Monday, August 20, 2007

Exotic @ Desa Sri Hartamas.

Another Sunday, after our usual weekend jog at Bukit Kiara, we decided to drop by Hartamas area to reward ourself after a bout of hard workout.

What lure us to try this new restaurant was its attractive fusion of thai, cambodian & vietnamese cuisines. Upon seating, the menu that we browsed through was striking similiar to Viet Passion at Chulan Square . We later got to know from the young owner that Viet Passion is actually their sister restaurant.

The menu is pretty extensive with pictures depicting all the dishes offered. You can choose to be seated inside the restaurant or enjoy the carpark view outside, just beware of those irritating mosquitoes esp at nite.

For starter we had the Exotic Combination Platter (RM20) that came with zesty mango kerabu, fried dumplings, fried prawn rolls, fresh spring rolls and thai fish cake. I love the kerabu the most but it still pales in comparison with the one served by Banquet.

Carbs king and queen must have rice. Of thai pineapple fried rice (RM15) and vietnamese lotus seed rice (RM14) , we chose the latter as the presentation looks very interesting in the menu. Too bad the lotus seed rice came with cheapo mixed beans that made it looked like those hawker style fried rice. Otherwise, we were quite pleased with its taste and portion. I esp luv the aromatic fluffy grains with lotus seeds and mushroom.

The pricing of the thai pandan chicken was rather unbelievable as it only costs us RM10 for 6 pieces.

I thought three dishes would be more than enough but char siew bao insisted having more so we went for a bowl of clear seafood tomyam (RM14). Different from the usual reddish soup, our bowl of tomyam looked exactly like those chinese boiled soup but it only took one sip to turn my face into red.

By the way, Exotic will be having Jacob's Creek wine and food sampling event on 24th August 2007 (Friday) at 7.30pm. For RM88 nett per pax you get to sample:

1) Fresh Prawn Rolls
2) Thai Fish Cake
3) Exotic Fruit Salad
4) Beef Noodle Soup
5) Grilled Chilli Prawns
6) Grilled Beef wrapped around lemongrass stick
7) Mangosteen Dessert or Cambodian Deep Fried Banana

Exotic will serve a range of Jacob's Creek wine that compliment each dishes featured above. An event not to be missed by wine lovers. Call Jess at 017-7193633 for reservation.

LOCATION: No. 2, Jalan 24/70A, Desa Sri Hartamas, K.L.


wmw said...

Mmmm....thanks for the tip. Would like to check this place out one day soon.

"Joe" who is constantly craving said...

looks good..but no fan of jacob creek my head it has been sewed into my brain as a cheap sleazy wine..but thats just me..

Jackson said...

oooo...i wan the pandan chicken. WMW, let's check it out together!

Xiu Long Bao said...

yup this place is rekomended. do check it out wiv jackson abdullah as per his request...haha

Emm...nvr noe that cus i'm not a wine person. I tot RM88 is abit too expensive, maybe shud stick to free flow of martell instead.

faster go check it out wiv ur bini. fine food n wine...waaa...

Big Boys Oven said...

Hmmm.... never mind lor, I will make green curry this saturday potluck. hehehehehehe.....

Anonymous said...

Lov d tom ya. Spicy!

MAyb dats y im havin sore throat 2day =_=''...........

Simon Seow said...

Sigh, my friend is throwing a BBQ party on that day. Can't make it.

Tummythoz said...

Marking this down for that clear soup tomyum. And the pandan chicken. RM88 too rich for a non-wine drinker - me.

Celestine said...

omg ur fotos are making me sooo hungry!

viet food's the bomb...

Cutie said...

Wow, the pandan chicken is cheap. Maybe this place is worth a try. hehe... me now hungry d...

Xiu Long Bao said...

aiks, i haven't decided on wat to cook yet :I

no wonder. no spicy food nxt time after workin out.

no fret. am sure u will have more fun @ ur fren's party :)

true enough. I'm not a wine person as well. Would rather go for the food :)

Am sure u can get decent viet food in s'pore. Enjoy!

interesting enough, only the pandan chicken is cheap though. other than that is above average :)

Kok said...

xiu long bao,
The pandan chicken looks so exotic! Belanja lah me next time. ;)

boo_licious said...

I've been observing this place, saw their opening and etc. Yet to venture in though so thxs for the review . Now I know what to expect and order.

Anonymous said...

Looks pretty good. Btw, clear tomyam do tastes spicier than reddish one :)

MeiyeN said...

i think rm 88 for da wine and food sampling is kinda expensive considering that da items that they plan to serve sounds pretty normal though...and worst of all, i can't take beef.. maybe will drop by to try their ala-carte.. :D

Xiu Long Bao said...

no prob, pandan chicken only ah! haha...

yeap, saw their opening quite some time ago n they offered 20% discount but I missed it.

Somehow I prefer the reddish one cus the clear tomyam tasted too peppery to me.

I so not a wine n beef person. Agree that Rm88 is abit expensive. Do drop by for their viet food. Enjoy!