Monday, December 17, 2007

Shilla Korean Buffet Restaurant @ The Curve.

Aiks, apologies for the lack of makan updates recently till ekeng dropped me a message asking me if I'm ok :P Thanks for ur concern ya!
Too bad today I'll be featuring a new in town but not-so-good Korean buffet restaurant located at The Curve. The pricing is somehow affordable, RM49++ per pax but with compromised quality and selection of food.

The ambiance is fine and cosy with modern settings but I find it abit weird though. The restaurant is very spacious but only less than half of the tables were occupied. The range of food served includes sushi, maki, a limited range of sashimi, korean appetizers, grills, poached seafood, ginseng chicken, noodles, rice, salad and barely appetising desserts :p
Take a look at the food...
Mussels with BBQ sauce (I think) and baked in cheese

Sushi and maki (so-so quality, nothing to shout about)
Korean Anniversary Noodles
(Find it quite interesting, abit sourish with the minced tomato on top and I think it comes with ginseng soup base)

Plenty of fresh oysters (hope they are fresh though)

Scallops baked in cheese (below par as the cheesie layer was way too hard and tasted stale)

Grilled lamb cutlets, chicken skewers in hot and sweet sour sauce.

Took too much of their white tuna, some smoked salmon and tuna.

BBQ chicken wings (appreciate if they come piping hot or was it meant to be a 'cold dish'???)

I thought the chocolate fountain would make my day after the unpleasant dining experience but duh...the quality of the chocolate used was not up to expectation...or was I too fussy :I

Hmmm...will I still pay another visit to this restaurant? After all the description of the food, I guess you guys know the answer...

LOCATION: First Floor, 147-148, The Curve. (Near Cafe 1920 and Vivo Pizza)


Kenny Leong said...

pass by that restaurant once a saturday and its kinda empty inside, though other eatery are all pack.

"Joe" who is constantly craving said...

ohh i was definitely expecting more bbq meat..err was that all the choices available?

Precious Pea said...

I was there with the Sistas many many months ago but ahem, like you said, food not that fantastic. The night we went, the chocolate fountain was jammed up, clogged by residues? Hahaha!

Ms One Boobie said...

Bummer..! what a waste..!

Big Boys Oven said...

Oh thanks for the info., anyone recommending?

Kenny Mah said...

Well, we need some "bad" reviews as well so we know what restaurants to avoid ma... especially those of us who are less than adventurous...

*looks in the mirror*


Lyrical Lemongrass said...

Noted. Strikes restaurant off makan list. :-P hehe.

daphne said...

sounds disappointing..

hope things r less hectic soon!

~Christine~Leng said...

was about to step into this restaurant until I saw the variety of food and what they served from the see through glass, from the outside ;)
er... maybe what i did was right after all :) haha..

ai wei said...

errr...?! is that really bad? the food does look okay...
i will avoid this place =)

ekeng said...

You're welcome my friend :)
So happy to see ur new post :)

Aiks!! Another disappointed experience huh...i will avoid from this place..

Check this out~

HairyBerry said...

think its the one near red quite a huge crowd on a sunday afternoon when i passed by...but the food looks quite's a no for me :)

MeiyeN said...

sounds really bad :| looks like i must tell fiance to skip this place..

Cokeworld Citizen said...

lolz...i thing I realise when I go Spore is they dun serve white tuna. But KL has it everywhere! :S

oh yeah I saw the Breakfast Show the other day, they intro Sushi Groove (i think)...seems a hip place. Their dishes are meant for sharing.

Anonymous said...

One word:
Ugghhh horrible

Wait... thats two! :)

Jackson said...

haha...thx for the review..

Jason said...

Those makis look so.. dry :S

Xiu Long Bao said...

Exactly, dummy me still gave it a try despite the empty seats.

Hmmm...i think they have a fair share of meat but i pantang beef lar. Not advisable if u wana hav decent koream food.

precious pea: terrible :I

Yalor, wat a waste..aiks :(

haha...dun think anyone will recommend paying this rest a visit lar.

kenny mah:
Aye...agree! Professional floggers mah...sometimes have to take a step back n give bad reviews :p

president LL:
So this review shortened up ur list kah? hahaha

Thanks :) Coming to the end of 2007, hope things will get bttr.

U made the right choice!

ai wei:
Big lesson learnt, never judge a book by its cover...LOL

haha...thanks for the link. Yeah, I wld say strike this off ur list n go for more decent korean food

Big crowd??? It was kinda empty during my visit. It was very disappointing for the price charged :(

Yes, strike this place off!

cokeworld citizen:
wat...takda my fave white tuna :( looks like i hav to come bck to KL for my white tuna craving fixed! Sushi Groove is not bad...their dishes are quite interesting and innovative...worth trying!

Spot on...LOL

Yeap, there u go, shortened up ur makan list adi ya?

yeah, the sushi rolls and makis were disappointing :( Wat a meal...

Anonymous said...

i try it before, really not nice...