Monday, April 28, 2008

Japanese Pasta & Pizza @ Shokudo

The Japanese food craze continues.

I never had so much Japanese food in my life to the extent where there was a period I think I reached saturation and I felt like puking when I see Japanese restaurants.

To alleviate my sickness, I suggested having Japanese fusion food instead. Salute me not.

I picked their Salmon Spring Roll that came with smoked salmon wrapped in rice paper roll transculent like my skin *background: someone pukes when reading this*. The spring roll was beautifully presented. Nice to see, nice to shoot, once you eat, time to puke. Sorry, I don't mean it. Nice presentation aside, the spring roll was too ching to my liking.

He went for the Beef Stew Miso Pasta. Non-halal food for me so I didn't get to sample it. But I guess the picture says it all. I recall his comment was 难吃到呕, or somewhere along that line. Correct me if I'm wrong.

Am not a noodle person so I went for their Okonomiyaki with chicken teriyaki. The crunchy paper-like thin crust was a plus point but the toppings were stingy like my ex-boss.

Still yet to try out Pasta Zanmai @ One Utama but am already skeptical, partly horrified by this dining experience.

Price range from $9.80 for Okonomiyaki to $14.90 for nonsense Pasta. I admit, I am being biased.

Shokudo Japanese Pasta & Pizza
1 Raffles Link
#B1-23 Citylink Mall


JOjo said...

haha,i think i'll give this place a miss already, cos it seems the very not good... *broken english on purpose*

But i must say "Yes, it's a pretty pic for the springroll", tastewise, probably too bland.

Presentation for the beef pasta is, pathetic, jus as the topping of your Okonomiyaki. Haiz... *shake head*

"Joe" who is constantly craving said...

looks like even the hardcore of the hardcore japanese cuisine fans like you also cant stuff it in..blek..!

daphne said...

the salmon roe looks lovely. not sure about the fusion theme though.

Anonymous said...

Hehehe!! stingy like your boss.. ;) that's a good one.. :)

~Christine~Leng said...

Food not that good? *stepping back a lil'*

*stepping forward to ask* XiuLong Bao ah... you went dining out with PakCik again is it?

*cough cough* :)

Anonymous said...

Since you love Japanese food, check out Japanese Dining SUN @ Chijmes (2nd Floor) Tel 63363166. Food is very fresh and reasonably priced, $25 to $40 per person. Like most Singaporeans would say 'Die Die Must Try!'.

Simon Seow said...

Does this mean you won't be bringing me to Japanese food when I come here mid of May?

Xiu Long Bao said...

Yeah, maybe u can try pasta waraku instead for jap fusion food. I think i'll just stick to my good old authentic jap cuisine lor.

U think im bandaraya meh...

Me also not sure bout their direction. Fusion is confusion :p

Luckily i have alot of 'ex' bosses. Not identifiable i guess :p

*Pass you lozenges*
LOL...where to find a person who can go as crazee as me when it comes to jap food. But his beloved is still hokkien mee, i know.

hey, this place sounds good. Thanks for the info :)

simon: prob. I've fully recovered. Can continue on my jap food craze again.

Big Boys Oven said...

wah so nice lar, so happy to see you eating now! :)

Anonymous said...

endless smackings for nonsense pasta...

hey ying,

where to get the best + creamiest + bad ass carbonara around damansara a?

i need to indulge

Anonymous said...

endless smackings for nonsense pasta...

hey ying,

where to get the best + creamiest + bad ass carbonara around damansara a?

i need to indulge

HairyBerry said...

the pizza is ok wat...despite the portion lar...but the other dishes..hmm, to quote joe, "blek"..hehe...

"...translucent like my skin"... o_O !

Xiu Long Bao said...

Of cus i do eat. Indulge all the time :)

Try Buonasera @ ss2 or Pick n' Brew @ One U. How bout getting bad ass + creamy carbonara in sg?

Somehow I still prefer Olio's teriyaki chicken okonomiyaki. *Ahem* wat's wrong wiv dat line. It's transculent wat.

Anonymous said...

Wow ... looks like your articles are improving by the moment. I love your sense of creativity in your writing.

Xiu Long Bao said...

haha, thx... Though I still think dat im writing UPSR karangan :p

Anonymous said...

まさか家のエレベーターでフ ェ ラされるなんて思ってなかったよ。。ww
「ここでフ ェ ラさせてくれたらもっと報 酬あげるよ♪」

Anonymous said...

I try shokudo pasta what i can say is i would rather throw my money into the sea better