Monday, July 16, 2007

Bonjuk @ Desa Sri Hartamas

Morning! It's Monday so start off your day with a healthy food post featuring lite yet delicious porridge from Bonjuk.
Different from the usual Korean restaurants which serve greasy pancake and heaty BBQs, what Bonjuk has to offer is its wide array of Korean porridge that is 'low-fat and abundant in flavour'. I was surprised to find out that there are over 16 types of porridge to choose from. You can have the usual varieties like vegetable combination, salmon, seafood, tuna, ginseng chicken, octopus and kimchi. If you have a sweet tooth, do try out the innovative varieties like pine nut, mung bean, red bean, sweet pumpkin and black sesame.
This is my bowl of M size Oyster & Mushroom porridge, priced at RM15.95. L size is available for RM22.95. Came with kimchi, cold radish soup and some other unidentifiable spicy sourish stuffs that are great to go with porridge.
Not in the mood for porridge? You can choose from the 13 types of Korean bibimbap from their menu. The serving is generous enough to feed one glutton. Very delicious indeed when compared to the other bibimbaps that we have tasted so far.
Char siew bao's piping hot seafood bibimbap in hot stone bowl, priced at RM23++. You can also choose to have their cheaper version bibimbap, ie rice served in a normal bowl.
Have a glass of sweet and soothing red date tea (RM5++) to wash down your food.
I even get their 'Bonjuk Mileage Card' too! 5 stamps will get you 50% discount on your next bowl of porridge/ bibimbap. If you managed to pass their loyalty test by getting 10 stamps, they will reward you with a bowl of porridge/ bibimbap free!
Check out their website with menu, pricing and direction.

Emm...these are the reviews that I managed to find so far, did I leave out anyone?


Lyrical Lemongrass said...

Oooh have you met the best dish there? Pssst....his name's Andrew.

Anonymous said...

Eat and u go badaapap!
LoL. just talkin nonsense.

Anyways, the food here is really healthy, whether u choose porridge or baboom.. i mean bimbimbab!

But personally my bimbimbab lacks a bit of flavas.....
or mayb dats how healthy food taste like!

"Joe" who is constantly craving said...

ahaha andrew eh?? yes my gf seems to think so too..sigh..haha i want to eat porridge la..but so expensive ler..

boo_licious said...

My fav makan place - we make almost weekly visits here. Had the mushroom and oyster porridge too last week. Hmmmm, maybe it's time to chalk up more points tnite.

Anonymous said...

Oh wanted to try this place for quite some time liau!

Kok said...

Xiu Long Bao,
About Korean food, I should blog about the one I had in Melbourne. Nice!

So, how was your Miri trip?

Tummythoz said...

Aiya, thot u will feature d sistas' yummilicious dish. A bit disappointed.
I've yet to visit tho.

wmw said...

Yes, an overall yummy experience! ;o) Ha ha ha....

Xiu Long Bao said...

lyrical lemongrass:
heheh...was eyeing on the kitchen...but he is not there!

ur bibimbap is flavourful enoh i tot. Did u notice the floggers' comments? We missed out the best dish! :P

Poor N Joe :P U can go for the M size porridge, cheaper n reasonable portion. Or cook ur own porridge lar.

wow, weekly visit? I think this is one of those rest that we can frequent few times a month. The ambiance is very comfy too...feels like eating porridge at home :)

bttr try it soon! N gimme the stamps ;p

My trip is from 19/7 to 20/7, so going off this thurs.Arr...still preparing my presentation stuffs :I nervous...

I was disappointed too...Didn't see andrew wor! Ur turn to feature that delicious dish.

wmw: going to revisit soon!! Dat best dish is really dat yummy??? emm...

Anonymous said...

Haha, too bad the best dish is not around :P

*Dun hit me CSB! Ampun!*

Anonymous said...

XLB & jason:
LoL! I 'm "straight", so d best dish for me just simple, sweet, juicy xiu long bao. :P

boo_licious said...

Your "best dish" is away in China at the moment.

boo_licious said...

char siew bao - u're supposed to add the red sauce to give it flavour. There's also cut chilies if you like it really spicy.

Xiu Long Bao said...

oh no...everyone raves bout Bonjuk's best dish rather than the good food itself!


boo: wonder we didn't manage to catch up wiv the best dish. See if he is bringing back some secret china recipes to add more varieties to his menu.

Anonymous said...

I did add the red sauce, in generous helping, too. But still lacks somthing...
either that or i m sucker for rubbish food instead of healthy food :P

sc said...

seems like everyone have tried except moi! :(.. btw XLB, have posted something on bali, go check it out ;)

Kok said...

xiu long bao,
Don't worry, you'll be fine. :)

By the way, if you have the chance, try the Midin with Belacan or Paku with Belacan. It's a dish which you can order in any restaurant or dining place in Miri. :D Don't like it, don't blame me. :P

Anonymous said...

ooo so healthy...since when u became a healthy freak? tot u peminat cholestrol?