Tuesday, May 06, 2008

The Yogitree @ The Gardens.

*In the office*

Boss: We are going to experience the worst economic recession since Great Depression. So you all know what to do lah.

*Over the phone*

Mum: Wei, the economic is going downturn. Rice already increased price, Gardenia also getting more and more expensive. You got save money or not?

*Looking at my shopping bags*

Me: Of course got lah.

*At The Yogitree*

I was abit stunned when my Flaky Salmon and Crab Cakes were served. Guess recession impacts on the portion of the food served as well. Piled on top of another, the Salmon and Crab Cakes were only of the size of Chinese Chess pieces. By the way, this dish costs a whooping RM 15. Bar none, the presentation and the texture were lovely. Wish they could serve more tomato relish though. Oh yah, recession.

The signature Duck Pear Salad (RM 22) came highly recommended by the restaurant crew. The salad reminds me of the Roast Duck Breast Salad that I had in Jarrod & Rawlins. The portion is comparably smaller. Somehow I still prefer JR’s light sourish salad dressing over Yogitree’s sesame oil dressing.

The Pasta Carbonara came with beef bacon, mushroom and egg (RM21). Beef bacon can be substituted with Salmon at the price of RM 25. By the way, did I mention that no cream is used in cooking the rich and creamy carbonara sauce?

Feeling unsatisfied, I ordered a serving of bread pieces with Mediterranean dip. The
hummus came with a strong burnt smell or is it supposed to taste like that? The highlight
of the meal has got to be the multigrain focaccia.

*When footing the bill*

He: Better start saving money now. You know how bad the economic is now.

Me: Oh yah, then why are we still eating here?


He: Oklor, RM80 divide by 2.3 = $ 35 divide by 2 = $ 17.50 per pax. Not that bad lah.

*Nodding in agreement*

Recession doesn’t count when it comes to food.
F237B, 1st Floor, The Gardens


Simon Seow said...

Ah, so nice. Malaysians earning Sing Dollar and spending it back in Malaysia.

J2Kfm said...

hmm ... when u convert to $, doesnt sound so bad hor? unlike us spending in s'pore. :)
wonder if the crab cake REALLY so special, as almost everyone who ate there had them.

Nic (KHKL) said...

earn in sg + spend in sg = not enuff $$$ oso...

you'll be surprised to know on the same day, the Star had a full page on Yogitree.

btw, pls check the date of your post...

"Joe" who is constantly craving said...

i hate people who dont earn RM!!!

haha, looks good though..sigh looks like i need to find back my RM17.50 meals already

jason said...

Wah, liddat also can? *envy

Cokeworld Citizen said...

Yaloh...sing dollar spen in Msia...its like suddenly your money doubled out of no where XD

hahaha eat at japanese restaurant to the verge of puking.Thought it will never occur to you...

The Gardens nice hor? I luv the sitting area....such huge comfty sofas....*swoon*

Imbi & Itchy said...

i wonder when will our ringgit get stronger?

wmw said...

Tsk..tsk...I shall let you buy me more meals without feeling bad! hahaha...

Kenny Mah said...

Oh I have a sudden attraction to the Lion City... Lol.

Love the multigrain focaccia here. Looks to die for... I'm imagining roughly hewn slices of it, spread with the butters from Prime... heavenly... *slurps*

Kok said...

xiu long bao,
Save more save more! You earn in SG hor, don't spend in SG. Come back M'sia then spend. This way, when I go to visit you in M'sia, you still can treat me good meal! hahaha! :D

Big Boys Oven said...

hmmmm . . . still affordable I guess! lol!

christine said...

so fun of spending s$ in Malaysia..help money driving back to our country huh..heard some much bout Yogitree but havent went yet..it shall be my nearest wish list..

mel said...

i juz realise ying comes back like.... twice a month....


nv call also.....



Xiu Long Bao said...

Not really lar cus I earn veli little only :p Unlike ‘some ppl’ earning 5 figure salary.

The crab cake is a good try but the portion is too dainty for the kind of pricing.

U earn more $$$ than me leh coupled with your out-of-the-market-rental-rate, u have more than enough to spare lah. I still duno y we ended up in yogitree.

Dun lar, last time I also earn RM, now earning SGD but veli low pay only. Hate him. Ppl nvr earn RM before, only Jap Yen & SGD.

Yalor, tipu sendiri saja. All in all the meal is still expensive. Sakit hati,

Cokeworld Citizen:
haha…no lar, spending in msia is not as fun as I initially tot. need to pay my sky high rental in sg leh. I think im having way too mch of jap food in sg. Evil place…

Hmmm…I tot it is getting worse cus of the economic downturn. But shldnt be an issue for u since u r moving out as well ;)

Im overworked n underpaid n I hav to fork out a big chunk from my salary to pay for my sky high rental. Sobz sobz. But for tai kar jer, I can buy u a bowl of noodles :p

hmm…u r making me craving for that multigrain focaccia as well. But I wan to hav it with matcha ice cream. Heavenly…

As if im earning millions hor. Then u shud stay in aus in earn AUD!

Can afford once in a while lah. Me poor ppl. Dats y hav to eat at ur place :p

The food is abit expensive but a good try for healthy food. Do give their crab fish cake a try 

Mr, I come bck to settle my bills n reapply my lost documents. Mana ada com bck twice a month, I’ll zombify one. U com over to sg lah.

team bsg said...

the day when the ladies got the vietnamese ladies look then the new economy has indeed come

mel said...

text me ur number la babe.
i dun hav ur sg no.

im goin in june. attending this design conference.

wana go gepoh with u abit :P

Crunchasarus Rex said...

Hehehe!! no food sure donch count..!

~Christine~Leng said...

You are so right: Recession doesn't count when it comes to food :)

Earning Sing. $$ shiok hor? ;P

Xiu Long Bao said...

Hmm...interesting. Do we hav the chinese ladies look now?

Great then. I'll see ya in June :)

crunchasarus rex:
lol...agree :)

christine leng:
No lar, syiok sendiri only. Actually earning SGD and spending in sg is like earning MYR and spending in MY. *Checking bank account* why still not much left one har...