Thursday, November 02, 2006

Bien Sur @ Damansara Heights

This time around i have something awfully fine for everyone!
Some fine dining cuisine which is pretty fine at a even more fine price, perfect for fine day...
Its "BIEN SUR" located at Damasara Heights!

The restaurant used to be a bungalow but was renovated to become a place to dine n wine.
For those interested, the restaurant is located beside HELP institute, off Jalan Dungun.

Environment wise, with indoor & outdoor seatings to choose from. The food is good but isn't the best compared to the competitions close by (FYI, there is a another fine dining restaurant named Courtyard Garden nearby. Quite a popular place, usually pack in d evenings. The food is really good but price wise....) But anywayz, what attracts me to BIEN SUR is actually the price which is quite cheap if you ask me :p

They have set lunch (1 starter + 1 main or 1 main + 1 dessert) @ RM25, and also set dinner (1 starter + 1 main + 1 dessert) @ RM35! Even the ala-carte dishes ain't too pricey! :D
I had the set lunch and i chose 1 main course, finished off with 1 dessert.

For the main course, this is what i had:

Chicken breast in roquefort sauce, sauteed mushrooms, potato n olive oil

This dish is quite nice, i like the chicken dipped in roquefort sauce! Yummy.... and if you're wondering where the potato is.... it is actually that slab that looks like rice! Its mashed potato. The serving would be adequate for girls.... but i don't think it will satisfy the appetite of carnivorous guys!

For the set lunch, only two main courses were available. One which was just mentioned above and the other is Steak with something something something ... ( i 4got d name)

Steak with something something (veges & fries i guess!)

This was what my friend ordered, and according to her it was quite good... You can choose to have your Steak serve medium light (50%), medium dark (75%) or Well Done (obviously 100%). If you want you can ask them to serve you charcoal (200%). Juz kidding....^_^

Anywayz i think it must be good cuz the picture looks so darn GUD! Unfortunately i "pantang" beef....

As for dessert, i had the Crème brûlée .

Crème brûlée

Don't let the name fool you! It is actually not cream! This dessert was actually tad sweet for me! It is something like egg pudding... i'm not sure how to describe it... It consists of a rich custard base topped with a crispy layer and half a strawberry...... SIGH, i was hoping that the restaurant would have the decency of serving a FULL ROUND RIPE STRAWBERRY instead of half. Well, you pay what you get.....Anywayz this dessert you have to try it yourself to find out!

Thats all for now! I would recommend this as the food is good (3.5 out of 5) and the price is CHEAP!


wmw said...

Didn't know of this place. Thanks for the tip!

Xiu Long Bao said...

no giv this place a try if u r craving for french food ^_^

Anonymous said...

just wondering whether you know, is there any Taco Bell in KL?

Xiu Long Bao said...

Oh dear, i nvr look bck at my old posts! Sorry for the late reply anon, do drop me an email if you need any info on KL eateries :)

And regarding your queries,there are no Taco Bell branches in KL. Too bad huh?