Monday, April 09, 2007

A Hidden Gem in Malacca

You will never know what you have missed until you tried Teo Soon Loong's cooking.

Dun believe? See the following comments:

boo_licious: The teochew restaurant is also a must - such good food but you must book ahead.

Char Siew Bao: This Restaurant is ez to overlook cuz of its appearance... like a simple kopitiam with the cooking done in the front and only about 6 tables inside. But apparently some famous big names have dine there and their pictures are on the wall....

But do note that there are certain rules to observe when dining here:

Rule No.1: Reservation is a MUST!
Here is the contact number 06-2822353
That nite, a number of ppls who didn't make reservations earlier were denied entry. There are only 6 tables in the restaurant anyway so remember to book ahead!

Rule No.2: You have no power to decide on the style of cooking.
Basically, what you have to do is to order the fresh seafood from the counter and the cook will decide on the best style of cooking for you!

Rule No.3: Food Wastage is a big No No.
The taukeh is very particular with this but I dun think there will be any leftovers as the food were too delicious to be true. You will defnitely lick the plates clean happily.

Enough of the rules, back to food.

I ordered bittergourd, big prawns and oysters from the counter and these are the scrumptious dishes that the cook whip up for us...

Oyster nudles (RM10) which is heavenly good! All the VVIPs and politicians went all the way to Malacca just for a bowl of this yummy nudles with fresh succulent oysters.

And not to forget, the home-made killer sambal belacan to go with your nudles--insisted by the taukeh.

Next up is this stewed pork ribs wrapped in bittergourd (RM14). I luv the combination and the sauce! It was soooo good that we ordered another bowl of white rice to 'lou' the 'chap'.

The BIG prawns were steamed with ginger wine (RM15). Simple and very nicely done.

Every patron will be given a bowl of Oh-Ni (mashed yam with pumpkin and gingko nuts) as dessert, priced at RM7 which I think is rather expensive but worth the price! The mashed yam was really smooth, the best Oh-Ni I have tasted so far.

After licking all the plates clean, we dapao-ed some teochew braised duck, another signature dish from this restaurant. OMG! I regretted once I sank my teeth into the tender meat...I should have dapao-ed one WHOLE duck!

Here is the location:
This restaurant is located at Jonker Street, near Cheng Hoon temple.

No.55, Second Cross Street, Malacca.


Kok said...

xiu long bao,
So many rules to follow before you can really taste the best food? Hmmm...This is really special to me. I only know customer is "bigger" than the boss and not the other way round. haha!

The food looks great. And the price is reasonable. You made me crave for braised duck now. haha! One thing I'm quite confused. You mentioned that "Every patron will be given a bowl of Oh-Ni (mashed yam with pumpkin and gingko nuts) as dessert, priced at RM7...". Is it a MUST to have it although you don't feel like it? And how come you still need to be charged although it is "given"? *Scratching my head*

Xiu Long Bao said...

kok: exactly! maybe it is the teochew ppl's ritual to hav Oh Ni as dessert? I was scratching head at first when they serve me that Oh Ni, kinda forcing ppl to eat. But anyway, no regrets after taken one bite...really good stuff!

Good restaurant always hav higher bargaining power than customers n u wont mind following the rules just for the sake of really good food!

tankiasu said...

Shucks, yet another restaurant on my "Must Try" list. So far somemore! :P Kekekeke....but judging from your review, sounds mega worth the trip eh? ;-)

Xiu Long Bao said...

Yessss...must try! only if u happen to travel to malacca lar :) Dun forget to make reservation n bring more frens to savour more dishes! Actually...the trip was really tiring :P

MeiyeN said...

shame on me that don't know there's such a hidden gem in malacca though i often travels to malacca.. thanks for da review! gonna visit this place da next time i go over there... :D

Xiu Long Bao said...

no prob meiyen!hope u will enjoy the food n again...dun forget to book ahead :)

Tummythoz said...

Just did an impromptu trip to M'ca last Sat. Took bites around Jonker St but dint notice this. =(

Kok said...

xiu long bao,
Serious meh? They really "forced" you with the Oh Ni? Wah! This is the first time I heard the taukeh so keng. Even forced the customer with the food they didn't order. hahaha! Should I become a cook next time? Then I'll earn heaps with this technique!

wmw said...

Ha ha fierce one ah? Not sure the food is good enough to lure me there under such circumstances. But seems like lots of other people don't mind.

Anonymous said...

