Monday, July 28, 2008

Ministry of Food - My Izakaya

Have been feeling uninspired lately. I'm fully aware that I've abandoned my dearie blog for 2 weeks :I Maybe it's because of the bad food that I've eaten or the 'lovely' people that I've met. *Darn, since when I'm full of excuses...*

Rewind 4 weeks ago...

I received a message from teckiee who planned to drop by SG for retail therapy. Tonnes of suggestions on places to eat were thrown at her and yet we ended up queueing for M.O.F - My Izakaya.

I love this place for a few reasons. The staff are over attentive in refilling green tea; the desserts are superb and I love the free voucher given out by them that has no expiry date.

Tofu Avocado Salad $ 6.80

Unagi Hot Stone Rice $ 6.80

Ramen $ 8.80

M.O.F's signature Macha Imo $ 6.50 - Fried potato cubes + green tea sundae

Shiratoma Zenzai

Nice catching up with you again, teckiee :)


Marina Square
6 Raffles Boulevard
#02-128E Center Stage
Tel: 63342202

Bugis Junction
200 Victoria Street
#02-45 Bugis Junction
Tel: 65-63386466

P/S: I think I'm seriously in need of a long break away from this island a.k.a 'pressure cooker' to get my groove for food hunt back. Grrrr.....Save me....


Kok said...

Good food leh! You bring teckiee, will you also bring me? hahahaha!

Come to Miri for holidays lah. I bring you go eat seafood. My treat!:)

By the way, don't get too stress up ya! Relax... do something you like to do; eat good food!:)

"Joe" who is constantly craving said...

hop on a bus back to kl la..wat la simple until dunno wat to do isit?

Jackson said...

wow... Japanese food again?? next time i go Singapore, i wan Japanese food too!

Anonymous said...

Yeah lor, take few days leave and rewind in KL :p

Tummythoz said...

Such good food & still no mood to show-off? *Roll eyes big-big* Btw, interesting looking desserts.

Anonymous said...

time to take leave and give urself a short break dear :D

Kent Fo said...

the dessert really attracting me alot!!!

any idea regarding nice food in singapore?? i m planning to go there next month!!!


Xiu Long Bao said...

Lol...sure is ur treat hor? Love miri seafood :) When r u coming to SG? Not much good food though :p

Yalor. I think i'll hop on to budget airline to avoid the crazy jam :p

Make sure u call me along k.

Yeah...gonna do so. Waiting for approval from my boss :D

No lar, abit dull wor the food. Gosh, getting more n more picky by now.

yeah, the pressure cooker is hitting boiling point d.

oh, you r coming for a visit? Here is my suggestion:
- Ma Maison @ Bugis Junction
- XO fish head noodles @ Holland Village
- Charcoal Claypot chicken rice @ Lorong 33, Geylang
- Waraku @ Central, Clark Quay

Kok said...

Sure my treat lah. I wanna see how much you can eat though. haha!:P Anytime, Miri seafood for you!

Not much good food and yet you're asking me to go S'pore? Alamak! You know I'm a food glutton who wants good food! kakakaka!

Simon Seow said...

Me like avocado. MOF lol, what other ministry can they think of next? we already have MOS - Ministry of Sound

HairyBerry said...

aiyah, you just gotta go out there and explore the streets of singapore to get good food lar. like that tiramisu i told you abt.

ohhhh, who are those 'lovely' ppl...*gossip gossip*

Big Boys Oven said...

hahahah hopefully I will be able to book you time in Sg this coming december!

Simon Seow said...

tanjyoubi omedeto, Happy Birthday!

Hong’s Stuff said...

Ramen is my favourite ^^

teckiee said...

ok... this is going to be rated 18. Feel free to delete this post if you think this will offend your readers.. but 3 words of advice (which I have started to use ...) ..

Fuck. That. Shit.