Sunday, January 21, 2007

Virus Attack! ~ High Tea @ Delifrance & Dinner @ Izzi, Bukit Bintang

Thanks to a very powerful virus attack. I was sick for the past 5 days! arghhh...I'm having a bad flu and sorethroat. Now my voice is so sexy...errhmm i mean rough and i laugh like a donkey...heeehawww.

Okay worry not, those viruses are not going to stop me from eating...hmp! I have always wanted to dine at Izzi, located at Bukit Bintang ever since I get to know that Izzi is having promotion-- 60% discount for Citibank card holders and 50% discount for Maybank card holders. What a deal!
We started the day by going to Lot 10 for some shopping. Alas! around evening the sky rumbled and started raining cats and dogs! How were we going to eat at izzi??? ... So while waiting for the rain to stop we had some mini pastries (99 cents per piece if you take 6 pieces and above) from delifrance. The food was okay... i love those mini fruit tarts. CUtE n LoVely! But i have to say that service was somehow lousy cuz Char Siew Bao had to "chase" the waiter three times for a glass of ice.

Finally around 8pm...Char Siew Bao and I set off to dine at izzi. Unfortunately, because Char Siew Bao forgot to make reservation, we had to settle for a seat near (i mean very very near) the door.
Well looking at the menu, everything seems delicious and fattening too! Cheesy and meaty... OMG... fattening... But anyway, after glancing through we settled for these:
Char Siew Bao first ordered some yummy Izzi's chicken wings (RM9.80) as appetizers. You can choose from three different basting sauces, namely BBQ, Teriyaki and Original baked spicy chicken wings with spicy Italian herb sauce. We chose BBQ since my voice was already sexy enuf with the sore throat.
Next up, we ordered asian platter (RM20.80) which consists of some wonderfull fresh spring rolls (u can choose to have it fried or fresh rolled, i recommend fresh as it comes rolled in 2 big prawns with fresh veges!), marinated satay dipped in peanut sauce, fried calamari and ju hu char. The platter also came with three sauces: sweet and spicy thai chilli sauce, tartar sauce, and bbq sauce.
Actually my taste bud was so numb that i didn't really get to enjoy the food. However, Char Siew Bao thought that the food was yummy, and he planned to come back again.

For mains, i ordered a regular marinara pizza (RM25.80) while Char Siew Bao ordered chicken steak with pasta (RM18.80). The steak with pasta looked good and was quite delicious too (according to Char Siew Bao). However as the pasta came in plain, you can opt to add veges at additional price.
As for the marinara pizza, it looked more like an "ocean depletion" pizza to me O_o

As for drinks, we settled for mango juice (RM8++) and bottomless iced lemon tea (RM5.90).
All in all,with a maybank credit card the bill came up to around RM49. Not bad for a cheesy stuffy meal! Well till my next visit, this is my post for Izzi for the moment.

Visit Izzi's website for details:


boo_licious said...

Sorry to hear abt the virus attack, hope you get better. Glad yr friend enjoyed Izzi and hopefully you will too once you get well.

backStreetGluttons said...

goodness, dats a lot of food 4 someone still sick ! Proves u r a deserving eater !

Xiu Long Bao said...

haha...getting bttr now wiv chinese herbal remedies! thanks ^_^

no no...i think i can double the food if i was not sick!

Anonymous said...

I went to Izzi too and i liked food and the col thing was they have free car jockey service! so after ate like crasy at Izzi i wnet shopping at Sungei Wang and bought some kinky white lacey panties!

Xiu Long Bao said...

anonymous: oh yes! the FOC jockey thing is quite interesting cus they just park all the cars in front of izzi n jaga for u.Actually i kept on checking whether my car was still there!

Anonymous said...

i hv some intersting points here....nice foods...comfort car jockey service!
n i hv twice went here, in jakarta actually.....there are fettuccini, margherita, their chcoclate matter what happens, i have to try it at least once a week...yeah...could be addicted....