Tuesday, March 04, 2008

cha cha Ocha cha

Initially, it was supposed to be a day filled with excitement and anticipations but it turned out to be the other way round. Perhaps I was just too tired ... maybe the expectation that I placed on them was skyhigh.

It was Oscar Movie week over here and I managed to catch up with some good movies (konon-nya) over the weekend. It started with Sweeney Todd which I thought it was quite interesting though still feel disturbed by a few explicit scenes. Can't believe that someone feels inspired after watching the movie and had fun rhyming like Todd @_@

The next movie was No Country for Old Men which I wouldn't have watched it if not for Oscar. What makes it the best picture of the year? Why is the storyline so predictable? Why? Why? Can someone please enlighten me on this?

Following the dinner (another disappointment) at Olio, feeling extremely unsatisfied (quality & quantity wise), we headed to Ochacha for desserts.

Shame on me being a matcha dessert lover but never got to try it back in KL. I was so delighted to know that Ochacha actually originates from Singapore, which means better quality of food in their Singapore outlet?

But why? why? why?
I picked their ice blended matcha with azuki beans ($6.80). The texture tasted exactly like matcha ice cream with azuki beans on top (heck, what am I trying to say...) with a tinge of bitterness.

The matcha cotton cheesecake ($2.90) was another 'surprise', The texture was fluffy but I can't taste anything else but the aching sweetness.

Similarly for the matcha black sesame cake ($4), I was anticipating for some really good desserts but it was not. The taste of the black sesame layers and matcha crumbs on top of the dessert was not apparent.

The highlight of my day was this Gyokuro ($6.90) -- a plain cup of premium green tea. It was being refilled for 3 times (only), actually I can still go for 3 more rounds.

Was I too picky or fussy? All I want is just a piece of bitter sweet dessert.


The Gardens, MidValley City
Pavilion, Jalan Bukit Bintang

252 north bridge road raffles city shopping centre #B1-44f.


Cokeworld Citizen said...

ooo yeah...you don't agree that food quality in Spore is better meh? Same outlet but taste different in different country. I always have subway in spore.

Oscar Week? hahaha i must be very outdated. So predictable also can win best pic?

"Joe" who is constantly craving said...

hahah i thought it was ok wor when i tried the green tea cake..

then again..bitter sweet..haha find dark chocolate!

HairyBerry said...

it was inspiring wat...*sharpening his blades*...i craving for pies...lalala..oh, here comes a customer..lalala

n.c.f.o.m. is an intelligent movie but a bit draggy, i thought...still thinking abt it lar...

oh, this is a food blog hor, i forgot...who ordered gyokuro ar? hehe...

Anonymous said...

Hmm.. (looks at joe's comment) ... I wonder what dark chocolate and green tea would taste like together? Perfectly bitter? :P

daphne said...

it sounds disappointing. Never mind, more reason to hunt for better desserts?

Jason said...

As if you're a fan of green colour now :P

Anonymous said...

What a pity coz the pictures look good. Been awhile since I had a good matcha dessert.

Sugar Bean said...

Haha! Coincidentally, we posted on the same cafe on the same date! Is it really that bitter? We didn't taste any bitterness from any of those desserts. Perhaps they added a lot of matcha powder?

JOjo said...

i saw good review on Ochacha...But maybe you are right, or maybe Malaysians have higher expectation for food?

Anonymous said...

the cake is sooooooooooo small for the price that we pay :(

Xiu Long Bao said...

cokeworld citizen:
subway also tastes better? gotta give it a try tomorrow leh!Yalar, unable to comprehend why this movie won best pic leh.

Maybe i should give their msian outlet a try. I wan my bitter sweet dessert lah!

n.c.f.o.m is just like korean movie, so chiong hei. wat's next? i wana watch juno lar.
*ahem* who ordered that 2 pieces of achingly sweet desserts har?

Hey sounds like a perfect combination of my bitter sweet dessert...yumz!

hehe...the hunt continues tomorrow!

green coloured desserts!

president LL:
yalor president, we have got to do something bout it. What happened to good matcha desserts?

wenching & esiong:
haha wat a coincidence. The bitterness was not very apparent. Wish they could add more matcha powder.

exactly, heard alot of good things bout it back in msia. Gonna give their msian outlet a try.

dun convert wor...maybe matcha powder is too expensive haha...

~Christine~Leng said...

ooo... i wanna try their drinks! the cake is kinda overpriced i thought.. ;P

Cokeworld Citizen said...

hahaha panel oscar yang tak ada...i mean masuk akal XD

i remember having a half foot sandwich italian bmt i think at sentosa. I asked them to put extra vege, ended up overflowing with vege. I was bloated :S

well at least while looking them preparing the sandwich, I won't feel like saying "eh eh so little meat oni ar?" or "walao, asked to add more vege...not strands of vege" lolz...I never had subway (Penang wan) after 2 visits.

so many people bangkang spore food. Since you stay there for some time ady, care to enlighten us about ur view?

Big Boys Oven said...

walio! u had dessert and ice tes with pakcik nic aka edison chen! walio, you left us all in KL! lol!

wmw said...

Forget it...forget it.....there're more food ahead...(singing in Sweeney Todd's style! Hahaha...)

Xiu Long Bao said...

yeah, do give their matcha drinks a try esp their signature matcha latte :)

cokeworld citizen:
spore food ah? so far so good leh, for jap food lar and also yummy hokaido ice cream dat is not available in KL! Hawker food wise still ample room for improvement lor, i think their food is tilted towards the sweetish side :S

eleh, u come over then we can go makan puas puas again lar. so r u buying me dinner when i come bck end of march har?

yes yes...remind me of sweeney todd's meat pie pulak..yiaks!

Anonymous said...

I love green tea and I almost went in (Pavillion bracnh) but I went to JCo donuts instead :P It's unfortunate that sometimes high pricing doesn't mean high quality

Simon Seow said...

Oh, they also have Ocha Ocha in Singapore. So, the price is in Sing Dollar right?

Anonymous said...

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Xiu Long Bao said...

true, hefty price tag doesnt guarantee good food. so u braved the crowd and had JCo donuts!

yup in sing dollars. Thought ocha cha originates from sg leh.

thanks for dropping by! enjoy ur stay n appreciate ur comments :)

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Anonymous said...

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Dr.Gray said...

The stuff looks good, but the prices I could live without. Good imported green tea is pretty cheap online now a days.

Anonymous said...

Hey, thanks for the many reviews. I could not agree more.

Had tried once too with my galfriend. The drinks and cakes didn't impress us a bit. And yes was rather overpriced...then again...City Hall...

Can only be sucker once...Yes, would rather go over to Cedele for nicer cakes?? hehe