Wednesday, December 31, 2008

Life at 24 ...

is happy yet miserable.

I woke up this morning with a dreadful mindset – it’s the last day of the year, can you believe that? I thought the year just started not too long ago.

I told myself weeks ago that I must come out with a post before the year ends and today is the deadline, finally. What to do? I’ve been a lazy bump (in blogging la) ever since I moved down south.

Life at 24 is like a roller coaster, dramatic and full of excitement.

I moved down south.

I changed 2 jobs down south.

I moved from the north to the east and back to the north of Singapore in 6 months.

I had heaps of good Japanese food down south.

I lost my wallet with everything inside.

I bought another cheapo wallet with fewer things inside.

I went to Bangkok. Spent SGD 700 and came back with a bag of rubbish.

I went to Phuket. Spent 4 days looking at beaches and bitches.

I went to Macau. Spent 3 days having milk pudding everyday. (It’s seriously good and sent me right off to haven)

I love my office that overlooks buildings, buildings and buildings.

I love my room that overlooks buildings, buildings and buildings.

Life at 25…

indicates a stage where you have spent a quarter of century on earth.


At the age of 25,

I want to go Brisbane to see my brother and his de facto wife.

I want to go Melbourne to see my bestie and her de facto husband.

I want to go to the top of Eiffel Tower and shout ...

But for tonight, I just want to sleep till year 2009.

Have a merry new year ahead :)

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Anonymous said...

thanks for including me in your blog sweetie!! i am moved! i hope one day, we can travel together and try out the bestest food everywhere in the world... you're truly missed! lots of love XX

Jackson said...

Happy new year my love

Big Boys Oven said...

I am sure year 2009 will bring you lots of goodies! hey it's a year with plenty to look forward to! from us both S&S!

Cokeworld Citizen said...

Yo happy new year!

2008 is indeed a memorable in some way lah... isn't it? Regardless how difficult at one point of your life was, it's a thing of a past and being left behind like it had never happened before :S

HairyBerry said... can one see "bitches" ar? hehehehe....

happy new year and please lar, 25 is still a very tender age. you've got a whole world in front of you. the older folks oso hv not complained. ;P

have fun!

Anonymous said...

wow...why all the foods display on your blog look delicious le...

Tummythoz said...

25 is a quarter of life. That means I'm .. oh no!
Hapi 2009 & beyond. may everyday brings you more & more hapi surprises.

Anonymous said...

Shouldn't be trying more food in Singapore be one of your wants in 2009?

Jason said...

Em... was it just me or I found the post a lil... emotional?

Happy New Year anyway. Hope to see you during CNY holiday ya!

wmw said...

Hey there! Where were you??? Happy New Year!

teckiee said...

ooi 25 is not a bad age ok ;p happy new year!

Xiu Long Bao said...

Yes dearie, I would love to but have to ditch adrian aside for 10 days la k? *wink*

Same to you dah-leng.

Have a great year ahead too! Send my regards to Sunny :)

Cokeworld citizen:
Happy new year dear! It is definitely a harsh year for most ppl despite the fact that the year carries the auspicious number '8'. Let's hope for a better year ahead.

haha...I wonder who are the older folks :p Time flies at its own pace as usual but I'm ignorant at times, I just sit there and watch it pass me by.

Heya, happy new year. Photo credit to be given to Nic(KHKL). Keep up the eating and blogging :)

Tummythoz: gets scary at times when you realise how fast time flies right? Happy new year to you :)

Oh dear, that is to be done on a daily basis. Happy new year!

Emm...many commented that it is abit emo but let's hope for a better year ahead :)I'm back for CNY holidays, see ya soon!

Am going to book you one day when I'm back :) Catch up with you soon!

yeah, should feel proud about it :) Happy new year!

Simon Seow said...

Well, the only foreign country I went to last year is Singapore lol.

Julian Si said...

Happy Birthday!!!

fatboybakes said...

yerrr, you are young enough to be my dotter!!! hahah...