Sunday, February 04, 2007

Ho Fun Restaurant @ SS2, Petaling Jaya

It is always fun to go for food hunts at SS2. With heaps of Chinese Restaurants, noodle houses, mamak stalls and Char Chan Tengs to choose from, I’m at all times spoilt for choice.

This time round I’m going to feature Ho Fun Restaurant which serves lip smacking authentic Ipoh Chicken Ho Fun. If Ho Fun does not appeal, go for Ipoh Chicken Rice or Wantan Mee. This restaurant also serves Fried Dumplings, Fried Meat Balls, Fish Balls and Kampar Tauhu priced at 70 cents per piece.

A big glass of soya milk with grass jellies which is reasonably priced at RM 1.80.

For hot food, with only RM 4.80, you can get a bowl of Ipoh Chicken Ho Fun with 3 big red prawns and chicken strips. Thumbs up for the smooth Ho Fun and the flavourful soup base that is cooked with shrimp heads.

This is the ‘gon lou’ type Chicken Ho Fun. The smooth and white Ho Fun tainted by the aromatic blacky sauce goes really well with green chillis and garlic chilli sauce.

These crunchy bean sprouts are great accompaniments to Chicken Ho Fun and Rice. There are 3 different serving sizes and a variety of greens to choose from. We took a small serving of bean sprouts which is priced at RM 4.

All in all, we love the Ho Fun and the soup base which is laden with fresh shrimp flavours. Most importantly, surcharges of service tax and govt tax do not apply here ^_^
This restaurant is located near KTZ, the famous dessert parlour in SS2.
Here is the exact address:
No. 18, Jalan SS2/63, Petaling Jaya.


Anonymous said...

Yes! Smooth Silky Snowy White Hor Fun for noodle lovers! This place is ok for me! Noodles were alrite top with prawns! Yum Yum! I'm a sucker for prawns...

But i have to say the hawker stall in Jalam imbi (i 4got d restaurant name...) serves not bad hor fun, too.. although albeit oily... ANyone noe d name of d restaurant @ medan imbi???

Xiu Long Bao said...

the hawker centre @ jalan imbi, near sakura restaurant. u will find dat most of the patrons in the hawker centre order the famous gon lou ipoh chicken hor fun.

boo_licious said...

I read abt this place at Kgboycitygal's blog too. Must try this and make comparison with the one I usually visit at Seapark.

MeiyeN said...

i remember that i last had a meal at this place was 2 years ago and i quite like da texture of da horfun.. very smoothieeeee :D

Xiu Long Bao said...

boo_licious: oh yes u should! Am sure u will luv the silky smooth hor fun in sweet shrimp broth.

meiyen: yeah...i read ur post on this restaurant too...luckily i didn't order the dry curry mee.

Mark WK said...


Where to get Durian Cendol in Kuala Lumpur????