Monday, November 19, 2007

9 Course Meal @ Kura Japanese Restaurant.

Following the disappointing dining experience @ Iketeru for 5 star pricing but average quality Japanese food, the JFKA die -hard honorable lifetime member continued her quest for good Japanese food that can sweep her off her feet...
And she finally found her new fave Japanese restaurant--Kura it is!

Calling all Japanese food lover, this is another Japanese restaurant that is worth trying out aside from the newly opened Kampachi @ Pavilion. FYI, the Malaysia International Gourmet festival (MIGF) is back again, from 2 till 30 November 2007. This time round we decided to give Kura's MIGF's menu a try.

The menu offers 2 choices of 'Authentic Japanese 9 Course Menu': Course A priced at RM 198 per pax and Course B priced at RM128. Having scrutinised both courses which serve more or less the same dishes, we decided to go for Course B.

We were seated in a cosy bird cage-like cubicle overlooking Damansara Utama.

Diners that go for the MIGF menu enjoy a free aperitif drink--Choya Umeshu (plum wine).

COURSE B: RM128 per pax
1st Dish: Kinzanji Wasabi Miso no Morokyu / Koimo / Shioiri Ginnan
To start off the 9 course meal, we had Japanese yam, cucumber salad and gingko nuts as appetizer.

2nd dish: Jikasei Zaru Tofu
This homemade smooth silky pudding-like tofu served on a bed of ice has my vote as the simple yet best dish amongst the lot.

3rd dish: Otoro/ Kanpachi / Salmon
Taadaa...finally the highlight of the course was served with 2 thick slices of toro (yummy!), salmon and yellowtail. The sashimi was very fresh and delish, love 'em so much.

4th dish: Madai to Ebi no Doumyoji Mushi
Next up is the Japanese steamed dish, we had steamed sea bream and prawn in sake.

5th dish: Unagi Kabayaki
Have to confess that I never had such a big and thick slab of unagi at a go before. The seasoning was just nice, unlike some Japanese restaurants that serve unagi with overpowering marinade.
6th dish: Ebi to Satsumaimo Tempura
7th dish: Hokkigai to Wakame no Sunomono
Thumbs up for this Wakame salad with vinegar dressing. Very refreshing and bud tantalising.
8th dish: Asari Misoshiru
The Miso clam soup was loaded with big fat juicy clams.
9th dish: Matsutake Gohan
Finally, we ended the 9 course meal with a simple but yummy bowl of rice cooked with gingko nuts and Japanese pine mushroom--a highly sought after exotic ingredient in Japanese cuisine.
Dessert--Jikasei Kurogoma Pudding
The course came with a dessert as well, the homemade black sesame pudding really swept my feet off. The texture was similar to their homemade cold tofu, smooth and slightly gooey, with bits of aromatic black sesame. Also available in green tea flavour.
Kura also offers a range of affordable set lunch & dinner, starting from RM25. We ordered a Zanmai Sashimi to Sanma set (RM45).
Sanma shioyoki. You can also opt for Salmon or Saba shioyaki.
Sashimi again! I feel so satisfied after loading myself with these goodies that have great therapeautic effect :)

Piping hot chawan mushi.

Interesting scoop of tuna spread that looked like the usual canned tuna but tasted fine.

Yeap, more desserts! I was so tempted by the dessert menu that offers a range of interesting Japanese homemade desserts.

I love their Strawberry Ice (RM9) that came with frozen real strawberries stuffed with vanilla ice cream. Too bad they only served 4 tiny strawberries, can't seem to get enough of these cuties.

Green tea ice cream with azuki beans (RM7). Somehow I don't really fancy the taste of their green tea ice cream, abit artificial for me. Just stick to their homemade puddings and strawberry ice or perhaps azuki beans soup with glutinous rice balls when it comes to desserts.

All in all, the bill came up to RM200 plus but it is worth every cent paid. This Japanese restaurant has my vote for good sashimi and desserts...oh yes, and nice ambiance.

Location: One world hotel, First avenue, Off dataran bandar utama, PJ.

Tel: 03-7681 1111


"Joe" who is constantly craving said...

wahlau eh..mgif menu rite?.. dis seem to be the latest hip thing in the blogosphere..hmmmm

MeiyeN said...
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MeiyeN said...

i have yet to try kura and after reading your post, feel like going there tonight!!!! but too bad, already promise mom that am gonna eat at home :( i shall try to freeze my strawberries with icecream too and see if that works ;)

*sorry.. got to delete previous comment, there was a mistake!

Precious Pea said...

