Friday, February 06, 2009

Clumsy and her Mont Blanc Parfait

Clumsy is the champion of the day
She was rushing like a blay
Suddenly she fell into the drain
Not again???
She yelled in dismay
And so she climbed to the bay
Prayed to God to put her ligament in place
Oh yes, and please bring the pain away

Clumsy looks no sexy
The cast was so damn heavy
Her mind is turning crazy
She needs more energy
Limping with the tongkat like an old lady
She found this new born baby!

Okay, this is a gross one. What actually happened was that I injured my knee again this year right before CNY. Read more about the the previous ligament tearing experience here.

I am a devoted believer that God creates dessert to make girls happy. Not for guys as they are too egoistic to show their affection towards those tiny petite sweet looking creatures.

Marvelous cream definitely looks marvelous, the cool black signage and the classy display case with gelatos and french parfaits almost turned me into a monkey.

I pointed at the mont blanc parfait
You are coming home with me babe!

This is the physics of the great creation of Mont Blanc :

This is the actual Mont Blanc French Parfait.

Layered with chestnut swirls, custard ice-cream and vanilla sponge, I gobbled it down with no regrets.

Now bring me the Belgium Noisette Cream !

*Pictures courtesy of Marvelous Cream and Hairy.

Location: 1 Raffles Link #B1-04 Citylink Mall (Cityhall MRT)


Tummythoz said...

Not gross. Real haha funny.

Cokeworld Citizen said...

Wah lao....same knee? Must jaga leh if not will get penyakit orang tua :P Talking from experience.

I like parfaits! Although I haven't eaten any except for the one I made, Strawberry with Wine Parfait.

HairyBerry said...

so, do i see a contender in XLB's list of FAVE ICE CREAMS OF ALL TIME???

will azabu sabo's match and goma be taking off the number one spot?

we'll just hafta tunggu and lihat (while wearing flats...) :)

Jason said...

Such classy name! Hope your knee recover soon :)

wmw said...

Hello...Mana lu???

Simon Seow said...

Ah, be careful next time. At first I thought you got a watch or a pen. lol

Food Promotions said...


I'm a new reader of your blog. Hope you get well soon.
My first encounter on Mont Blanc. It looks amazing.

fatboybakes said...

wah, so young oridi got injury...pore thing

Xiu Long Bao said...

Haha..thanks dear, I thought the ligament part was gross.

Cokeworld citizen:
Already having penyakit tua :( Wow, you made parfaits! Strawberry with wine sounds good.

Matcha and goma are the love of my life and irreplaceable k. But I do want to try out other parfaits!

Thanks! Already wearing heels now :p

Jatuh and dapat penyakit tua lor. Okok, I will call you!

Haha..yeah, I thought so. Didn't know that mont blanc actually means 'white mountain'.

Food promotion:
Heya, thanks for dropping by!The mont blanc is good, do give it a try :)

Yalor, now macam orang tua. But still canot resist heels. Bugger...