Wah, that's rather astonishing - such "ba pai" boss :p

sc said...

how interesting, especially the part where the cook decides for you on the method of cooking..wah, ini kena try ni!

Xiu Long Bao said...

Hi all,

i think i focused too much on the 'ganas' part of this restaurant.Actually the one taking order is a friendly old man. But be aware of the cook lah...char siew bao did ask the cook wat is the opening time n the cook replied:'It is not the question of wat time we r opened but whether you have booked ahead @_@" (sweating in fear)

tummythoz: u were in malacca too last saturday??? no worries, now dat u noe rite!

kok:haha...not really forcing me to eat la...funny way of serving ppl actually. Wana be a cook? Wat r ur specialties???

wmw: not dat ganas actually, the old man is attentive and frenly so dun be scared off by some of the rules oh!

jason: hehe...first time dining in such ba pai restaurant... u won't mind if the food is really good rite?

sc: exactly! when i asked the old man how is he going to cook the prawns, he told me not to worry, sure delicious one :D

Kok said...

xiu long bao,
My specialty is no specialty. hahaha! Cincai cook and then comes out with a wonderful dish. How bout that?:)

cookies_cream said...

Met with a few "ba pai" cooks too in KL. Haha, will find out how to go to this restaurant. Thanks xiu long bao for this precious info~! :)

boo_licious said...

xiu long bao, one of the spore food bloggers tried this place last weekend too after I told him it's a must when you visit Malacca. He spent RM500 here and said every ringgit was worth it. Wait for his blog entry on that. It's Dancing Blue Seal on my blog roll.

Xiu Long Bao said...

kok: hmmhmm...i believe dat works in aussie! I recalled dat eating in those chinese restaurants makes me feeling like puking :8 I hav no idea at all how could they managed to come up with such bad tasting dishes. But i'm sure dat ur cooking is much better than them :)

cookies_cream: So far havent meet any ba pai cook in KL...hehe. This teochew restaurant is such a gem...Must go! Must go!

boo_licious: OMG...RM500???Did he bring 20 ppls there?

Anonymous said...

for yr info.....every melaka folks know this restaurant is a ripped-off restaurant.....the owner even told a customer once 'this place is to eat 'song/shiok' not pao/full'....wahlau eh

Xiu Long Bao said...

anonymous: really??? but i tot the price was really reasonable...may be for Kay El ppl cus if we were to order the same food in KL, dat would easily cost us up to RM100.

Tummythoz said...

Yup. Took lunch in Lukut then with nowhere else to go, decided to meet a friend in M'ca. Tea-d at Jonkers' dined at Umbai. Hope to put up post soon.

Anonymous said...

ya i think u guys got a bad impression of cook being ganas... but honestly they're good lah...
The tauke (if i m correct) is the boss and ex-chef (restaurant is really really old and still goin strong!) whilst the three sons do the cooking, etc.

My personal fav and a must hav, so far is the oyster noodles leh... Ho chiak!!!! Oyster is quite fresh, soft and slightly sweet! Noodles are cook purrfectly... usually this kinda noodles u expect it 2 b tad salty but this 1 was excellent!

Kudos to the rest of the dishes, too!

Xiu Long Bao said...

tummythoz: u went to lukut too! I was there on sat nite :P

CSB: how come u noe the taukeh is the ex chef ah?

Anonymous said...

xiu long bao: Yeah, if the dishes good, they deserved to be "ba pai" :P

Xiu Long Bao said...

jason, exactly!

Tummythoz said...

xiu long bao, friend claimed there's good bkt in Lukut. So we went for lunch. Sadly, the shack/stall seemd to have been vacated. No idea whether they've moved or 'wong-fei-hong-sau-tong'.

Anonymous said...

Not to be miss is the suckling pig. But it can be quite expensive though. The boss even manufactures his own yam dessert with his face on it. The noodle is a must, with a touch of vinegar. For a touch of zen, try a decent bottle of red wine there. Ok price la. Remember to book though

Anonymous said...

Caution from another website :

09 October, 2006 16:36, Anonymous said...

I think it's a good read, but I have to caution readers about visits to Teo Soon Loong Chan.

We had very unpleasant experience there, from being forced to accept and pay for items we didn't order, to eating crabs which were kept for too long.

Even the staff were guilt stricken, and do not dare to look at us.

We suspect that because they were closed the next day, and left with so much seafood due to bad business, the over friendly boss thought he could pull a fast one.

We were the only table the whole night, and the locals we talked to do not have good things to say about their neighbour's business ethics.