Wednesday, May 21, 2008


1. Home (but) sick
Was home last weekend to see my parents and my dog but I fell sick the very next day.

'Count yourself lucky that you fall sick when you are home', said my mum.

Am still on medication now, apparently the penicillin and my sickness made me slept throughout the whole weekend.

2. Spring cleaning

Was doing spring cleaning last weekend and found pile of photos and albums.

Come to think bout it, you were gone for quite some time but it feels just like yesterday.

Is it me missing you or you missing me? The world doesn't seem to be the same to me anymore.

3. Family gathering

Was asked to join the family gathering last weekend after missing-in-action for 3 months.

My grandma is still cute as ever with the same pattern everytime we meet.

As expected, the hug always follows with the same question.
'So, when are you getting married?'

4. Fukuya @ Bangsar, Jalan Ara.

Was there (finally) last weekend having heard bout the positive feedback on their Kaiseki 8 course lunch set, affordably priced at RM 52.

Served course-by-course, the lunch set came with 8 different dishes. Regrettably, I was quite sick when having the meal. Bar none, I still think that it is a pretty good deal at this kind of pricing. Well done to the chef as the ingredients used were very fresh, coupled with the right seasoning and cooking time, a revisit for their 8 course meal is a definite.

First course: Appetizer

Second course: Clam Soup

Third course: Sashimi

Fourth course: Grilled Salmon

Fifth course: Softshell crab

Sixth course: Yu Tofu

Seventh course: Somen

Eighth course: Dessert
Too bad I don't find the dessert appealing, unlike other floggers who were being served lavender ice-cream during their visit, what I had was flat and super chewy mochi with crushed peanuts.

5. You

On our way back, I told you,

'If I was to categorise people whom I have met so far into two groups, they have to be people whom I wish I never met before in my life and people whom I couldn't feel more grateful in knowing them even though it's a mere acquaintance'

For that I thank you for all the memories and joys that we have shared.

Thanks for bringing out the best in me.

One Bangsar, 63B Jalan Ara
Bangsar Baru
59100 Kuala Lumpur

Tel : (+603) 2282 1111


Anonymous said...

It almost sounds like you're cursing someone, O Honorary Lifetime Member of the JFKA. I love the kaiseki here, though...too bad about the mochi...the lavender ice cream was to die for. As for friends...yeah, some are keepers. :-)

Cokeworld Citizen said...

Wah RM53...I still think bento in Spore is better anyday XD hahaha

Do u think the basket is a bit too big for the crab? :S

Great friends are hard to find...I am sure you would be able to. In fact you already did. Neh... the one always teman you go makan japanese food? ;)

"Joe" who is constantly craving said...

not bad..this i need to go..had a simple set lunch pls a roll in mizu, bangsar also 50++ d...might as well enjoy life here rite>?

Kok said...

Wish you a speedy recovery. Maybe like your mum said, it's better to fall sick when you're back home. At least, there's someone taking care of you.

Take care there.

none said...

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Tummythoz said...

U sound sad. Time do heal.
On the other hand good food heal faster and better.

HairyBerry said...

so, you have finally tried fukuya. excellent. too bad about the lavender ice cream.

well, all i can say is, time for your dose of that therapeutic macha/goma/whatever-tickles-yr-fancy ice cream again.

~Christine~Leng said...

Bet the 8 course meal did better to heal you than those penicillins :)

Anonymous said...

Hope you are feeling better already.. :)

JOjo said...

Speedy Recovery~

Anonymous said...

Hey hey ... nice to have u back here. Too bad didn't have chance to meet you though. It's pretty impressive huh, back for the weekend ... still can put up a post !

Xiu Long Bao said...

president LL:
:p no lar, am not cursing anyone. The kaiseki was great, thx for the recommendation. Too bad i didnt get to try the lavender ice cream but there is always next time :)

cokeworld citizen:
But it is 8 course meal lar. Worth the price i wld say. Lol...the serving of the softshell crab is abit pathetic lah.
And the makan buddy? He just declared no more jap food in the next 30 days, thx to his jap food posts for one whole month.

yeap, great value for that 8 course meal. Mizu is next in my wishlist :)

Thx :) I think i fell sick bcus of the hectic trip back. The customs was packed with crazy crowd. I almost pengsan in the crowd.

will do. thx for dropping by.

Agree. Time will heal. Ice cream might speed up the healing process. Time to indulge :p

yalor, i was expecting throughout the whole course just for that ice cream. Come to think bout it, i havent had my fave hokkaido ice cream for a long time already.

I didn't enjoy it thoroughly, thx to my sickness loh. Will revisit when im well :)

mama bok:
Thx...feeling alot better. Got to rest in SG this few weekends. Time to recharge for the next hectic trip back to KL again.

hey thanks...come to think bout it, our after exam makan session is still on rite?

lol...back for a short weekend only. Catch u when u r in SG again :)

wmw said...

Hey girl...chin up! Catch up with you soon, yah?

Anonymous said...

Aww... *hugs

Stressed up with work? Hope you recovered by now.

Jean said...

rm53, cheap!!
I hope I will have chance to go there..>.<

Precious Pea said...

Oh dear, I hope you are feeling much better now. Do take enuff rest and water.

Anonymous said...

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Simon Seow said...

Oh man, I really have to make my way to Fukuya already. Grr....

And of course must bring a pretty girl with me. :P

Kent Fo said...

wow, just rm50++ can try 8 different course, although quantity was not that satisfied but quality was great, one time can try several type of food!!

must try!!


Anonymous said...

Hope ya r all better now! :D
I think d fukuya @ bangsar wuz juz ok... wld like to try the KL one!!

Xiu Long Bao said...

hey tai kar jer, catch up with you during the K-session :)

thx :) catch up with you soon.

yeap, quite affordable for 8 course meal like this. They have a brach @ jln delima, KL as well.

precious pea:
Thx dear :)

simon seow:
ahem...which pretty gal again?

yeap, great value here. Kaiseki set like this costs a bomb elsewhere.

The food was not bad, great value. The ambiance of the KL outlet look nice in the pix, would love to try it out too.

Kok said...

xiu long bao,
How are you? Hope you are as strong as a bull now!:)

Xiu Long Bao said...

thx :) Am feeling better now. But not as strong as bull lah...haha