Tuesday, June 19, 2007

Cheapo Ramen @ Hachiban, 1 Utama.

Aiks, it is only mid of June and I'm already dead broke! duh...talk about over spending ;p
Imagine how delighted I was when I discovered this Japanese restaurant which offers budget delicious japanese nudles. Tucked away in a quiet corner, Hachiban is located diagonally opposite Kluang Station.
We were first attracted by the colourful menu which depicts a wide array of nudles, set meals and snacks, all within the price range of RM3 to RM13. So cheap!
Now that you know how broke we are, we only ordered a value set meal and one side dish to share...haha
We had the Karamen set (RM11.50) which came with a plate of minced meat ramen, a plate of gyoza (5 pieces!!!) and a glass of ice lemon tea.
They claimed that all nudles served are hand made. Char siew bao commented that the nudle strands taste like instant nudles but they are springy, great to go with minced meat and crunchy bean sprouts (Actually I'm not aware that Japanese like taugeh too?)
The gyozas were nicely pan fried. Tasted like how it should taste like. Great value for money!
We had another side dish of agedashi tofu (RM3.80).
Overall, though the food are not superb but not bad too considering the pricing. Will definitely revisit very soon, how can you resist cheap Japanese Food?
LOCATION: Lower Ground 333A, 1 Utama.


Precious Pea said...

What can you get there for RM3? Last time i ordered ramen in Desa Sri Hartamas, turned out 2/3 of taugeh inside. Of course la..taugeh cheaper. Hehehe..next time must be smart, tell them no taugeh.

MeiyeN said...

i tried this place 4 years ago.... too bad, don't really remember how da ramen tasted anymore... maybe it's time for me to visit again :D

"Joe" who is constantly craving said...

yeah the noodles look very "instant".. and ur tofu..err i think mine looks better kua..wahaha..but im also very broke d..finished all my earnings d sommore got Max! dis wkend

Anonymous said...

Ohhh...cheap...but calculating ur orders...still a lot for a lunch...How much do KLites spend for lunch and dinner?

tankiasu said...

Kakaka..if you are really broke, you won't be eating something above RM10. You'll be eating at mamak or economic mee stall. :P

~Christine~Leng said...

wow.. definitely cheap for a Japanese restaurant. the tofu... does it taste good?

backStreetGluttons said...

sure ah then V will soon come by and bring you backStreet. Will not make you broke ( or broken ) dun worry !

Tummythoz said...

When I'm broke, it's roti kosong at mamak's. In comparison, u still got plenty-lar. Enjoy your Max outing!

Poonky said...

wahhh shot searching kakis! go makan there...tempting price! cheap! seems tasty too

Kok said...

Xiu Long Bao,
So cheapo meh? However, if the ramen really tasted like instant noodles, you give me RM5 then I cook Nissin Noodle for you la. Want? Got egg, got meat got vege. :P

Anonymous said...

I'm also dead broke! That's why I just had bread for lunch T_T

Anonymous said...

Woo...living in KL aint easy : P lolz...Nissin noodle cost RM4.80 in Old Town. 1 bowl can last u to the end of the day...wakakaka, not bad eh?

Xiu Long Bao said...

precious pea:
Can get french fries n bottomless green tea! Taugeh very nice n crunchy mar.

wow, 4 yrs ago? hehe...taste like instant nudles lo.

kakaka...I know i'll not be able to join the Max gathering.
Sure 'kontang' by dat time.

Hmm...consider cheap in KL area esp shopping complex. Normally eating out cost around RM20 to RM30 per person per meal. But can also eat @ mamak, less than RM10 cus roti canai veli cheap mar.Of cus not easy to live in KL. Gota admit dat eating out is so darnnnnn expensive!!Somemore got those nonsense service charge n GST.

I dun like mamak mar. So many 'ma lat lou'.

U like tofu? Considering the pricing...RM3++ u can't expect too much rite? haha...but still edible i wld say.

I tot u will buy me dinner? backstreet oso no prob...hehe

i practice dat during lunch time only when csb is not around. If not he will complain 'roti where got nutrition, not enoh la, no gud for health'.

Definitely cheap considering the location. The portion ok, food edible. Good place for dead broke ppl dat dunwan to end up eating chap fan.

