Friday, July 13, 2007

Coffee Bean @ BSC.

It's Friday again so how was your week so far? For me, Urgghhh...kinda lack of substance for this week, imagine waking up at 6, reach office by 8, fingers on the keyboard for 5 hours, lunch at 1, continue fingers exercise for 5 hours, reach home by 7, work out at 8, cook nudles at 9, eat at 10, sleep at 12. Then the vicious cycle starts again 6 hours later.
But anyway, it's friday today! Yippeee!
Last Friday, we went to BSC for lunch, as usual, we walked from the 1st floor to the top and then to the 1st again, arguing on where to eat...then finally managed to reach consensus on settling at Coffee Bean.
The hot food selection is seriously limited, and overpriced too. I ordered tomato herbs pasta, regular serving priced at Rm14.90, but the waiter told me that they are only serving 'kid size', priced at RM9.90. Huh? O_o I was totally confused, can't they just cook more pasta to make it a regular size? But anyway, good for me as I would be able to allocate more quota for dessert. But then...
Errr...with snoopy characters on the plate! Felt abit humiliated actually :(
Yar yar, I managed to finish all so I get first prize isit?
The serving is so darn small, I finished off the pasta in less than 2 mins time.
Char siew bao's lunch is more pathetic than mine. He had chicken avocado sandwich, priced at RM14++. The bun looks ugly, and the filling tasted just weird and weird.
We were totally unsatisfied and ordered tiramisu from their dessert counter, priced at Rm8.90. Tasted like those commercialised tiramisu.

I still dun understand why I ended up having lunch here. So lesson of the day is 'Plan ahead!'.


"Joe" who is constantly craving said... many restaurants u come here..alamak..bangsar village got so many choices wat..

the prices are not cheap..shud hav gone for alexis..

Anonymous said...

Erm... so "inflexible" lar the way they do business. >:(

MeiyeN said...

O_o that plate..... :p i remember 5-6 years ago i loved their spicy tuna pasta alot.. wondering if they still serve it now..

boo_licious said...

Poor thing! I once ordered a kids meal in Chilis as it had something I wanted badly. The waiter was so amused abt it.

BSC has Esquire Kitchen if you want a budget meal. Their noodles are nice and so's the cooked dishes.

Xiu Long Bao said...

I also dunnoe y i ended up there which appeared to be a bad choice. Alexis is overpriced too. will try if the food is good.

yalor.Somemore humiliate me wiv dat childish plate...hmp!

Emm...dun think they still hav dat in the menu. Actually their pasta is not bad. But...arghhh...that plate n that serving!

haha...u went for kiddy meal!But did they serve ur meal wiv funny plate? Didn't know that BSC has Esquire Kitchen, thx for the tips!

Anonymous said...

This is a comment from csb in farway Ipoh!
Heh... curi tulang while working!

Well managed to finally online as client allowed us to access their secured wifi!

Anyways. I will never b goin 2 Coffee Bean to makan ever again...

Unless its coffee, of course! :P

Anonymous said...

lolz....thats why i only go there for refill coffee until 11am...drink lar 10 cupz if u want...kekeke and I bring along my lappie there to okay lar...

Poonky said...

Kids meal...u cukup kah? so kuat makan..wonder if char siew bao purse kosong coz u eat too much :P

Kok said...

Xiu Long Bao,
Bad choice to have lunch at such a cafe lah. I rather packed my own sandwiches than having to eat at such place. :P

backStreetGluttons said...

think CB service quite bad if compared to SB right ! might have a lot to do with their stsffing policies

backStreetGluttons said...

sorry shud read staffing.

wasabi said...

Aiya, What a bad decision to go coffee bean for your friday lunch. A waste of time and money... There is a shop that sells furnishing and home products on second floor (??) which sells nasi lemak and has quite a good choice of menu. Don't aske me the name of the shop. Forgot already lah......

Xiu Long Bao said...

u really curi tulang ar?No more this kind of cafe for lunch lar.

free refill for coffee???Didn't noe bout dat but usually where got time lar. Already in office doing finger exercise.

Spot on! Kosong cus csb is also a kuat makan-er :p

yalor. lousy sandwich. My tuna sandwich also tastes nicer.

Really? How did you come across that policy? but dats inflexible n lousy i would think :(

Oh! that 'House & Co'. I luv their nasi lemak. Great presentation. But it is always full house!! Wana try it at first but all tables were occupied..too bad.

Anonymous said...

yah free...drink till ur perut pecah also nebermind. I heard sunday they extend the time to 3pm...wahahahaha...

hm....sunday no finger exercise rite? lolz...can make way for perut exercise lar...lolz

Unknown said...

lol at the snoopy plate..the food looks reli pathetic..

Cutie said...

Hmm.. the food don't look interesting at all. Well, at least now I know that I shouldn't be dining there... hehe...thanks for the advice. =)

Xiu Long Bao said...

wahaha...can drink till stomachache if like dis.Wonder if other cafe is doin the same. Dun think i'll revisit coffee bean for the next 12 mths :p

Yalor, so humiliating. The food was really bad. Stick to their coffee instead.

No prob. I tot their coffee n ice blended stuff is still triable.U can avoid having lunch there.

Anonymous said...

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