Thursday, November 01, 2007

Su Chan @ Bangsar Village II

I love Banana Torte!

Bet this is the common scenario for corporate slaves when it comes to lunch time.

In the office...

Corporate slave No.1 : 'Whereabout for lunch?'

Corporate slave No.2 : 'Err...err...what do you think?' (looking at Corporate slave No.3)

Corporate slave No.3 : 'Huh???Anything lar.' (looking at Coporate slave No.4)

Corporate slave No.4 : 'Haiya, still got time, we will decide in the elevator'.

*Everyone nods their head*

In the elevator...

CS No.1: 'So where?where? Have to tell me if not where to head to?'

*CS No.2, No.3 & No.4 showing blank faces*

In the car...
CS No.1: 'Haiyor, I decide! Go thai, ok?'
CS No.2: 'I just had thai for dinner last nite.'
CS No.1: 'Then Japanese.'
CS No.3: 'I had Kampachi yesterday.'
CS No.1: 'Sandwiches @ D'lish???'
CS No.4: 'Yeee...dunwan packed food lar.'
CS No.1: 'Grr...Ask the flogger!'
Me: 'Su Chan.'

*Everyone nods their head*

To make our life easier, Su Chan comes out with a set lunch menu that offers over 15 varieties, ranging from Western, Vietnamese, Thai, Japanese, Chinese to Malay. They even have 'munchies set' and 'on-diet set'.

For pocket burning purposes, these are some of their hi-end set lunches:

Fisherman's Wharf (RM53)
-Prawn & Mango Salad
-Grilled Salmon
-Dessert, Coffee/Tea

Pasta Special (RM41)
-Wild mushroom soup
-Chicken pesto lasagne
-Dessert, Coffee/Tea

Rack of Lamb (RM61)
-Lamb Rack
-Dessert, Coffee/Tea

Mediterranean (RM40)
-Herbed Chicken
-Dessert, Coffee/ Tea

Corporate Slave No.1 's pick: Ms. Saigon Special (RM 27) that came with...

Vietnamese Spring Rolls. Love this! The portion is so generous and the spring rolls were stuffed with loads of veges, omelette strips, prawns and chicken.

Vietnamese Beef Noodles

Local dessert of the day which was Pengat Pisang.

Corporate Slave No.2's choice: Laksa Delight (RM19) that came with...

Top Hats

Thai Laksa (but she complained that the laksa broth was not flavourful enough) and one local dessert.

I had the On Diet Set Lunch (RM13) that came with grilled chicken toasties and drinks.

Corporate Slave No.3 & 4 went Italian (RM40) that came with...

Wild Mushroom soup (yummy!)

Beef Lasagne (caution...piping hot melting cheese encased within)

The Italian set also came with a dessert, you can make your pick from the display case, featuring over 10 types of luscious cakes, brownies and tarts. I reckon that the guys are from the outerspace since they have no desire for sweetish stuff (how could they!). Nevermind, this means that the ladies get free desserts...heh heh...

Banana torte--The texture is abit hard and solid but we enjoyed the banana and walnut bits layered in between.

Emm...forgot the name of this wonderful piece of art which was packed with nuts and dried fruits.

All in all, we just love the set lunch menu, save us from scratching our heads on what to eat and not to forget, the lovely looking desserts...we will be back!

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Anonymous said...

Wah, you actually can give an exact answer? I'll end up saying "err..err..."

Anonymous said...

Haha, we student also, when we are at the shopping malls and there are so many restaurants, it took us quite a long time to decide where and what to eat. =D

the food seems really nice.

Lyrical Lemongrass said...

Their cakes are to die for!

d2e said...

i fell in love with their cheesecake when i had them at their outlet at PJ ^^ cheesecake has never been the same for me. like lemongrass said, to die for :)

~Christine~Leng said...

a filling set lunch indeed!
why u order 'on-diet' set lunch? No need to diet already lo... haha
do they have dinner sets also? :)

"Joe" who is constantly craving said...

the banana torte is damn bloody good..agreed with the laksa..just not right..

but the set lunches are steep!!!

Anonymous said...

Corporate slaves can't afford food like this!? What a blasphemy! :P

MeiyeN said...

aikss....i remember they used to have one outlet in subang parade.. tried their breakfast set.. obviously many many years ago..and it wasn't good.. then not long after... closed down! so... now they are back at b.village ii???? will try their cakes ;)

Tummythoz said...

Slaves that eat like this? *wrap self in whip* Capture me pleaseeee.

Big Boys Oven said...

Oh ! their cakes look so lovely, very interesting.....great use of ingredients! So divine!

ekeng said...

wah..why corporate slaves can afford this expensive lunch at Su lucky..for me..Hai~~

Mark WK said...

How am I gonna lose weight with all these good looking food around.

Mark WK said...

How am I gonna lose any weight with all these good looking food.

Anonymous said...

looks fabulous - i love your writing style btw, very good flow and very natural. keep up the good work!

Xiu Long Bao said...

haha...can give exact answer only when im inspired :p

We Malaysian are just indecisive...when it comes to food! Spoilt for choice mar.

President LL:
Agree!!! Didnt know bout that till we dug in....fantastique :O

Omg...i have a serious hankering for their cakes now...

have to go on diet lar...esp after working :I Not sure bout their dinner set though...but do give it a try, their cakes are to die for!

not really lar, only a few sets are pocket burning. The good thing is that their portion is quite generous, worth the price :)

Ampun mohon! I only forked out Rm13 for my lunch, somemore on diet version...:I

Really? U have got to try their cakes! Fantabulous :)

Huh? Huh? I thought we ordered cheapo sets?

Agree! Love their presentation and most importantly...the taste....ahhh

Some sets are quite affordable lar...corporate slaves also have to indulge once in a blue moon, right?

hahha...i have to admit that my diet plan went into longkang already with all the good food around.

Thx dearie :)