Wednesday, August 08, 2007

Sun Huat Kee @ Bangsar.

My makan kaki and chauffer is finally back, but leaving me again for Kedah very soon :I

Nevermind, I still have a bunch of makan kakis obligatory pix of Mr. sexy beast & Jackson Abdullah.
And of course, good food to keep me accompanied *grin*.
Thanks to Big Boys Oven, 7 of us gathered again a week after the seafood galore. This time round, we had some very nice home-cooked food @ Sun Huat Kee, located at Bangsar.
Being a Hakka Moi, my fave food has to be Yong Tao Foo and Vinegar Pork. I didn't expect much from Sun Huat Kee as I have my own fave Yong Tao Foo stall back in my hometown. But I was certainly impressed when I first bit into their crispy stuffed brinjal. It was so delicious and the gravy (cooked with bean paste) matches the brinjals perfectly.
Other varieties like beancurds, lady fingers, chillies, tofu poks and bittergourds were generously
stuffed with fish paste.
Oh yes, not to forget another must-try-dish, succulent pork balls. These pork balls remind me of Stephen Chow's 'God of cookery' movie that featured his new creation--exploding sauce beef balls. Got it?
Another plain looking dish--fried fish cake which I didn't expect that it tasted well too.
We were also being served a plate of fried dumplings and fried foo-chook(beancurd sheets). I can assure you that they tasted delicious too though I didn't get to try them. I was too busy snapping food pix that nite and when I finally settle down and started savouring my food, these two plates of goodies already disappeared. Grrr...I'll be back!
Featuring Sexy-kiasu-beast's life long lover--chicken of course. Aside from Hakka specialties, you can also savour top notch Ipoh steamed chicken and beansprouts from Sun Huat Kee.
Have a plate of fragrant chicken rice to go with your plate of steamed chicken. Wonderful combination. The rice came with bits of shredded ginger too.
This pot of Vinegar Pork came piping hot. Love the sourish gravy and tender pork. A good try.
Nooo...we were not done yet. We were still being served 5 bowls of porridge. From left to right: roast pork porridge (very flavourful!), century egg and salted egg porridge (my fave!), fish porridge and frog porridge. I didn't try the frog version though other floggers gave really good comments about it. Yikes, I just dun like frogs!
Check out their menu and pricing. Reasonable rite? Do take note that the Yong Tao Foo are only available for breakfast and lunch but you can always have their Ipoh Chicken Rice and porridge for dinner.

Meet the restaurant owner (the new Digi yellow man) who treated us with these home-cooked goodies.

The long awaited dessert was finally served. Our eyes glowed when big boys oven told us that they made a D24 durian cake! Arhhh...feel like sinking my teeth into it now!

The luscious looking cake was topped with white chocolate pieces and fresh cranberries. To tempt you further, inside it was layered with mushy durian flesh cream and sponge cake. Simple yet satisfying. I couldn't believe that I went for the second piece though my expanding waistline sent me critical warnings.

Thanks to Sunny (in the pix) who made us this heavenly good durian cake!

LOCATION: 26, Lorong Ara Kiri 2, Lucky Garden, Bangsar. (Turn right into the shoplots after you see the mosque on your left. Sun Huat Kee is between Aliance Bank and Domino Pizza)


MeiyeN said...

wow... another food trip! :D

Unknown said...

banyak cepat!!! haha as a hakka moi i love their yong tofu too..more feast to come..hurray

"Joe" who is constantly craving said...

i thought i could finally make it for this trip..little did i know you guys changed the dates!!!!...argh!!!>..i need to go nxt wk d lar...can some1 inform me of the time

wmw said...

This is becoming a weekly affair???

Anonymous said...

I finally managed to attend this "makan-makan" trip after missing the first two!
Many thanks to BBOs for organising it!
Actually i visited this place a year ago for breakfast, had noodles that time. Didn't noe that they serve such good food! My fav for d nite is definitely the yong tau foo & "explodin pork balls"... yeah!

Xiu Long Bao said...

yup, thx to BBO!

oh, u r hakka moi too! So we are from the same clan. Awaiting for nxt food trip :O

u flied us aeroplane again. nxt is close up with big apple donuts' owner. No dinner tho. Only coffee n donuts. Waiting for BBO to confirm the time.

oh yes, joining us for the nxt makan trip? Hope it's not so soon. Need to watch my waistline...haha

yar,finally! dun u miss the mxt event again. Donuts!!!

Kok said...

xiu long bao,
You're Hakka Moi ah? "Ngi hao mao?" hahaha!

Aiyo, I want all those food lah. It has been 6 months since I last tasted them...droooollll

Xiu Long Bao said...

Ngi you heh hakka nyin ah? haha...
Like u, i missed yong tao foo so much when i was in aussie. But i managed to get my craving fixed wiv some lousy quality fish balls bought from asian food store.

"Joe" who is constantly craving said...

i nvr fly la..i was ready to go on wednesday..didnt know the date got changed until so last minute..had things to do mah..

Big Boys Oven said...

Wah! So fast oledi blog them.... IMine will be a bi late. BigBoysOven will be heading to penang this weekend. Sunny Yaw cakes will be on the Ole's shelf tomorrow, Friday. Sunny already prepared:

Red Ruby (Baked Cheesecake)
O'Chocolat (Mousse Cake)
Les Choux Matcha

Big Boys Oven said...

Where is the fish dishes?heheheh... Mr. Feast ate them all?

myCoffee said...

Delicious looking pics but what really caught my attention are the words "D24 Durian Cake"!

Kok said...

xiu long bao,
Ngai hiao gong hakka wa. Mm goh, ngai mm heh hakka ngin lah. hahaha!

Eee, I don't like the lousy fishball at the asian store. Yucks! Taste bad! I rather not wasting my $. haha!

Precious Pea said...

Price seems reasonable and food looks good. Ok, one more must try in my list.

Xiu Long Bao said...

huh? it was always tuesday i thought? anyway, be there for the nxt gathering!

yalor, the 2 fish were walloped by one glutton...who was that ah?

Ehmm...i feel like having them now too...very durian-ny! U will luv it.

wa, u so geng chou ah! actually my hakka not very good, only limited to some words that i normally use to talk to my grandma.

precious pea:
yup, the pricing is very reasonable. Just note that the yong tao foo is not available for dinner. Enjoy!

teckiee said...

so this is the durian cake I missed..aishehhh

Anonymous said...

Aiyor... post so fast.. let us get over with it first ma :(

Big Boys Oven said...

xiu long bao:
I had eaten the "mah yau" fish.

Xiu Long Bao said...

No no...u r still sick, kenot take heaty stuff. Let us finish for u...ngmmm...yum yum...

Aiyor, too bad u can't make it. That durian cake was heavenly good!!!

and another fish!

Jackson said...

aiyo... u banyak cepat la!!

Xiu Long Bao said...

jangan lambat lambat, makanan sedap harus dikongsi secepat mungkin!

Anonymous said...

hahaha...oh hakka wa sounds as if its a mix of various language XD

you guys so nice lar...always have makan trip...