Monday, August 06, 2007

Ma mère

The title says it all, my mother.
She just celebrated her XXth birthday last Saturday. Initially I thought of buying her--a chocolate die hard fan a nice chocolate cake. Then I thought, why not make her a birthday cake? It has been 8 months since the last time I did some serious baking...errr that was a pecan banana cake...aiks, need to push myself to do more.

My good old baking mate, covered with dust :p but it still functions well...Vroom Vroom....
Skip all those baking steps, I shall present you the final product...
pecan walnut chocolate mud cake

Looks ugly though. Nevermind, laden it with melted chocolate and sprinkle some grated chocolate on top. it better now?

Done with the cake, time for some private photos. Wanna know how my mum looks like?

Yup, my mum! N years ago.


My mum in her primary skool days.


Okay, obviously I skipped a few decades.


This is her now.

Any idea how old is she now? hehe...Happy birthday Ah Mah!


Lyrical Lemongrass said...

Your mum's gorgeous. She looks so young. Ask her what's her secret of youth, pls? :-D

Xiu Long Bao said...

lyrical lemongrass:
Emm...maybe bcus of peanut butter??? She can't survive another day without peanut butter n bread :p

Anonymous said...

What the?! Your mum's face is basically the same throughout the decades?! :O

Unknown said...

your mom looked like younger and younger :p oooo peanut butter??? my fave kekeke gonna have dat everyday!

pls wish yr mummy a very happy belated birthday for me ;-)

wasabi said...

The chocolate cake looks delicious. You should also give us your mum's review on it too, if not girl girl's review pun ok la.

boo_licious said...

Happy Birthday to Xiu Long Bao's Mother! She looks so young and yes like what the others say, she has not aged at all in the pixs. So sweet of you to bake her a choc cake.

"Joe" who is constantly craving said...

wah shiok cake!!...hahah so you also venturing into baking soon?

ur mom? 40 at the max..

Poonky said...

autie age 43!!!! since her daughter so young lagi~~

GFAD said...

Your mum has really gorgeous eyebrows! I noticed it from the little girl photo.

And I thought your unadorned cake looks really stylish... At which point did you put the pecans on the cake that it didn't sink into the cake??

Xiu Long Bao said...

u dun look the same thru out 2.8 decades meh? But i take ur word to mean that she still remains young-looking thru out the years :)

haha...wat a gud reason to have peanut butter rite? Thanks ya!

Their reviews are going to spoil my delicious looking cake...kekeke...

Oh dear, my mum must be very happy to take all these compliments. She said my cake is fattening though.

kenot fight with nigel lar. Sure 'zap lap' one.
40 at max? Im already 22 wor...but she must be very happy to hear that.

Wah, u r another one. How sweet u are...haha...Definitely she is not that young la.

My grandma must be using eyeliner on her...haha
TQ TQ...i topped the mixture with pecans before sending it to the oven. Maybe the mixture was too dense, but some of the pecans did sink though.

Tummythoz said...

They've said them all - young, no change, not aged. No wonder doter so pretty ...
Now can I get a piece of that delicious looking cake?

Cutie said...

Wish Happy belated birthday to your mommy!!! So sweet of u to bake a cake for her. I'm sure it's very nice. Keep it up. =)

Unknown said...

happy bday to xlb de mama!! yeah ur mum never reli changed..envy

Anonymous said...

Haha! Actually i think that xlb n mum look like 2 pretty sisters... :P

Anyways wonderful delicious chocolaty cakey!

Jackson said...

she is so young...!!! But one thing, she is more preety than u!! hehe

Kok said...

xiu long bao,
You are good in baking eh? Next time my birthday, don't forget to send a birthday cake over. hahaha!

Happy Birthday to you Ah Mah! Wish her happy always!:)

wmw said...
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wmw said...

XLB, your mom put peanut butter on her face??? Hee hee......Hope your mom had a great celebration on her birthday!

Precious Pea said...

Your mum is so young and pretty!! And her face didn't change since baby! Wow! Am going to stock up with peanut butter today!

Xiu Long Bao said...

waa...another sweet comment *_* the cake is delicious 'looking' only wor. Look can sometimes deceive...kekeke

TQ usual, ample room for improvement :)

TQ. haha...u r younger than me n yet envious of my mum?

i think u shud say that to my mum to earn u xtra brownie points.

Arhem...wat r u trying to say har?
*showing my fist*

TQ TQ. Are u sure u wan my cake???The look is deceiving though...haha...once ordered must finish all n say that it is YUMMY!

Ohh, put into stomach oso can...very effective!

precious pea:
oh no, my mum initiated the peanut butter rave. Guess she must be on cloud 9 after reading all these comments. Ah mah, this is my present for u ah.

Big Boys Oven said...

I am sure your mum is so proud of you!!! See you tonight at bangsar.

Big Boys Oven said...

I am sure your mum is so proud of you!!! See you tonight at bangsar.

MeiyeN said...

happy birthday to your mommy!!!! and that's definitely one "oi sum" cake for her! :D

~Christine~Leng said...

Happy birthday you ur mom!! Didn't change much... still looked so young! :) and.. such a beautiful and delicious looking cake u made. Ur mom's sure proud and happy to have u as her daughther! *claps claps*.. btw.. ur mom's a teacher?

teckiee said...

Can i be your mom? then i can eat the cake too! HAHAHHAA

Kok said...

xiu long bao,
Sure want! Not only I'll eat the whole cake and tell you it's YUMMY, I'll still show two thumbs up and say, THANK YOU! hahaha!

Xiu Long Bao said...

oh, i hope so!

yar, esp not baking for the past 8 mths, abit rusty haha...

TQ TQ. Another sweet comment. Yup, she is a teacher. I think Chris noes her.

no need to become my mum..haha...u can eat but dun complain ah!

wow...i got a cake fan here!

God of Food's said...

Yeah, ur mom look very young. Peanut butter? i should be taking start taking it everyday or maybe even ask her to apply as a facial mask....

Anonymous said...

o.o peanut butter everyday??? yikes...ur mom did peanut butter spa? kakakaka

look so young to be at the age of 50...izzit?

hey hey toast bread and peanut butter is the best! ur mother got toast the bread ?