Monday, July 02, 2007

Cheap! Cheap! Cheap! I luv Omitsu Koshi

I was checking my previous posts few days ago and I was like...*What? It has been a month since the last time I had Japanese Food!* Okay, being the privileged member of Lyrical Lemongrass' Japanese Food Kawan Association, it is such a big embarrasment to make that statement.
So off we went, to utilise my 2 hours lunch time at Omitsu Koshi, reviewed by KY earlier on.

So leng chai.

Feel free to 'scrutinise' the pricing. Cheap! Cheap! Cheap!

Waiting for food. I'm so hungry.

Finally, two cups of steaming hot chawan mushi, free! The texture was very smooth, on par with those you can get from hi class japanese restaurants.

Oh my sashimi, I miss you so much! are still fresh and yummy as ever...

My SashimiZen set, priced at RM19 only with 9 pieces of fresh salmon & tuna + rice + miso soup + fruits + a small bowl of vege. Cheap! Cheap! Cheap!

Char Siew Bao's Seafood Teppanyaki Set (RM23) came with salmon, prawn & scallop + extraordinary big portion of stir fried vege + rice + miso soup + fruits. Cheap! Cheap! Cheap!

A pot of Yu Tofu, unbelievably priced at RM6. Came with abundance of vege (again???), white tofu, Japanese fish cake and mushroom. Cheap! Cheap! Cheap!

Char Siew Bao was eyeing on the Soft Shell Crab in the menu. Priced at RM10 only for 2 crunchy crabs. Cheap! Cheap! Cheap! And yes, with loads of vege again.

Summary of free stuff:
Free bottomless green tea
Free chawan mushi
Free hot towel

Opposite Atria Shopping Centre, Jalan ss 22/23, Damansara Jaya, PJ. Next to Public Bank. See KY's map for clearer direction.
TEL: 03-77222779


Precious Pea said...

Sudah dapat gaji hor?

"Joe" who is constantly craving said...

wah really very da cheap..but that tuna colour..look abit da cheap too..haha when u bringing me?

Lyrical Lemongrass said...

LOL on Japanese Food Kawan Association. Oh, honorary member, you have done well in discovering such a cheap japanese restaurant! I shall check it out. :-)

Xiu Long Bao said...

precious pea:
ngek ngek..dapat gaji tapi kena kontrol juga, dats y makan di cheapo restaurant dan bukan di Max.

Dat is tuna n not toro okay. But still veli nice! I dun hav transport. So when r u bringing us there again?

lyrical lemongrass:
No prob my dear president! So when is our annual association dinner? Sashimi yum yum!

Anonymous said...

Memang cheap woh. Have tou try the other cheap Jap restaurant on Old Klang Road?

Poonky said...

cheap cheap cheap :P saw u post means just get gaji :P

wei wei try review sushi zakura. (i think thats the name) at klcc avanue-k next to kim gary

Anonymous said...

tengok also know lar got ppl just dapat gaji. nyek nyek nyek...

hayo...i get the idea...semua pun "cheap cheap cheap!" lolz....i at Starbucks lar...later ppl think i gila pula, suddenly ketawa.

but it is veli the cheap tho :S

Penang still kenot find good and cheap japanese restaurant. Veli the hard.

how many "association" are there? =.= dim sum club, now japananese food club....

Anonymous said...

Alamak! Gotto submit my Japanese review soon else my application will be revoked! Hahaha...

Tummythoz said...

Guess this restaurant gonna get a sudden influx of new customers, thanks to you happily chirping so loud & clear!

Xiu Long Bao said...

No oh, u cepat go review then the Japanese club can go eat.

Where is that klcc avenue K? got kim gary one meh?How to go there?

Yahor, japanese food not so popular in penang maybe but you get abundance of good hawker food :)
Haha...we all veli socio one mar, join more clubs, eat more n stay cool...yeah^^

yar yar, faster submit to avoid disappointment!

hmm hmm...the power of floggers!!!

Unknown said...

i also wan CHEAP CHEAP CHEAP food..kgboy n citygal are broke..hahaha..

Poonky said...

if u ride lrt putra to "suria KLCC", come out from the station just walk left, it connected with the lrt station and avenue K, ask around where is kim gary and u will know where is the sushi restaurant.

kim gary very long time go liow lo

wmw said... time no need to say so many times, CHEAP CHEAP CHEAP...they will probably raise the price when news of this CHEAP CHEAP CHEAP place gets out and when floggers and readers stomp the place! LOL...

boo_licious said...

LOL on the cheap cheap cheap all over the food review. Lots more sales so must eat cheap food or else no monies to shop!

aLExpikachU said...




Jackson said...

Hmmm.. i wont say that is cheap la.. As u poor blogger like me, i only say that was reasonable..... so broke until no money to eat Japanese food... :(

Anonymous said...

lolz...guess nothing's perfect....butt if Japanese food in abundance also tak boleh lar...pokai lor...

Damn....I still remember the days where I go Spore makan japanese food...haih.....

Hawker food eat until no feeling ady...lolz...but i still makan in abundance....kakakakaka~

Xiu Long Bao said...

huh? so fast broke again???

I was not aware dat kim gary has another outlet near KLCC. Okey, thx for the tips!

wmw: how???

Used up my June's fund for food oledi. For the grand sales...Wait till end of this month ;p then can utilise my july gaji...haha

Go go go! Go omitsu koshi ^_^

At least cheaper than ur fave Delicious mar. The portion is quite BIG too! Yummy!

Yalar, u wont appreciate the food if u hav it too frequently.

sc said...

haha.. i see you found this place. i used to come here nearly every week for dinner coz i was staying a few roads away..there's another cheap (if not cheaper) jap rest at bandar majarala that you should check out too ;)

Xiu Long Bao said...

wow...u r omitsu's loyal fansi then? bandar menjalara is @ kepong rite? that place sounds abit far to me...

♥ ♡ Alvin ♡ ♥ said...

wah really very cheap, i want to try it tomorrow ^^

Xiu Long Bao said...

alvin: hope u like it!

teckiee said...

ohh i love this place! I always like to order that fish thing.. the one filled with the eggs... those are really good there. ..and and that sashimi Rm19 only!

redpepper said...

hey there! stumbled upon your blog...and as a japanese food lover, i must thank you for your reccomendations!!! you know where i can get Japanese Mochi Ice cream? are they even sold in Malaysia?

Xiu Long Bao said...

red pepper:
Hiya! Oh dear, my reply is so overdue by now. Apology as I didnt check my previous posts :p
I dun think I have came across any Japanese Mochi ice cream in KL Jap Rest...hmm but I wld suggest that you drop by Isetan or Jap food store like Shojikiya @ Hartamas Shopping Center to look see look see...they offer an extensive range of Jap packaged food and most importantly...Jap ice cream!

d2e said...

just went there ^^ good place to eat. thanks :)