Friday, July 06, 2007

Pho Hoa @ The Curve.

Another usual Sunday, esp after dapat gaji , we get to try out something new and exotic. Emm... i mean food, what is in your mind la?

We chose to have dinner at the Curve last week cus I need to get something from IKEA for my lil' bro who will be flying off to the Kangaroo Land in few days time. Guess what I bought for him?

Haha...Two pillows rolled up like big sausages, priced at RM6 only, sooo cheap!

Actually we have been strolling in the mall for almost an hour and still couldn't make up our mind on where to settle for dinner. Not to mention that we have actually spent quite some time queueing up for seats at Sakae Sushi, but gave up at last. Stomach already growling mar.

Are you the kind of person that would get grumpy when you are starving? This fella is.

So we settled @ Pho Hoa which claims to be the place for Health Conscious People.

I was really skeptical at first. Healthy food??? Yeee, I'm born to take spicy and flavourful Malaysian food.

But not till our food was served.

I never failed to order dry nudles at Viet restaurants. I esp luv their sweet and tangy plum sauce to go with my bowl of nudles, grilled lemongrass chicken chunks, crunchy deep fried spring roll and loads of vege.

My Viet Dry Nudles (RM11.90)

Char Siew Bao had a big bowl of tomyam seafood nudles (RM13.90)...huh? tomyam in Viet restaurant???But it was really yummy, the right level of spiciness with heaps of seafood and smooth nudle strands. Definitely worth ordering.

The Viet spring roll was rather disappointing cus it tasted too healthy for me. It came with vermicelle and salad leaves and carrots, great for vegan. The dipping sauce is made of peanuts.

Nah...finally the not so healthy--three coloured drink (RM5++). Came with coconut milk, nata de coco, jelly strips and thick red bean soup.

I felt soooo healthy after having my meal here. You can also make your own viet nudles by choosing your fave type of ingredients from the menu. I would recommend this place for dieters.

Other review: by Meiyen


Anonymous said...

Enjoyed the food here!
Smooth noodles...
Nice flavas...
Not bad...

But one thing i find it odd is the owner puts up a sign near the cashier declaring that the restaurant is voted as the "top 400 restaurantes in U.S"....

mmmm one wonders, does this mean Pho Hoa is ranked 399 or 400? Y d heck put up dat sign anyway? nothing 2 brag or declare bout anyways..... =_=''

Precious Pea said... miss the Vietnamese Pho in Kangaroo Land.

MeiyeN said...

this place not bad but i didn't quite like da noodles and precious pea is right, da best vietnamese pho is in oz!!!!!

Anonymous said...

Hehe.. can't imagine CSB being grumpy leh. He looked pretty innocent to me :D

Tummythoz said...

Your 'lil bro not bringing own pillows with 'personal maps' to dream on? No usual smells in foreign land, can sleep-meh? =P

"Joe" who is constantly craving said...

hahaha eh go viet must try the beef noodles mah..wat is was pretty good when i tried it way b4 i started blogging..quite hidden..

Anonymous said...

I miss the Aussie Viet's Pho as well. More authentic than those you can find here.

Kok said...

xiu long bao,
I'm back from holidays! Sorry for not informing everyone about my sudden disappear in the blogosphere. I was quite busy before I left for my holidays.

Where's you brother heading to?

wmw said...

Aiyah, I miss Vietnamese food in San Francisco ...sob! sob!

Anonymous said...

eh drop comment at wrong place ady
>.< sorry ya...too tired. went out for 14 hours....

Xiu Long Bao said...

Ppl proud of that mar.

precious pea:
hehe...the one where ur bro -in-law works as chef one ah? lucky u get to sample gret viet food, summore in kangaroo land.

really???? y i nvr had good pho in Oz one leh...

yaya...innocent when well fed.

this two rolled up nicely n can fit into his nearing-explode-luggage. but u r rite, i couldnt really sleep well back in Oz cus i bought this IKEA sausage pillow there too...hmmhmmm...mystery resolved cus i sleep like a pig in msia.

told u i pantang beef oledi didnt i? got heart or not leh...

didnt get it...I nvr had good pho in OZ leh!

welcome bck!!! Must be having a great hols? My bro is going to brisbane. Hot like hell place.

huh? y guai low cooks better viet pho one ah?

no worries. Sleep more lar!

Kok said...

xiu long bao,
yaya! Having a great holidays. Had lots of food too! haha! Brisbane? Aiyo, not bad ma. At least, can go Gold Coast anytime. :P

wmw said...

Lots of Vietnamese in SFO also ah...

Xiu Long Bao said...

hmm...actually i prefer sunshine coast over gold coast. Not so commercialised.

really? i had bad experience having viet food in Oz cus they chucked in lots of MSG...yucks

Anonymous said...


First time dropping comments in here. Nice meeting you the other day at New Formosa.

I love to come to this place if I want a quiet lunch. Usually take the beef pho in soup (beef brisket) aiya.... u dun heart beef arr?? errr Dunno wat else to rekomen to eat ady. I go there for that oni..hehe!

Ohhhhh for drinks, try their avocado ice blended coffee. Shud always get Dennis to take your order.