Tuesday, May 01, 2007

Victoria Station @ Medan Damansara.

The common scenario every weekend:


char siew bao: I'm hungry.

xiu long bao : Orrr...

char siew bao: Whereabout for dinner?

xiu long bao : You like lor. Watchiu wan2 eat?

char siew bao: Ermmm...I feel like having something spicy n' sour. Thai food?

xiu long bao : Dunwan la...so heaty.

char siew bao: Then indian food?

xiu long bao : yeee.....

char siew bao: Japanese food then...your all time favourite.

xiu long bao : Not this time...


char siew bao: See la...you sure turn down my suggestions one...whatchiu wanna eat then?

xiu long bao : You decide la...

char siew bao: @_@"

Luckily at that point of time we drove past Victoria Station and managed to reach consensus on trying out this self proclaimed 'house of fine steaks'.

(Note: Didn't go for the steaks however cus I 'pantang' beef.)

Complimentary bread n' butter.

I went for the Seafood Au Gratin (RM17.90)--a mix of tiny bits of seafood in creamy eggy cheesy sauce. Taste wise, I thought that it was too salty n' creamy but the presentation was interesting enough (for me to take pics from different angles).

Char Siew Bao's so-called 'Fisherman's Platter', priced at RM23.90. Obviously not worth the price cus the portion was small and the seafood were all deep fried :(

We ordered an extra serving of asparagus (RM7.90).

I had Creme Caramel for dessert. Can't complain too much cus it is only priced at RM3.90.

Day or night...weekdays or weekends...working or not working...char siew bao must have his daily dose of caffeine to keep him awake. This small glass of Vienna Coffee (RM7.90) came with a dollop of vanilla ice cream, nice n' creamy...tasted more like dessert to me.

The verdict: Char Siew Bao thought that the food was lousy, while I give Victoria the benefit of the doubt...maybe it serves superb steaks (?) Anywayz, at least the pricing are more reasonable than San Francisco Steakhouse.

Click here for map: http://www.victoriastation.com.my/images/map_mdnb.jpg

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Unknown said...

haha..we alwiz fight when it comes to where to eat..ended up eating at some mamak with black face..eh ur email plz? so that i can send u pic

Jackson said...

Well, im definitely not a fans of Victoria Station. The serving of food there is rather small for me. If u let me choose, i still prefer the SHip. Hey...i also face the same problem whenever i and my friend looking for food to eat.

Xiu Long Bao said...

citygal: waa...u two lagi ganas when coming to places to eat. Just dropped my email address in ur comment box. Thx for sending the pics!

jackson: Nvr tried The Ship before. My nxt to try since u rekomended it. So everyone has the same 'Where to eat arr?' problem hor ;p

Kok said...

xiu long bao,
Like you said, the seafood are all deep fried. Deep fried food are normally not fresh. That's why they have bread crumb to cover it up.

The presentation for your Seafood Au Gratin is nice. I like the seashell part. :)

Anonymous said...

It happens to me too especially lunch time. Erm... what to eat for lunch today?? :P

Anonymous said...

The "what to eat" dillema!
Always experience this during lunch time with colleagues...
Heh :P

Xiu Long Bao said...

kok: Agree! The texture of the seafood r dry too! So bad lar this restaurant. I like the big seashell too! I think it is man made one.

jason:Errr...western, indian, thai, italian, japanese, wantan mee or tai chow??? u decide lar!

CSB:i tot u always end up eating zap fan @ ur office cafeteria?

Anonymous said...

xiu long bao: Wah, eat japanese and italian for lunch?? Cannot larr! Whene we call for McD delivery hor, my boss will nag de

Kok said...

xiu long bao,
Texture of the seafood are dry? Hmm..probably frozen seafood gua. :P
Hah? Man made one ah? You should finish the food and try to listen to the seashells. If it's genuine, you'll probably heard the sound of the waves. haha!

Precious Pea said...

I tried both the fisherman's platter and seafood au gratin before, don't quite like it. Steak used to be good but not anymore. But i simply love their escargot! Do try Jack's Place...great food at reasonable price.

backStreetGluttons said...

nex time like this again then easy head to the backStreets sure no problem.

If still kanot u know who to call !

Xiu Long Bao said...

jason:Nag wut? U all using company fund to buy lunches???

kok: haha...funny la u...the waiters would probably think dat i'm insane if i did this to the seashell ;p

precious pea: Hah? I tot this place serves gud food one leh... Yeah, i wanted to try the escargots but i still dare not put a snail in my mouth...

teambsg: Yah...if i go bckstreet, i sure order alot of food from different stalls, then other patrons will giv me dat really strange look 0_o 'Wah...dis gal so wai sek one ah'...

Anonymous said...

Char Siu Bao ... I feel for you. Women can be difficult to satisfy ... haha.. ok ok .. someone will come after me for that statement.

Xiu Long Bao ... nice to have finally met you and your other 'bao'. Btw .. nice review you did on Victoria ... afraid they don't serve good food as they used to.....

Anonymous said...

We used to visit Victoria Station Taipan (Subang Jaya) once.

we ordered a lobster, tiger prawns and escargots.

ask cookies creams ;)

we also love to fight when come to deciding where to eat

Kok said...

xiu long bao,
haha! You're their customers mah. You can do whatever you want. haha!

"Joe" who is constantly craving said...

hahahaha...i like ur conversation! exactly like mine..mine would have an additional black face if i chose the wrong place!..that being said..i m meant to think like a worm inside her stomach wor..

Xiu Long Bao said...

*Ahem* wat r u trying to say ah???
Haiz...we thought that Victoria serves good food, not knowing dat the standard has dropped as commented by most of u.

dwayne foong:
hi there :) I believe that is the common scenario for all couples...haha
hey...u two had a good meal there huh...lobster, tiger prawn n' escargot! *drool*

Theoretically correct but they oledi gave me dat stupid look when i took pics of the food. hehe...actually i was discussing wiv char siew bao whether i should keep dat nice lil' sea shell ;p

hmmhmmm...dat is the price of having a gal fren mah! Then u should only suggest places/ food dat she like lar.

Anonymous said...

MMM come 2 think of it...
I usually dun hav any qualms on what or where to eat cuz i eat anything, anywhere, anytime... errr provided that price is reasonable, of coz!

Anonymous said...

xiu long bao: Of course not la... he say that it's all frozen food lo, not good for health. But i realise that he makan meat most of the time.

Xiu Long Bao said...

jason, ;D haha...he eats 'fresh' meat mar.