Tuesday, August 14, 2007

Birthday celebration @ Café Café

Following my last post on my 23rd birthday celebration, he brought me to this restaurant that I have longing to visit since months ago. Yup, it's Café Café and I have finally made my way here, the most talked about lovely romantic fine dining restaurant.

Step into Café Café and you are immediately transported to the classic parisian mode with exquisite, splendid chandeliers and crystal beads hanging around. The setting is dreamy and quixotic, thanks to the dim lighting and candlelights, definitely a great place for romantic getaway.

The pricing in the menu immediately caught my attention. They are above average, similar to that of fine dining in five star hotels but he kept assuring me that we only have this celebration once a year so just put the price tag behind and enjoy.

So he went for the 119 set (essentially means RM119) that came with a chef soup, an appetizer, a main course and a dessert. That sounds like whole lot of food but bear in mind that it is fine dining, the portion of the food came small and actually we can still go for hokkien noodles at the kopitiam next to Café Café. Aiks, dun spoil the romantic mood...carry on with my luvly parisian nite...

Complimentary bread with garlicky butter.

We had Truffle King Prawn as appetizer (ala carte:RM39) that came with three gigantic prawns. The outer layer seemed to be deep fried and glazed with sweetish honey-like sauce. The verdict? Fantastic! We luv this appetizer very much, one exotic and bud tantalising dish to start off your meal.

He chose to have duck confit from the selection of main course (ala carte: RM45++).

The birthday gal went for the Norwegian Salmon Fillet (RM42). The fish fillet was very nicely pan fried while retaining its juicy texture. A good try.

His meal is never complete without coffe. As usual for him, a glass of cafe mocha (RM13).

You just can't leave Café Café without having their dessert. The dainty tiramisu came highly recommended (RM20). For me, the strong French brandy taste was unbearable as I nearly choked on it. Maybe I'm just not used to liquor.

And the most anticipating birthday hot chocolate cake (RM28).

I luv the molten centre so much, the warm chocolate sauce just kept oozing out and melted my heart. One piece of heavenly good dessert on earth that I have ever tried, with my fave haagen dazs vanilla ice cream. No worries with the fattening thingy, the slimming belt will do its job.

I had a really wonderful birthday celebration at Café Café. The ambiance is simply breathtaking and the dessert was mamma mia. I'm craving for more now... my warm choc cake...

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Click here for the location map.

LOCATION: 175, Jalan Maharajalela, KL.
TEL: 03-21458141


Big Boys Oven said...

Cool........! Must be fantastic, good food and good company.

MeiyeN said...

oooo....glad to hear that you had a good birthday dinner @ cafe cafe! :D would love to come here again... waiting for da right occasion lol

Lyrical Lemongrass said...

What a romantic dinner! Your CSB knows how to pamper you, hor? :-) Love the ambience.

Anonymous said...

Such sweet birthday dinner you had there. Did you give him a big hug? :)

Kok said...

xiu long bao,
I think the price is not that expensive considering such nice food they served.

Wow! The tiramisu is almost like the one I had before. Looks yummy!:)

Eh eh, see? Char Siu Bao really good lah. Bring you to such a nice place for dinner. Now, you wanna praise him? hahaha!

wmw said...

Wah, this and a slimming belt??? You two yuppies! Hahaha.....Glad to know that you had a lovely celebration.

boo_licious said...

Awww, so sweet of char siu bao. The food looks very good and this place is definitely great for a special occasion like this.

"Joe" who is constantly craving said...

no foie gras?? kekeke.. i remember theres a 159 set..with wagyu beef..always will remember tat small tiny piece..

aiyah..CSB really puts me into immense pressure to spoil my gf..hahaha

~Christine~Leng said...

Such a romantic environment.. great lighting, great company and great price! haha... will have to save more and wait till the once a year celebration only can enjoy this fine dining. But looks like they serve nice food :) so it's worth it :)

Coketai said...

Happy belated birthday! Frankly speaking now day you don't find girl that are not afraid of telling her age in public, not to mention in a blog...... you have my salute!

Well done for your BF!!!


Anonymous said...

Its 8:33pm.
I m in Seberang Jaya.
Haven't eat dinner.

Feel like eatin som "Honey Truffle King Prawns"! wakekeke...

Anyway, glad u like it!
Ok go look 4 somthin 2 makan now...

Xiu Long Bao said...

