Thursday, June 12, 2008

$ 33 Sashimi Buffet + Crazy Moments @ Hanabi.

My loving relationship with Hanabi started a month ago.
'I'm going for $33 Sashimi buffet at Hanabi tonite', announced my colleague.
I immediately lost control and was literally pulling his collars.
'Buffet? Sashimi? For only $33? WHERE???'
Since then, I have visited Hanabi 3 times in a month.
The first visit was with Simon and Uncle N where I forcefully changed the venue from Ma Maison to Hanabi.
The second visit was with my friend who came down to visit me and I forcefully fixed the meeting venue at Hanabi.
The third visit was with my bunch of colleagues for birthday celebration and I forcefully set the celebration venue at Hanabi.
My intention was pure. I just want my sashimi.
Imagine free flow of Sake, Maguro, Tako, Hamachi and Ika which were surprisingly fresh. The quality of the food served and the freshness of the ingredients were way beyond expectation at such affordable pricing.
Another plus point is their ala carte style where we just have to place our order and wait to be served. The extensive menu drives me crazy everytime I look at it, from sashimi, sushi, maki, temaki, teppanyaki, yakitori, ramen, udon, soba to japanese curry. Too bad desserts are not included in the buffet, or else I would have walloped 10 scoops of matcha ice-cream for each visit.

The pictures were taken during my colleague's birthday celebration. For the whole nite, I was busy juggling with sashimi and photo shooting. For more food pix and description, kindly refer to Simon's review.
That nite we were the noisiest & craziest bunch in the restaurant. Shooting photos like nobody's business.
But we really had fun that nite and most of us have problem sleeping after the dinner. Probably due to the high level of endorphin released.

I now declare Hanabi as the official meeting venue for those who come down to visit me.
Hanabi Japanese Restaurant
331 North Bridge Road #01-04 Odeon Towers Singapore 188720
(+65) 6338 6626


Jason said...

Wah, so happening and sashimi overload. Poor WMW have to take sashimi if she go down to visit you. Kekekeke....

Anonymous said...

I see the force is strong in the Singapore chapter of the JFKA. :-P

Anonymous said...


i heart!

"Joe" who is constantly craving said...

hahaha true japanese cuisine fanatic..i prob eat till they tell me they are out of sashimi too!

Kok said...

xiu long bao,
This is a real good deal!!

HairyBerry said...

i've just finished editing my pics and remembered that i forgot to send you the pics...*horrors*!

so coincidental lar...after editing, i guess no surprise on what i'm gonna post next lar...haha!

Simon Seow said...

Wah, a bit boring wor for me. If every time I come down and you bring me to Hanabi.

G said...

This post is sending my appetite to a Jap buffet this weekend! :)

Anonymous said...

me me me ! next visit u bring me there ok?

Anonymous said...

Ikoi at Miramar hotel is priced the same and is much much better imho.

See here for pics

Xiu Long Bao said...

lol...tai kar jer has the privilege of going for cooked food when she comes over. Won't torture her with sashimi :p

President LL:
Oh yes, it is growing strong. Thx to the abundance of good jap food over here.

u can have the tako. Me heart sake :)

High 5! The chef at the sashimi counter was looking at us as if we are going to finish up all his sashimi.

yep it is, if not i wldn't have revisited so many times!

Uncle, told you to take ur medicine on time d. Anyway, ur collage looks good.

oklor, u r exempted for the next trip.

Try rakuzen @ chulan square. They serve ala carte buffet every weekend.

No prob. Meeting venue forcefully fixed at Hanabi already :p

thx for the info :)

Jackson said...

Looks like u guys having so much fun there!!!

Shell (貝殼) said...

reasonable price and foods all look nice & fresh^^

Jean said...

WOw..$33 only!!!!!
Sashimi..I love Sashimi too!!
Will include this in my "must visit place" when I have chance to go over Singapore!

Tummythoz said...

Haha what a sashimi monster you are!

wmw said...

Thanks for not forcing me to eat sashimi! When you said forcefully, just what did you do???

Xiu Long Bao said...

We were the loudest bunch in the restaurant :)

yeah, the pricing is very reasonable. No complaints bout the quality of the food for $33 :)

yeap, a good place to visit for bottomless supply of sashimi :)

Aiks...have to admit that. What to do...they are too luscious not to have.

I'll finish up the sashimi for u lah...haha...Forcefully? Coerce the bunch to go Hanabi lor :p

Big Boys Oven said...

true what jason said, overload wih sashimi wow! i will definite agree to drown with those sashimi!

Anonymous said...

That restaurant should pay you some remuneration. You seem like a big fans of Japanese food.

Julian Si said...

That shot with the mushroom skewers for eyes made me laugh :-)

Great to see you have kept on Bloggin in the land down under!

Cheers :-)

ps - Next time u are back, do try out Courtyard Gdn, slurp!