Saturday, October 21, 2006

A doggie's tale .... "live to eat, play hard & stay cool"~* YeaH*~

hmmm....hmmm...this time i would like to deviate from my title and blogabout this KL doggie....

here she is.......Miss Girl Girl....

This cute little fella is the Queen in our family @_@"

here is her profile...............

Name: Girl Girl

Age: 6

Breed: Pekingese

Favourite food: Girl girl's quote>>>no dog food plZ!!! dis bizarre little doggie luvs marble and new york cheesecakes from secret recipe, smartiesand M&Ms too!

Favourite fruits: Durian (definitely D24)

Favourite drinks: mango yoghurt

Favourite hang out place: Under the car

Favourite watering hole: The gate (also place to fart... "pbhhtttt")

Motto: Live to eat, play hard & stay cool ~yeah~


Precious Pea said...

Girl Girl is sooo adorable. In fact, am considering in getting a pekingese too.

su-ann said...

hey, just a word of advice: dogs shouldn't/can't consume chocolate (eg. m&ms) because it can be pretty toxic to their system.

Adorable dog though, my pekingnese loved durian as well.