Sunday, December 31, 2006

Benkay Restaurant @ Nikko Hotel, KL City Centre

No doubt Japanese cuisine is my beloved and Japanese restaurants which serve fine food will always be my favourite dining spots. I used to frequent Japanese buffet restaurants but I thought that was a bad idea cus the kiasu me is always stuffed with tonnes of food which is totally suffering…puffff….
This time round I’m going for ala-carte instead and I thought it would be great to reserve some space for desserts. But it turns out to still stuffed and there is no space for even a spoon of dessert!

So these are what we had...

1) Prawn tempura (About RM 40)

2) Assorted sushi (RM50)
Normal mini maki that can be found in supermarkets but cost me a bomb!

3) Yellow tail cooked in sweet mirin sauce ( couldnt recall the price)
hmmm...looks like chinese kinda steamed fish? but this is really good! A bit salty but the sauce goes well with steamy white rice...yummy!

4) Saba shiyoki
That pinky thingy is not a straw but a coloured spring onion stalk :) This grilled fish is good too!

5) Chicken Hotpot (About RM40)
Aha...this is what I would recommend for soup lover. Delicious hot soup with chicken meat chunks, mushrooms, bean curds, veges and spring onions.

6) Ninsei (About RM 200)
I love the white tuna pieces and sweet prawns. We wanted to order toro but Benkay serves a limited portion of 5 pieces of toro with the same price ie RM 200... O_0

We also ordered garlic fried rice (RM15--a tiny little bowl), white rice and sake. Now guess what, we are all stuffed with good food.
The bill: RM600 for 4 person

Nikko Hotel is located beside the KLCC . Opposite the 'Ampang Park' LRT station.


wmw said...

That's a lot of food, photographs blur woh...Welcome home! Happy New Year to you too!

Xiu Long Bao said...

hi wmw,
yup...cus i used my hp's camera...hehe.

Anonymous said...

Wonderful pics(Blur cuz d hph used only 2mega pixel ma)... but still, the food itself tantalise the tastebud! Anyways... I'm hungry for more again! Something sweet, sour and spicy! Authentically Thai!... Drooollll....
In btw, when do u wan 2 eat janpan? :-P

wmw said...

Try changing the picture size of the phone to a larger size. Move further away from the food when taking (from my experience...hehe, usually blur if too near). Then download to pc and crop image. Try and see if pics turns out less blur.

MeiyeN said...

hi xiu long bao, thanks for da linking! nice blog you have here :D

Xiu Long Bao said...

wmw: thanks for the tips! will try to capture more high quality photos.

meiyen:thanks ^_^ Im still new to blogging, ample room for improvement!