Thursday, January 25, 2007

Food and Tea Hong Kong @ AEON Cheras Selatan, KL.

One sunny afternoon, I went for shopping with my mum at the newly opened AEON (Jusco) Shopping Centre. Later at night, I went back to AEON again with Char Siew Bao and dropped by this 'Char Chan Teng' for supper! It was nearly 10pm but the Char Chan Teng was still crowded with patrons. Guess Hong Kong Style Char Chan Tengs are doing really well in KL area.

Anyway, Char Siew Bao and I love the snacks and delectable desserts served by Char Chan Tengs. Wow, look at the menu! I wondered how the cook manage to prepare so much food, drinks and desserts??

I ordered this colourful 'yam and mango tong sui' (RM4). Hmmm...tasted like some mashed yam and mangoes. Yummy... I have already planned my next visit to this Char Chan Teng while busy cleaning my bowl of tong sui.

Char Siew Bao, who already had dinner said that he felt hungry after looking at the tempting menu. So he ordered a big bowl of Nissin noodles served with fried egg, ham and vege, priced at RM5.90. (P/s:Char Siew Bao, you better do 200x sit up before you sleep!)

I ordered this 'yin yong' (yam cake + bean cake) which is reasonably priced at RM2.50. Tasted normal and not that fresh too. Not in my next order list.

Overall, the food are reasonably priced, if compared with those Char Chan Tengs located at SS2, PJ. I'll be back...with an empty stomach!

The bill: RM 14 for 2 persons


wmw said...

Interesting. Why? What do you think about the Char Chan Tengs in SS2? The one I like best is Hong Kong Express followed by Wong Kok.

Xiu Long Bao said...

wmw: This char chan teng impressed me wiv its extensive n colourful menu. Although the food are reasonably priced,i hav to admit that the food served by the char chan tengs in ss2 taste yummier ^_^

Anonymous said...

Nice place 2 eat but d services were damn lousy... bunch of skool kids dat spent most of their time at d counter chattin instead of servin d customer! Anyways i tried d hong kong restaurant in mid-valley, kim gary, the food was quite good!

B' said...

hi! food is great i do agree. However, service is poor as we had to wait to be served.