Yes it was. Dinner @ Cafe Cafe was great. U shud giv it a try to. Esp the dessert.

Haha...guess we can only afford to go cafe cafe during special celebration. I might revisit...just for the warm choc cake...whaaa...

president LL:
He better be! :p I luv cafe cafe too...albeit abit dark, can't see my food also...haha

waa..come to think of it, did i giv him a TQ hug leh? :p My focus was on the food @ Cafe Cafe and slimming belt @ home.

waa...like dis oso not expensive? Luckily the food was delish but the portion was too small to feed us. Oklar, dis time round can praise him abit...if not sure spoilt...haha...now duno who is the spoilt one.

aiyar, only one 23 in a lifetime mar, of cus must pamper me a lil' bit.

Cafe cafe is such a popular place among floggers for special occassions & bday celebrations...that's when we can really splurge on fine dining.

Dun wan lar, read from meiyen's post dat foie gras supplier does really cruel things to geese to expand their the size of their liver. Time to pamper ur nicole lar :)

yalor, most importantly, great pricing! can only afford to go during special occassions :O

LY Tai:
haha...wait till im older, i dun think i'll have the gut to announce to the world my true age!
Yup, he passed the bday surprise test dis year.haha...

makan more nasi dagang n bring me bck photos!

sc said...

happy belated BD dear! i love cafe cafe for it's unique decor..oh yah, the choc cake is fantabulous.. u shud try the creme brulee too (they serve wth 2 other stuff, i cant recall the name though..)

Anonymous said...

Happy belated bday!
lolz a bit out here...rush assignment like mad.

wah heavily liquored tiramisu!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
I have yet to try tiramisu with strong liquor taste and smell!! aiyoh....

lomantiknye ur bday...hahaha
I ady 21 but still look bebudak...kekeke

Big Boys Oven said...

xiu long bao:
We were there a few times before being an active flogger. I like their food, crestive, gorgeous and something outstanding for a malaysian standard. But got to say the owners are really s**ks and had a bad experience recently at their sister cafe, Banquet, bangsar new village, with impression that they don't really like floggers. They are so snobbish!!!

Anonymous said...

Faster ask CSB to celebrate your Chinese birthday as well! ;) Kakakaka....

backStreetGluttons said...

you have really been well dined for this one. Since it was more of fine slurping pleasures on one part we will look forward to your exposes ( little bit also can lah ) on the drooling romantic part which you have intentionally ( for good reason suppose) not hinted...at all hehehe ( that type of dangerous laugh)

Xiu Long Bao said...

TQ!I know! I was more attracted to the dessert menu, i think the other 2 are crepe and choc tart...but the molten choc cake was gud enoh...so sinful!

no worries, all the best in ur studies. If u like drunken tiramisu, u shud try italiannies' one. Very nice coffee liquor taste, and the portion is big enoh to feed 3 ppl at RM15.90 only!

Oh, we snapped alot of pix @ banquet but were not banned for doin dat though they did give us some strange looks. The lighting of the place is perfect for snapping food pix. Wat they did to you? so bad har?

Sure will...hahaha...but lose the effect oledi lar.

the team:
ahem, wat exposures r u expecting from me???

Kok said...

xiu long bao,
Fine dining with such a price. Expensive meh? hehe. True enough, I don't think the portion is big enough for you and csb. haha! Hmmm...I also don't know who's spoilt now. ;)

Precious Pea said...

Awww....so sweet and memorable. Seems like a lot of birthday celebration were held there...hmmm....my birthday coming soon too..must inform Hubby of the place now. Hahaha.

Xiu Long Bao said...

yalor, if portion big big then not classy n fine already mar. but my mum dropped her jaw when i told her bout the grand total...haha

precious pea:
U sure u dunwan to go max for bday??? remember to order the molten choc cake ! a must for bday :)

Unknown said...

whoa..what a romantic bday dinner..csb put most guys in shame dy LOL

Jackson said...

u looks so preety that night huh!! But im trying to imagine yrself with the slimming belt on!! haha

Xiu Long Bao said...

haha...now csb got all the compliments. Btw, ur bday is coming up rite? Guess wat kampungboy will do for u.. :)

ahem...i'll sure turn ugly if not bcus of the slimming belt. Can save my gym visits as well :p

Selva said...

I even extend my holidays to stay in my favorite Alpine Peaks restaurant i surly take my child during my next visit