Wednesday, September 19, 2007

D'lish for the Impatient Gourmet

Good news for Delicious fan as it is now venturing into fast yet fresh food concept -- D'lish. Tucked away in a small cosy corner @ Bangsar Village but you can't really miss it as it appears to be quite aggressive in marketing their brand. Do take note of d'lish's funny lines with maroon background placed along the escalator.

Check this out. They even make their own packaging for drinking water but it comes with a price, RM1.80 a bottle, pocket-burning as expected.

I was so tempted to try their range of nicely decorated cupcakes. Make your pick from banana toffee, chocolate, carrot to vanilla. Priced at around RM6++ for one generous serving cupcake.

I had the vanilla cupcake (with a cute flower on top) while my colleague went for the carrot cupcake. Okay, I admit, I go for the look instead of the taste this time round. The vanilla cupcake definitely looks pretty but the taste was just disappointing.

My cupcake sprinkled with vanilla sugar

My colleague was more realistic then, she went for the normal looking carrot cupcake that tasted really fine. Recommended for carrot cake lover.

Done with desserts, now zoom into our mains.
My colleague had the gigantic curry chicken puff(RM5.80), you can opt to add a side serving of greens at RM4.80. The varieties offered include chicken pomelo salad, soba salad, thai salad, garden green and etc.

As for me, I went for one roast vege stack in focaccia (RM12.80) plus a side serving of garden green at RM 4.80. Pretty pricey for a plate of grass and too bad I don't really like the taste of the roast zucchini, egg plant and pumpkin with feta cheese. Somehow they reminded me of my gloomy days in aussie where I have to survive on sandwiches :p

All in all, I would still drop by this cosy place for more greens, I tried their soba salad on my previous visit which was not bad. And yeah, though their cupcakes don't really taste as nice as they look, I will still go for one or two, for the sake of the pretty cupcakes and the terribly tempting icing.

D'lish @ G1a, Ground Floor, Bangsar Village, Jalan Telawi 1, Bangsar Baru, KL.

TEL: 03-22881770


~Christine~Leng said...

the cupcakes are pretty! but i find most cupcakes were only "just pretty" Tasted not wise! my expectations for these have dropped low since.
A new outlet? will definitely drop by bangsar again for more food.
Went there for the first time last week! issh.. *blushing*

teckiee said...

ahh carrot cupcake! I made a rag doll called Carrot Juice... must get this cup cake to as a pressie for my friend.

"Joe" who is constantly craving said...

yeah heard less then impressive things about this place..roast veges are good!..the sides though..cant u go inside bangsar village and get a pre-pack salad? cheaper haha

Anonymous said...

A plate of grass.. haha. Since when you became a goat? :P

I wonder if their outlet at Mid Valley opened yet.

MeiyeN said...

okay... a good review from you! heard so much bout this place, mostly bad comments and i back off trying this place. now, after reading your post.. i may drop by one fine day ;)

Precious Pea said...

The flowers on the cupcake looks so pretty. I will definitely fall for that too.

Babe_KL said...

RM6 for one cupcake? wow dats quite ex but ok lah wid those sugar paste flowers. seriously for rm6, i think i can make more than 1/2 dozen wid frosting :p

Big Boys Oven said...

Eh!!!1 can I have the sugary flower to add into my collection!!!!

sc said...

you are right though..the cupcakes looks so very pretty. too bad it didnt taste as good as it looks..

Anonymous said...

1st time i seen such pretty cupcakes! Well designed, too! Will try nxt time!

boo_licious said...

The cupcakes are huge though hence they're pricing them at RM6 - I feel like I'm eating a slice of cake instead. The carrot one is the same as their carrot cake over at delicious except it comes in a cupcake form. There's also another outlet at Mid Valley.

Xiu Long Bao said...

Exactly. But I wld still go for it, can't resist pretty stuff :p

haha...carrot juice? that's very cute :)

Not really impressed but i will still drop by for fresh food n pretty cup cakes. But hey, their salad dressing was very very nice, dun think bangsar pre packed salad tastes dat good lar.

jason: a cow...haha
yup, the mid valley outlet is now opened. Do give their fresh food a try!

meiyen: take note that not all food are nice though!

precious pea:
yeah...worth the price for such a big flower...haha. I couldn't even finish the cupcake.

haha...the cupcake was quite big though. So when can we sample ur pretty yet deliciously tempting cupcakes? Yum!

yahor, so u get the idea ya?

yeah...but i wld still go for it though. It's pretty!

but not really nice one ah.

I see, but the cupcakes look nicer with the decoration...paying for the artwork i guess.

daphne said...

hehe..those cupcakes certainly looks pretty. soba salad huh... sounds healthy! More excuses for more cupcakes LOL

Unknown said...

aikz, the greens freak me out, too healthy for my liking

Anonymous said...

Shall try them out one day. MV!

Xiu Long Bao said...

hey i love the soba salad. Sound n' taste healthy though abit overpriced.

citygal: fear, the dressing was very very nice. Anyway u can always go for the sinfully fattening pretty cupcakes @ d'lish :)

Enjoy and don't forget the pretty cupcakes!

wmw said...

I'll go there for the flower deco! :o)

Xiu Long Bao said...

wmw: nice and adorable rite :)

Anonymous said...

D'lish @ bangsar & mv, wow, food sreved there is excellent, well worth a popping to either outlet, lasange is the best i have had in KL so far, well removed from others, very authentic and a big plus for me no added sugar, like so many others, and also a must try is the rockyroad bar, double wow, their asian bento boxes are also excellent, slighty different to you normal, mee siam is really good and also the nasi lemak, again wow, these guys should keep up the good work in educating people in how food should be made

Anonymous said...

I agree with the last post. Choose wisely at D'lish, and you won't regret it. :) The rocky road bar is indeed very delicious, as is their chocolate cupcake with the flowy chocolate centre (although its a tad sweet). The Caesar salad is also good, with shaven cheese and crisp croutons. Thai beef salad however was a bit bland. A very admirable concept, I hope it paves the way for more 'takeaway' places with perhaps more affordable price tags.

Anonymous said...

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Rachael Lim said...

I'm not sure about the outlet in Bangsar, but the one in Midvalley has everything at 50% off after 9pm. Definately worth it!

pearlie said...

I was looking for picture of D'lish when I found yours - great looking ones :) hope you don't mind me using them in my blog, with credits of course. Thanks!