Monday, December 24, 2007

Fork & Spoon Cafe @ Kota Damansara.

Another new cafe in this newly developed commercial area--Kota Damansara. Thanks to Sid for organising this food sampling event for us the gluttony gang. Before I proceed to lure you all with the authentic mouth watering nyonya food, I shall present the readers with a dining voucher as usual, do print this voucher out and flash it to the crew upon ordering. Bon appetit!

Fork & Spoon features wide array of nyonya and asian cuisine, with their specialties--Thai Laksa and Nasi Lemak being my fave dishes of the nite. We also had Roti Jala which disappeared within seconds after being served and we ordered for extra

Fork & Spoon Nasi Lemak Special (RM11)

Other varieties:
Fork & Spoon Nasi Lemak Rendang Chicken (RM7)
Fork & Spoon Nasi Lemak Fried Chicken (RM7)
Nasi Lemak Biasa (RM3.50)

Roti Jala (RM6)
Other variety:
Toast Bread with Curry Chicken and Potato (RM6)

Fork & Spoon Thai Laksa (RM7)

Top it up with sinfully delicious prawn paste

We also had Fork & Spoon Assam Laksa (RM7) which was abit bland to me, lack the omph and kick for a bowl of laksa.

Other varities:

Penang Prawn Mee and Spare Ribs (RM7)

Chicken and Fish Ball Noodles (RM7)

Penang Fried Koay Teow (RM7)

Fork & Spoon Mee Jawa (RM7)

Porridge with Fish Fillets (RM7)

Nicely presented 'Yut Sek Har' Vietnamese Style Prawn with Rice. I love the assam gravy prawn which was very nicely done and infused with intense assamy flavour.

Stir Fried Petai with Prawns; and

'Kum Kong Kwat' Pork Ribs which are perfect match to this...

Beer tower (RM80). We dare you to finish this :p no prizes though. Btw, thanks to the owner's kind hospitality but we didn't manage to finish one whole

Beside asian cuisine, Fork & Spoon also offers a few western dishes. We managed to sample this Lamb Chop with Rosemary sauce. The meat was nicely grilled and went well with the flavourful gravy.

Finally, we ended our meal with Xango aka mangosteen juice blended with few other type of berries claimed to have healing properties and numerous health benefits like antioxidant etc. Taste wise, it is abit sourish and sweetish though abit concentrated. Overall a decent healthy drink. Do give it a try :) Anyone interested in purchasing or in the retail of Xango may contact Jaee Ong at 017-366 9394.

All in all, I would recommend this place for those who love nyonya spicy and sourish dishes. Remember to bring along frens and the discount voucher ya! Enjoy...

Location: 26, Jalan PJU 5/11 Dataran Sunway Kota Damansara 47810 Petaling Jaya Selangor

Tel: 603-6140 8832

Fax: 603-6140 8332


Kok said...

xiu long bao,
Satu nasi lemak sama satu gelas Xango please! kekeke! Wish you have a Merry X'mas!:)

Kenny Leong said...

Fork & Spoon Assam Laksa do really look bland with the color of the soup... too clear perhaps?

MeiyeN said...

ah.. that's a cute name! :) all da best to you working in singapore! wishing you and charsiubao a happy christmas, enjoy da holidays yah!

Collecting Moments said...

LORD, that lamb chop is calling me. I need to get me some meat today!

Xiu long bao,

Wishing you & your loved ones a xmas filled with a Ho-Ho-Whole lotta happiness, cheer,love and good food :)

Merry Xmas & a Happy New Year

Ms One Boobie said...

I think I might just love this place. :) Merry Christmas and Happy Holidays to you and yours. :)

ekeng said...

Nice place to go..Will go for thier Nasi Lemak Special :)

Merry Christmas and Happy New Year to you..Wish you and your loved one have a wonderful Christmas and good year ahead :)

Best Wishes,

ai wei said...

nice to meet you on that day.
happy Xmas and happy new year!

Cokeworld Citizen said...

Wow nasi lemak looks good. Nasi lemak giving signal to my stomach...eeekks...bad bad...

Hei hei...don't eat sashimi until no money fly back to Msia lo...You good ler...air asia anytime back to KL...i think your sashimi also cost more than the flight itself oledi XD

Merry xmas.

Big Boys Oven said...

sounds like you will be in Sg after CNY. we need to be in Sg in Jan as we promised to meet some friends! lol!

hey babe, have fun when you get to Sg, a new start, new begining and a new chapter. hahaha I sound so!

We wish you a jolly good boxing day today and the most adventurous year 2008!

Xiu Long Bao said...

Happy hols to u too :) Now u can hav unlimited supply of nasi lemak since u r bck in

agree, but good for those who love milder version of laksa.

Happy hols to you too :) Thanks for the wishes!

honey star:
get yo xmas turkey! Happy hols to you too :)

i love their nyonya food :) Happy hols to u too!

Pls do! Thanks for the wishes. Happy hols to u too :)

Nice meeting u too! Happy hols :)

cokeworld citizen:
hahaha...if mo mo money to fly bck, i'll just travel by bus lo :p Happy hols to u!

aiks, nvrmind, u can always travel dwn south again ma. Happy hols to you too!

Lyrical Lemongrass said...

Wah looks like u've conquered the whole of Kota Damansara. Not bad! Hope to try this food sometime soon. :-)

G said...

Merry xmas...nice review, will make it a trip there, the beer tower tempting...and Xango too.

Jackson said...

Beer tower?? i wan i wan!!

Anonymous said...

Great place to chill! Good food good prices! Gastronomical delight of sorts! And they have free Xango juice tasting at request! Yum yum! Fell in love with it at first sip! Anyone knows where I can get more of that?

livewire said...

Great place to chill! Good food good prices! Gastronomical delight of sorts! And they have free Xango juice tasting at request! Yum yum! Fell in love with it at first sip! Anyone knows where I can get more of that?

~Christine~Leng said...

when shall i see you again? haha..
you'll be going to Singapore next year?? Gonna miss you lar~~!
Cannot.. must have more makan outings with us first! ;P

Jean said...

wow!I would like to try out the pork ribs and Lamb chop!!!

teckiee said...

did you notice that they were all lit up yesterday? not bad.

Xiu Long Bao said...

president LL:
haha...thanks to sid, if not i wldnt venture into this new place.

yeah, bring ur frens along n indulge! Love that beer tower, we had fun playing with the tap...haha

go go go! Dun forget to ask me along ya!

exprin/ livewire:
I love the food too. Contact Jaee if u r interested in purchasing Xango.

hehe...makan? no prob lar. U shud make a trip down to singapore for makaning session :)

Go go go! Great food n affordable pricing, wat more can u ask for rite?

yeah, eh...that day u didnt turn up for their food sampling!

catsndogs said...

used to go fork n spoon .. one week a least 2 to 3 times , me n my fren hang around there, while my fren online doin his work. The food is not bad. :)
haha.. see if able bump each other next round. Take care