Tuesday, October 16, 2007

Bonny's Kitchen @ Plaza Damas

Hiya, it's Tuesday I'm back to work. Hope you all enjoyed your long weekend and all the ketupat and rendang over the Raya break :)

This time round I'm going to feature Hongkie dimsum from Bonny's Kitchen located at Plaza Damas, Hartamas. I came across to know this restaurant from precious pea and boo_licious where they gave good reviews on their dishes and dimsums, but what attracted me the most is their cute lil' custard buns shaped like poccupines...

So adorable!

Custard Buns (RM4)

We also had a few other dimsum items like Fried Yam Puffs aka Wu Kok (RM5) and Deep Fried Lotus Paste Ball (RM4).

Commendation must be given to Bonny's Deep Fried Lotus Paste Ball. This dimsum item received consensus from all of us that it is the best Lotus Paste Ball we ever had in our lifetime. Till now I can still remember vividly its crispy skin with soft melting lotus paste encased within.


Get what I mean?

Too bad the main dishes that we had were not up to expectation when compared to their dimsum items.

My colleague had the Fried Flat Noodle with Beef aka Gon Chao Ngau Hor (RM10) which was abit bland and substance-less.

I went for the Steamed Rice with Assorted Mushroom (RM8) which was even more substance-less. Felt abit deceived by the name of this dish in the menu as it turned out to be a bowl of white rice topped with normal vege and canned mushrooms.

Feeling unsatisfied with the mains, we decided to go for their desserts. This Sesame Roll (Rm10) was strongly recommended by the Hongkie co-owner who claimed that we won't gain weight by binging on this...Lol

Fair enough, this Sesame Roll was very refreshing. Topped with fragrant sesame seeds and accompanied with sesame sauce at the side. Great for sesame lover :)

All in all, we will still come back for their Hongkie dimsum items and desserts... I'm eyeing on their mango pudding and Herbal Jelly. Do drop by this place if you happen to end up @ Hartamas with a growling stomach.

Lot J-0-1, Mayfair Service Apartment,
No.60, Jalan Sri Hartamas, KL.

Tel: 03-62014652


"Joe" who is constantly craving said...

some floggers complained that they dont allow pictures to be taken, i guess its not true?

~Christine~Leng said...

will definitely drop by for those cute lil' custard buns! Tasted wise?

Precious Pea said...

The owner allowed you to take picture??? The didn't allow wmw though. I still have not posted on their dim sum.

boo_licious said...

Hmmm, did they have a change of heart now? Too bad u missed dim sum lunch the other day as we had so many varieties.

MeiyeN said...

oh that's a cute bun ;)

Lyrical Lemongrass said...

my friends and I didn't enjoy the noodle dishes at all. They were all bland and forgettable.

Xiu Long Bao said...

Serious? Me and my colleagues were basically taking pix in front of
em...lol...maybe depends on their mood?

The taste was good as well :) I just lov custard buns!

precious pea:
Strange, the owner (bonny) was just sitting at the table nxt to us but she didnt stop us from taking photo though. Maybe she has now realised the power of floggers :p

Guess they did :p Yeah...missed that dimsum lunch, dat's y i went bck the other day to sample their dimsums, esp the poccupine bun...haha

Yeah...the cute lil' poccupine :)

president LL:
Exactly! Guess they only score well in their dimsum items.

pumpkin said...

this is the place with very authentic hong kong dishes; some you can't find anywhere else in Malaysia. Such as: hong kong wan ton noodle (very springy and 'crisp' texture), char leong (yiu tiao wrap with chee cheong fun - must ask for peanut sauce to go with it though) and sun chook ngow yuk ('mangosteen' beef). 2 thumbs up !!

daphne said...

wah..the sesame dessert low in fat and calories ah? I also want leH! food looks great too! that's an excellent find. Thumbs up!

sc said...

guess it'll just be dimsums for me since other dishes sounds sorta..plain

Anonymous said...

Everytime I eat there also I took lots of pics. Me also haven't posted on their dim sum! Kakaka...

Big Boys Oven said...

looks so so delicious! irresistable!

teckiee said...

How does the sesame roll taste like? Jelly like?

Anonymous said...

Wait till you see the beef hor fun i get her for $10 canadian dollars..! it looked nowhere like yours. But what can i do right..?? beggars can't be choosers here.. :(

Xiu Long Bao said...

wow...thx for the recommendations! Yea, i feel like trying the char leong nxt round *slurp*

Haha...yar according to the co-owner! Very refreshing and good for palate cleansing :)

Yea...exactly! I'll stick to their dimsums on my nxt visit too.

Hmmm...me also no prob in taking food pix there, now only they realise the power of floggers leh...

Their dimsums are highly recommended!

Yup, jelly springy like...very refreshing and creative! Wonder how they roll it up like chee cheong fun..lol

Awww...i get what you mean...dat reminds me of my 'good' old uni days in Oz, made me appreciate Malaysian food so so so much :I

wmw said...
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wmw said...
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wmw said...

Yes, I was stopped by the owner. That was many months back. They told me they don't want people to copy their food presentation/preparation style! Duh! The food was so so anyway. Have not been back since then. They were quite curt, even my friends who were with me thought so and they too have not been back. FYI, the day we had lunch there, there were only two other tables taken up.

Vivi said...

Hi, I juz cross by and saw the custard bun, hehe.. act I nvr try the Custard Buns at M'sia, butz i tried at HK b4.. Is more CUTE than tiz.. U wont feel wana eat it :P

Jackson said...

i would love to try the creative sesame roll!!