U really wan to cook for me?? Then i dunwan instant nudles. I wan ur specialties...hehe...Aiya, we all fren fren dun need to pay lar.

Nvrmind, pay day is nearing...stick to ur roti first. This saturday we can pig out @ Nigel's place ;p

Anonymous said...

XLB: LOL... see you on Saturday!

wmw said...

Yalar, broke still eat ramen. Not that broke la you! Ha ha ha....

Xiu Long Bao said...

jason: ok! =)

Yorr...dun lar, ppl wan to eat japanese food mar.

weiwei said...

hihi, drop by here..
nice to meet you
this restaurant open already?
seems like very delicious...must try out^^

weiwei said...

what is taugeh?

Xiu Long Bao said...

hi wei wei, thx for dropping by =)
this restaurant has been operating since 4 yrs ago i was told. Do give it a try! hehe...taugeh = beansprouts, i think it is a malay word rite (?) ;p

~Christine~Leng said...

yeap... love tofu lots!! o.. btw. asked my bf and he recognized you immediately.. said he has ur bf's friendster account as well but not yours... Heheh :P

Poonky said...

taugeh not hokkian meh? er or taukeh haha

im dead broke recently..but dun wanna eat chap fan..looking at the price list picture u uploaded*

weiwei said...

o...taugeh is kind of bean..
i will try

Anonymous said...

lolz...tau keh is boss, tau geh (pronounced as dao geh) is bean sprouts : ) both is hokkien.

Wah...Rm20...per meal summore :P Mamak also need RM10...susah..veli the susah...I shall try not stay in KL then...lolz!!

*press press calculator* o_O RM600 goes to food *pengsan*

haha paiseh, I am a typical Penangnite..hehe..Always have calculator on the move :P but most of the time gluttony will win over my brain. haha =_="

Jackson said...

Broke and still can dine in restaurant in One Utama!! If im you , i will only skip my dinner!!

sc said...

agreed wth the rest.. not so broke wat.. can still eat ramen, and in One U somemore (have to pay parking).. not that bad la ;p

Unknown said...

whoa..its really a great deal..but that place is forever empty..so we never tried it..hehe,,we r broke too..now i know that its always better to be a student

Xiu Long Bao said...

haha...he remember my bf as well ah.

Dats y lor, chap fan and mamak where got nice. Go eat cheapo ramen, pricing go as low as RM5++ for a bowl of nudles, not bad ah.

haha..u can get taugeh from those ipoh chicken rice stall as well. Very nice n crunchy.

I was thinking whether it is hokkien or malay. keke...Aiya, u still can survive in KL lar, if u eat chap fan and mamak, or stay at home more.

How can u skip ur meal lar, i can't sleep without having dinner leh. Haiz, at least u got a mum who is a good cook, lucky u!

Yor, ppl wan to eat japanese food lar. Ok, now makan roti only.

This place is quite empty. Was surprised to find out that it has been surviving for more than 4 yrs. The bad thing bout working is that u will no longer get financial support from others...duh...n they expect u to contribute somemore as if u r earning Rm20k @_@

Anonymous said...

lolz...I eat at my campus canteen the most also RM5 perday :P Provided you only have rice with vege and 1 egg (RM1.60) and teh ais...(total)RM2.40...hohoho

Being a student and eating in school still d best. Can minimise meal expenditure to the minimum...No one will say anything. It will be a whole different story for a working adult...lolz izit? correct me if i am wrong.

No one will glare at me when I flash the mcD card to get free fries when I order the RM3 burger! Complete meal in McD cost RM5.15 lolz...

u say pokai ady but still go One utama eat...chey...

Xiu Long Bao said...

jian: wat lar, pokai oledi but dunwan to end up eating chap fan mar. hmp, i still insist that my meal is cheap ;p

Kok said...

xiu long bao,
I can cook for you lah but then hor, not nice don't blame me. haha! Eh, I don't have specialty one lah. You think I really Wok with Kok ah? :P
Sure no charge lah. Friend where got say $ one right?;)

Xiu Long Bao said...

wat? U duno your 'Wok With Kok' show is very popular now??? You hav fansi here liao.

Kok said...

xiu long bao,
You kidding me? Who's my fansi? haha!