Tuesday, April 21, 2009

That 3 Days in an Island

Different from what the title would imply, I’m not writing a hopelessly romantic getaway post. In fact, the trip was initiated by a not so amorous reason – to clear Fishy’s annual leave for the first quarter of 2009.

Hokkaido was in the list.

Koh Samui looks not too bad either.

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Whatever it is, the plan was to fully utilise our passports and travel out of Singapore. Ding dong here and there, after all the cost and time factor consideration, we ended up here…

Bintan Island.

An Indonesian Island that is blardy near to Singapore and is the well-known beach holiday travelling spot for Singaporeans, something akin to Malaysian travelling to Port Dickson.

The island has become so popular among Singaporeans that all prices are denoted in Singapore dollars. And nothing is cheap here.

Lunch was in the resort beside a muddy pool.

Trying to be adventurous, I picked some funny looking fruits from the buffet spread counter, thought it would have tasted something like lychee. But yiaks…the flesh was so hard and it tasted like one semi-sweetened garlic. To date, I still have no idea what is the name of this fruit. Shit, or was it only a plastic display.

After all the funny food and fruits, our next plan was to show off our assets.

I mean the colourful bikinis that we brought.

For that 3 days we took the risk to ride on the ATV (All-Terrain Vehicle) or known as the quad-bike.

The ride was a rough and tough one, across the muddy pool, sandy pathway, up the hill, down the stream, and the whole vehicle was so hard to navigate that I almost crashed myself right into a tree. .
15 minutes on the road and we regretted. Blardy hell, we even paid for one full hour of ride that cost us SGD 80. We suffered through the whole ride with aching fingers, dirty black face, dusty eyes and cuts – I think I hurt myself when I lost control and drove passed one thorny branch.

The evening was spent on the beach attempting beachy jumps.
Piggy did the "pray-while-you-splash-water" jump.

I attempted the "as-if-I-did-yoga-by-the-beach" pose.

Why am I always so determined to make myself look stupid.

Oh, and we saw an island swam us by...

The holiday was not too bad after all, albeit abit commercialised as the whole island is dedicated to earn monies out of Singaporeans.

I had fun.
We had fun.


Tummythoz said...

And the boyz will be so disappointment when the material only bikinis/assets shot pops up.

Me not a fan of that buah salak either.

HairyBerry said...

nice top shot of the noodle lah! oh, and nice tops as well..hehehe...

teckiee said...

that fruit is buah salak i think... sourish one is it?

jamesbluntknife said...

When i was in bali we ate it a lot... is soso, sitck to lychees:


and god i hate it when my bikini doesn't look quite right :)

JOjo said...

Glad tat u had fun!
It's always good to take a break from the buzz of life girl~
Missing the food.
Missing the people.
And missing beach...Sun...Sand...

jason said...

Ermm... wouldn't it be better if u change into some armors with that bike? :)

vialentino said...

wow...can see u have much fun...i like the bikini introduction...damn good

Simon Seow said...

Not Batam? LOL.

Xiu Long Bao said...

haha...for sure they will laugh at my almost not-in-existence assets if i were to post those pics.

woah...is that a compliment? Sure not sarcastic one hor :p

That buah was sourish with garlicky taste. Totally yucks for me.

oh my, i didn't even finish my first bite. haha...what's wrong with yo bikini?

hey gal! Long time never hear from you :) Hope you're doing well up north!

wow...i'll have serious problem in balancing the bike then...haha!

heya, thanks for dropping by! That description was a real illustration of the .... errr..hahahah!

simon seow:
i have not been to batam yet leh...heard that shopping is good there :D

Anonymous said...

that fruit is buah salak. i love them. the i ate is always sweetish one. in malaysia, you can find it in jeruk version ( sweet n sour flavour), in jeruk stall. try em!