Saturday, December 30, 2006

Amarin Heavenly Thai @ Mid Valley Megamall

Having struggled with potatoes, pumpkins and broccolis for a year in aussie, I am so so so excited cuz now that I’m back to msia for good, its time for wonderful food galore! ^_^
Reading Malaysian food blogs in aussie is simply a torture for my poor little stomach…ooohooo…I miss those yummylicious food so much!

Okay...calm down. Now my stomach is calling for some hot and spicy food and I’m craving for some authentic Thai food. So here we come….Amarin Heavenly Thai restaurant!

I recalled that I had luscious olive rice in Singapore XYZ Thai Restaurant (wahaha…pardon, I forgot the name). To my disappointment, this gorgeous rice is still absentia in Malaysian Thai Restaurants.

Okay cut the crap. Let me show you my scrumptious treat…

1) Pineapple fried rice with prawn (RM 14)

This is simply gorgeous. I wonder how they managed to coat the rice with egg that gives the fried rice a superb yellowish look.

2) Shrimp paste with assorted vege (RM 15)

This came up as a thai-style tempura. A limited portion of fried shrimp paste, some fried long beans, fried cauliflowers, fried aubergines and veges. The serving size seems to be a bit kiam siap but the garlic chilli sauce was fantastic.

3) Chicken green curry (RM 16)

Aside from the heart pumping, lip smacking and mouth watering spicy tomyam soup, Thai curries are not to be missed. The curry served by Amarin is thick but there is ample room for improvement. I reckon that the chef should add more chillies to make it more heart pumping. *yay*

Hmmm...overall review...cozy environment, good service, limited portion, a bit pricey and add more chillies to the curry pls.


wmw said...

So this is where you went to get your Thai food!;o)

Xiu Long Bao said...

hehe...still looking for good + spicy thai food.

Anonymous said...

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