Wednesday, November 07, 2007

Middle Eastern fare @ Al-Nafourah.

I first encountered Middle Eastern food when my company held its corporate lunch @ Bukhara Restaurant, KLCC. There, I got to savour their intriguing offerings such as hummus & chickpea puree served with fresh warm pita bread; assorted kebabs and their irresistable desserts. Definitely worth the try if you are bored of the usual Western, Japanese or Chinese food.

Two weeks later, we're back for more Middle Eastern fare and this time round the lucheon is held at Al-Nafourah, Le Meridien Hotel. Step into the restaurant and you are immediately transported to the mythical Arabian mode. We love the gorgeous ambiance with the beautiful concoction of Moorish and Turkish designs.

Food wise, we had more or less the same food sampled @ Bukhara.

Cold & Hot Mezzeh (Appetizer)

Hummus (Puree of chickpeas mixed with tahini, lemon juice, olive oil & paprika) -- Wish we could have more chickpeas.

Labneh be Toom (soft creamy cheese, dried mint & garlic) -- Refreshing & lite yoghurt-y taste.

Iman Bayaldi (Stuffed aurbegine with tomato, onions & garlic in olive oil) -- Yummy!

Kabak Mucveri (Zucchini Fritter) -- Deep-fried battered cucumber that tastes like Malay's cucur udang, served on a bed of Couscous.

Falafel (Broad Bean & Chickpeas Puree with garlic and coriander) -- Abit dry and choking but the taste is pretty decent when paired with the yoghurt-like dressing.

We just can't stop reaching into the basket of warm pita bread to go with the chickpea puree, fritters & aubergines. By the time we finished walloping the Mezzeh, we were already hall full (how to continue with the meeting after lunch??).

Somehow we just happened to have different compartment for good food. Time for some Lebanese grills and desserts...


Mashawi Mushakalah (Assorted Grilled Kebabs include charcoal grilled marinated beef tenderloin; Chicken Shish Tawok; Lamb Kofta)

Grilled Mediterranean vegetables

Top up the plate with more carbs--Ruzz Bilzafaran (saffron ghee rice) that reminds us of our local briyani.

Sweet ending

Mhalabiyeh (Soft creamy pudding made with rice powder and flavoured with orange blossom water) -- We truly adore this luscious dessert! Everyone around the table finished the smooth creamy pudding till the last spoon and I'm missing it dearly now.

Since it was a corporate luncheon, the food were all pre-ordered and the bill was well taken care of *grin* hence I didn't get to figure out how is the pricing like. Drawing inference from the usual 5-star pricing for fine dining, guess you should be ready to fork out around RM80 per person for a decent 3 course meal. Of course you can still opt for cheaper alternatives for Middle Eastern fare like Bukhara and Al-Marjan, both located @ KLCC.

LOCATION: Le Meridien KL, opposite KL Sentral Station.

Tel: 03-22637888


daphne said...

oh gosh...they have my favorite falafel!

Big Boys Oven said...

hmmm a bit heavy on my pocket... but still a 5* hotel food, guess that's what you have to pay! lol!

Unknown said...

having trouble to pronounce those food haha

ekeng said...

hmmm middle east food...quite interesting to have this kind of food in 5 Star Hotel.

Anonymous said...

Interesting! Always like hw they use spices.... n lov their kebabs!
Jz 1 ques. ... hw much wuz d price tag?

~Christine~Leng said...

their dishes are showered with spices! Find them kinda special ;)

teckiee said...

ohhh i like this something called or.. sound like bakclava.. damn nice... i think some dessert thing

david santos said...

I passed here for seeing your work that is very good and desiring a good weekend

The Pondering Introvert said...

woah going arab :D nice! I tried lebanse once, not bad ;)

MeiyeN said...

your post reminds me that i have yet to use da 3-course meal voucher at al-nafourah!!!! looks like i must go there soon.. but bad thing is, da foc voucher only applicable on weekdays :(

Lyrical Lemongrass said...

like meiyen, i also have an FOC voucher to use. Have been to Al-Nafourah just once before. I thought it was nice. But that was a long time ago.

Xiu Long Bao said...

high 5! I love falafel too :)

hav to agree with u on the pricing, opt for cheaper alternatives like bukhara n al marjan perhaps?

LOL...i nvr attempted to pronounce them till i read ur comment :p

True. But this rest is worth the try though, at least for the sake of the ambiance...

Expect to pay burn around RM70 to 80 per person.

Exactly! But i find some of them acquired taste tho.

Oh yar! I love that too. Tried it once @ Bukhara, very nutty n crispy :)

hey! thanks for dropping by :)

mochii: arabian is the trend :p We love the lebanese grill too!

Hmm...if i were u, i will take one day off to enjoy my free 3 course meal! Lucky u :)

president LL:
Wow, where did you all get free dining vouchers??? I also wan!

Lyrical Lemongrass said...

LOL, XLB. We got the free vouchers coz we signed up for the Starwood privilege card. Of course, the card wasn't FOC lor. Had to pay approx 500 bucks. :-P But loads of freebies.

Anonymous said...

I'm having problem to pronounce the names too.