Sunday, December 30, 2007

Yuzu @ The Gardens.

I have always wanted to visit this new Japanese restaurant in town which named after a citrus fruit called 'Yuzu' and I bet the restaurant crew was trying to dress up like the fruit as well in striking yellow :p

Ambiance wise, the setting is tilted towards contemporary with moderately fast beating background music which I don't really fancy when having Japanese food. The waitress and restaurant manager were over-attentive as I was about to yell 'leave me in peace!', or maybe that is what they called 'good and friendly customer service' :p

To start off, we had to have the strongly recommended appetizer--'Yuzu No.1' (RM20). What a name for a dish that is made of blended scallops, fish and vege baked in cream cheese, wrapped with seaweed and topped with a dollop of wasabi. Taste wise, I thought it was quite creative and tantalising. Do give it a try but take note that the portion is small enough where you can finish in two bites.

Next up is a big bowl of (crushed ice) sashimi -- Santen Mori that came with toro (tuna belly!), yellow tail and shell fish. The original price is RM98 but you can enjoy a 25% new opening discount for the moment (not sure when will the promotion ends).

Yikes, the presentation looks so inviting!

King Prawn Roll (RM28). Yes I admit, I just love to order Japanese food with nice presentation.

Still not feeling satisfied. We had another heavy dose of cholesterol-laden Hokkai Nabe, aka seafood hotpot. Orginal price at RM68 (25% off during promotion period). Great value for a big bowl of fresh scallops, juicy king prawns and big chunks of salmon in piping hot seafood broth.

Among all the Japanese restaurants that I have visited, I reckon that Yuzu has the most wide ranging dessert menu that excites me, from the usual green tea ice cream, their signature yuzu ice cream to the fusion green tea caramel pudding, matcha parfait and lots more for dessert lovers to choose from.

I settled for their yuzu ice cream (RM8) and Warabi Mochi (RM6) after scratching my head and flipping the dessert menu few times.

Their yuzu ice cream came with a blend of vanilla ice cream and a weak yuzu scent, different from what I expected. But overall a good try if you want to end your meal on a refreshing note.

Their mochi was heavily coated with green tea powder. My palette was firstly greeted with strong unbearable bitter taste but the bitterness didn't last too long as it ended with a hint of sweetness. An interesting palette experience I would say.

By the way, Yuzu is now having 'Fugu Course Meal Promotion', priced at RM135 for 2 pax (after 10% discount). Do give it a try if you have always been pondering whether you will be killed by having this legendary suicidal puffer fish. See precious pea's review on this Fugu Course Meal.

Location: T236, 3rd Floor, The Gardens Mid Valley City.
Tel: 03-2284 7663/7763


Anonymous said...

Wow..!! really good food..!! drooling all the way to the kitchen. .and making noodles for myself.. :(

Kenny Mah said...

One of these days I shall be converted to the Nipponside... the presentation of the dishes are spectacular... now if only I can persuade myself to try some fugu... :P

Big Boys Oven said...

Oh I also want to go.... fugu hmmmmmm..see first! lol!

Unknown said...

omg..yuzu no.1 is so freaking exp..but the sashimi seems reasonable..i shall go

Jun said...

i tried this when i just came back fr aus. if u like black sesame ice-cream, u've gotta try the one in yuzu. u can see bits of sesame in it :)

Lyrical Lemongrass said...

I love the presentation. Walked by a few times with a few ppl who didn't like japanese food (my bad luck!), so never got to enter Yuzu. Shall have to be more picky when choosing friends next time. hahaha. Great writeup...will check it out SOON!

"Joe" who is constantly craving said...

hmmm...yuzu no.1 is really darn small..and to be so cheeky to serve it on a big plate!! kekeke

never try this b4..time to try it..but then again i haven tried so many things ar?

HairyBerry said...

Yuzu No. 1 sounds interesting...i'm sure it's very flavourful since so many different ingredients are used. yeah, i like green tea mochi for that sweet after-bitter taste!

backStreetGluttons said...

Happy New Year to
Honorable Life Member
(Japanese Club ) !

fr backStreetGluttons

ekeng said...

Wow...Yuzu no.1 look so delicious...Where is Yuzu no.2 and Yuzu no.3?? Hehehe..

Nice to meet you on that day.
Happy New Year to you :)

wmw said...

Lovely looking food...Happy New Year..(You left your cert in my car! hehehe)

yammylicious said...

yuzu no.1!! hmmp quite pricey for 2 bites.. love their presentation!

Kenny Leong said...

Do i will really get kill by that fugu in my stomach..?
See PreciousPea was survive, so i guess nothing to be fear, haha^^

Xiu Long Bao said...

haha...yummy noodles indeed :)

kenny mah:
hehe...i want to try the fish too, one day...hmmm

go go go, i wan to tag along too :P

yeap, quite ex leh, the sashimi is worth it with the discount provided. Other than that i think some food are overpriced lor.

Really? Yikes, gotta hav it soon.

president LL:
yala, u shud pick me! me ! me!

Try Yuzu first lar! When the promotion is still on :P

yeah, quite creative i thought. haha, the bitterness was so overwhelming at first, got the shock of my kiddin!

Thanks! Happy new year to the gluttony team too :) Long live sushi n sashimi!

Yuzu No.1 is the one and only one :p Happy new year to you too!

Aiks, yalor! Remember to display my cert on ur dashboard...haha happy new year to u too!

haha, u go try and lemme know if u manage to survive k? ;p Happy new year!

Jason said...

Fugu sounds so cute but when you see the real thing, you wouldn't wanna eat it.... hehehehe...

Xiu Long Bao said...

haha...yeah, i love the name too! I thought Fugu looks cute wat.

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