Sunday, April 13, 2008

Ma Maison, Home Away from Home.

Location: Ma Maison @ Central, Clarke Quay.

Style: French Japanese Cuisine

Time: Friday evening.

"How do you define happiness in your life?", one asked.

For a moment I was stunned.

What does happiness mean to me? All the while I was trying to cure sadness in my life with food.

"Perhaps my happiness is measured against the quality of matcha ice-cream I can get", I answered. Sounded rather unconvincing, I know. I looked into the menu and tried to trace a sign of happiness instead.

The picture depicting a huge plate of paella immediately caught my attention. I knew I have to have it tonight. I gave him a broad smile as I sank my teeth into it. I made the right choice, finally after numerous attempts in searching for the right one to come by.

He pointed at the picture with a plate of black goeey stuff. I gave a skeptical look. The idea of having a plate of spaghetti coated with black coloured secretion from an ugly sea creature certainly doesn't appeal to me at first. But this time round I was wrong. Never judge a book by its cover and I learnt the lesson. Good thing doesn't come easily, what's more when it comes totally unexpected.

Those who followed my blog would know that I don't take beef no matter how tempting they look. Rest assured, this plate of Doteni Hamburger tasted as fantastic as it can get by looking at the way he indulged in that poor cow's meat.

The key to check out at the payment counter.

And when the question came again, I paired up my answer with a smile.

"Though tonight might not be the happiest moment in my life, I believe it is almost there. Near, very very near."


Paella - $ 23.80

Cuttlefish ink spaghetti - $ 15.90

Doteni Hamburger - $ 19.80


Simon Seow said...

Paella don't know where to find in Malaysia but can find the ink spaghetti in Pasta Zanmai. Still haven't try it though.

sc said...

the paella looks delish! hmmm, makes me want to indulge in paella soon ;)

Cokeworld Citizen said...

Wow paella and squid ink spag! U sure its Japanese French? More like Italian tho...

happiness...hmmm...Can I choose not to think about it? At least I know I would be happier not doing so XD

HairyBerry said...

this is one of the most-talked about restaurants in town. good choice you made! the doteni hamburger is their signature dish, i think...

oh, good writing too...nice concept.

Jason said...

*tickles XLB
Smile laaa...

Precious Pea said...

Nice post!! And food looks so good especially that poor cow's meat..hehe. Smile la...happiness is when there are food at every meal. :)

Big Boys Oven said...

that ink spaghetti is a sure winner for me at this ma shop! lol!

"Joe" who is constantly craving said...

eh i think nic style of writing has rubbed of you la..y suddenly so gaya 1 the writing?

J2Kfm said...

the hamburger looked pretty inviting ...

- happiness is when you've overcome your obstacles/sadness, and rejoices in knowing that you're prepared for more to come. bring it on. -

Xiu Long Bao said...

i think paella is served in a few spanish fine dining rest in KL but i hav yet to try them out. I still find squid ink spaghetti eery tho it's yummy.

yar, i wan my paella too :) gonna source for more in KL.

cokeworld citizen:
Abit spanish too. I also duno when does the french and jap elements come in leh.

*ahem* wise choice i made. Cus my mind is not loaded with plastics. And bout the writing thingy, u sure u r not being sarcastic hor.


precious pea:
The food definitely looks luscious. Spot on, having good food is a form a happiness perhaps :)

u ah, if u come over in april we can go for food hunt d.

Sure gaya. Got feel somemore :p
He won't admit it's his writing style since he always say dat i write UPSR style posts.

j2kfm: guys luv the doteni burger, dun u? Apparently it is their signature dish n is highly recommended by picky eater. Do give it a try :)

HairyBerry said...

omg! i never say UPSR leh...i said rumusan/kesimpulan...looks like i'm gonna get brickbats from your readers again...i so kesian sometimes...haha!

and of course no lar, not sarcastic sarcastic not... ;P

daphne said...

oo. that looks like a nice place. very romantic lights.

~Christine~Leng said...

a fusion! something like pasta zanmai ;)wanna try out the squid ink pasta!

I'd be as happy as you are when I come across such good looking food! :)
Great write-up!

Cokeworld Citizen said...

btw the poach egg looks perfect. Haha maybe thats the only french element u can find in ur meals. lolz. Is the burger a french dish? but doesnt look dainty like french cuisines do. lolz...

Tummythoz said...

Jap? I see none of your fav raw stuff?
*Hidden right hand throw mussel shells at Nic*

Anonymous said...

""Perhaps my happiness is measured against the quality of matcha ice-cream I can get"

Wow. That is hardcore, man. But true blue food blogger. R.E.S.P.E.C.T. ;)

Anonymous said...

aww sounds emo..have more good food it'll keep u happy

Xiu Long Bao said...

So chiong hei also rumusan / kesimpulan meh. Man u r complimenting my writing style ah, so 'kind' of u.

oh yes it is a nice place. romantic and homey as well.

thankiu :) the squid ink pasta is not bad though looks abit yucky with the colour.

cokeworld citizen:
haha...i tot japanese also like poached eggs. The portion is definitely impressive with the affordable pricing. A good try.

It's french japanese cuisine wor, so no raw stuff for me :I

*Left hand throw more shells at nic*

haha...good matcha ice-cream nvr fails to lighten up my mood. I always turn to ice-cream therapy when I'm down. It really helps.

Yeah. good food brings the smile on my face, esp ice-cream :D

JOjo said...

Yes,judging from the pic of food, yes, u r very near to hapiness~

Wi said...


Anonymous said...

i'll try anything at least once. :)

Xiu Long Bao said...

oh yes, I was quite happy dat nite having sampled 'real' food finally after so many mths hunting for good food in this island.

*hand you a bucket* :p

Crunchasarus Rex:
Bravo. Good try by the way.

Kent Fo said...

the cuttle fish ink spaghetti seems so special, must go and have a try when visit singapore, but dont know malaysia got o nt...


Anonymous said...

Well said.