaha! Hmm...Actually, I don't know whether to go back for good or not. Any idea? Or if Shell want to employ me, can!:P

teckiee said...

ehhh the curry coconut prawns nice mehhh... i think too much coconut and not fragrant enuff lo

Xiu Long Bao said...

I tot u wan to cut down on hi choles food? See see only ah...keke

oh...maybe my pix are abit deceiving...haha...the crabs are not that big actually. The sifu hang out one big banner saying that it is offering crabs at Rm20 per kilo. There is also another rest nearby offering Rm18 per kilo but sifu said we can try that rest n see if we wana go back for more.

actually I also tot of applying for PR over there, i like sydney tho! But i came back for good a glutton :p i can't live without msian food. Also bcus of my family. Its hard to survive @ foreign countries alone...okay for me, but u are independent enoh maybe? Of cus shell is more than happy to hire smart ppl like u :) Just be prepared for the interview!

jackson, citygal n kiasu luv the gravy very much. I thought the curry was flavourful, maybe u r right, not fragrant enoh.

Anonymous said...

Alamak, I'm really slim! *grin*

Big Boys Oven said...

Did I miss something hehehehe.......

Selva said...

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