Wahhhh.....saliva dripping all over my table oledi. Looks good leh...the bento so reasonably priced. Must go oledi soon since am sick of the food in 1Utama.

daphne said...

oh man... that looks wonderful!!! and the black sesame dessert? yum!

Lyrical Lemongrass said...

i'm going i'm going...thank you, oh honorary lifetime member!!!!!!

~Christine~Leng said...

I saw this on the newspaper the other day.. offering a 10% discount. Food looks good! I'm getting addicted to Japanese food nowadays!
So.. how I can Apply for the membership... for JFKA? hehe... ;)

wmw said...

Mmmm....looks good! Cooked food for me though! Heehee...

Johnny Ong said...

hmmm the MGIF looks really good. havent got time to go to those participating restaurants

Xiu Long Bao said...

Yeah, do give it a try :)

haha...hope u get ur strawberry + ice cream fixed!

precious pea:
wah..serious? So give their set lunch menu a try. Quite affordable and the quality is above expectation :)

Ohh...i miss that black sesame pudding! really good stuff :D

president LL:
no problemo! I feel like revisiting too...miss their sashimi n desserts..yum yum!

I think i saw that discount too on sinchew right? but expired before i paid my visit :I
To apply for JFKA membership u must hav great passion for sashimi n must be able to beat the record of eating 50 plates of sushi in 5 mins time (kiddin') n of cus update us frequently with good jap rest in town. Pls liaise with our high n mighty president lyrical lemongrass on the recruitment process.

har? I thought u have undergone the 'appreciation of raw food training' held by president LL n' precious pea???

hiya! thanks for dropping by. Do give the menu a try before MIGF ends :)

Christina Kim said...

Oooo....I had that same fine-dining course meal experience when I was in Japan as well!! A treat from our suppliers and it left me with great memories and a lingering taste in my mind till this day!!:D

Btw...that's a lot of food...and for RM200, it was worth it:D
Those strawberries ice are definitely cuties!!!

Anonymous said...

MIGF menu eh? *blink blink*
I can see so many excited ladies here after reading this... hahaha. The strawberries are really special.

ekeng said...'s a bit expensive for me..Anyway,i like the strawberry's look good.

Anonymous said...

haha paiseh...after reformat laptop...all the bookmarks gone cuz i didn't back up ><
sesame dessert looks good :3~~

I'd just talked to my aunt from Spore...she recently visited a japanese restaurant that was claimed to serve authentic japanese food. Well, she gave it a try as all the patrons in the restaurant was japanese.Verdict? The food was damn good.

So I guess your quest for authentic japanese food trail leads to the further south XD

Xiu Long Bao said...

Yeah, the course meal is definitely worth it cus iketeru offers their course meal at RM300 ++.

yeah...all the excited foodies :p I love the cutie strawberries!

Can lar, course B only burns you RM128...not bad wat, with 9 dishes plus wine plus dessert.

Yup, love the desserts so much. U have got to try their homemade puddings!Is it Waraku Jap rest in singapore? I heard from my colleague who just went there that it is darn good...makes me wan to go south now...haha

Anonymous said...

Everything looks so good..!

Anonymous said...

I have no idea...which restaurant izzit...hmm....we kinda sama road punya orang but I am on the quest of having an authentic italian meal instead of japanese. never occured to me until u post about Kura...

Finger's crossed...Hope I can have the authentic japanese meal in the near future...woohooo!! Flying to South this Friday....XD ahahahahahaha!!

Unknown said...

i want the strawberry ice !! a lot of em

Xiu Long Bao said...

...and tastes great!

jian: good life, can go south. Bring bck more food reviews n hav fun ya :)

haha...i also want. ! 10 will do...and i mean 10 plates.

Xiu Long Bao said...

Dear anonymous,

Thx for dropping by my blog, this comment box is meant for food lovers to share their thoughts and comments on the particular food review posted. Feel free to drop me an email for any comment/ question arising out of ur own personal interest. Your cooperation is much appreciated.

Anonymous said...

haha yeah yeah....hope able to go eat at the mentioned placed. hehehe...

Kenny Leong said...

woooow.... wanna try... but its not wat i can affordable..

Xiu Long Bao said...

jian: aye...make me drool again ;p

kenny: hey, of cus u can afford it :) Maybe u can opt for their value set lunch, starting from RM25. Give it a try!

G said...

wow...what a 9 course meal. Only till 30th? Will have to book myself for a reservation. I am a flogger myself. Do checkout/add me

Anonymous said...

AhhhH!!! I forgot the name of the restaurant when i go to the mall...I saw this Waraku just a few steps away from Marutama Ramen. >< Anyway updated about the marutama ramen. Its really good.