Monday, October 23, 2006

Nice Affordable Cakes for All!

This time around i'm showing some cakes that i have tasted...

Its not flashy, exotic, costing a bomb kinda cakes...

but more towards the affordable yet simply delicious kind...

First up, is the cake i had for my 21st bday!

"Fruit field" from Bread Talk!

I don't remember what was the desrciption for this cake... its a long & winding story!

But watever d story, what matters is the taste!!!

Anyways this cake is essentially a soft sponge cake with cream layers in between... as the name suggests, its green cuz it's a green tea cake! YuMMy! I have tried green tea cakes before but most have been bitterly dissapointing! Literally! However, this one stands out cuz its delicious! The cream, deliciously lucious looking fruits & chocolate drops compensate the bitterness of green tea! Superb & delicate combination!

Aside from that the price is quite affordable! Around RM50++.... i give it a 4 thumbs up out of 5.

Next up is this 'fair lady'

This cake is from Berry's.... One of the most affordable around, you could get it at RM40++.

Whats nice bout this cake is the presentation. Looking at it you would think that it was snowing in the oven while being baked!! :P Although its nice to look at, the downside of this cake is that it might be a tad sweet for some folks out there.

I give it a 3 out of 5 and recommend it for those looking for something sweet & white!

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Carmen said...

haha... how come no cheeese cake de??
oreo cheeeese rulez!! my favourite!!though it's free fat but still irresistible...wuhahaha....=O