Monday, March 31, 2008

Mochi Ice-Cream

He says:

Sweet. Sweet. Sweet.

Stop. Standby. Go.

Still Sweet.

By the way, they taste like medicine with a sugary coat.

I say:

Don't trust him when it comes to dessert.

I was pretty excited when I passed by this Mochi Creamery Outlet that offers over 20 varieties of colourful mochi ice-cream, from azuki, dark chocolate, blueberry, pistachio, passion fruit to unique combination of chocolate coconut, chocolate espresso, strawberry dark chocolate etc.

I had a hard time picking which flavour to sample. The only reason that held me back in trying out all their flavours was that double scoop of Japanese gelatos that I had before stumbling upon this Mochi ice-cream outlet. Talk bout overdose of sugary stuff ever since I came to Singapore.

After thorough consideration, I picked three traffic light colours -- green tea (green), mango (yellow) and sakura (red). Every bite of that dainty dessert was a unique experience for me.

My only complaint was the hefty price tag -- S$2 for a small little cube of ice-cream encased in thin glutinous rice skin. Bar none, I'll still come back for the remaining 17 flavours of their mochi ice-cream.

He, who thinks that he is too hot just because the mochi ice-cream melts in his hand.


*Eyes rolled*


- Bugis Junction
- Raffles City


JOjo said...

Haha, if u want a cheaper version of this, buy in NTUC or cold storage, so much cheaper but still very nice! ^^

Anonymous said...

Nice..! but yes.. a wee bit ex leh.. ;)

Anonymous said...

Looks pretty! I think I'd like it coz I like sweet sweet sweet. :-D

HairyBerry said...

the reason he felt hot was because..he really felt hot. cos he was falling sick. perhaps due to a surge in sugar content that day. and he knows a good dessert when he sees one :P

as for this, he chose the red one..which means stop. cos no good..hehe

ai wei said...

pretty n nice. how i wish to travel down south. there seems a lot of new stuff msia dun hv~

Kok said...

xiu long bao,
This looks so good leh. Sakura flavour? How does it tastes like? hehe.

Xiu Long Bao said...

Really??!! *Rushing to NTUC & grab 10 boxes of mochi*

mama bok:
Yalor, I can finish the mochi ice-cream in one or at most 2 bites. Pricey indulgence, but i really love the texture :)

president LL:
Me like Sweet-Sweet-Sweet too! Yeah, i was attracted by their vibrant colours at first. Feel like walloping all rainbow colours.

Mister, dun blame my lovely desserts. U had too much foie gras yesterday. Dats y u r falling sick. Wanna recover? Eat more ice-cream.

ai wei:
True enough,that explains my empty wallet *haiz* Interesting food are everywhere over here.

haha...taste like sugary medicine wor, he said. I love their matcha mochi though. Still have another 17flavours to go :D

Simon Seow said...

Arghh..Guess missed this shop in Bugis Junction. Mamamia, one of my favourite ice-cream is mochi ice-cream. Is the texture nice?

Anonymous said...

Yum. I love all Japanese style ice cream. Green Tea Mochi is great.
Japanese Ice Cream

Anonymous said...

Wah .. you're article's pretty poetic eh. But creative. And the mochi ice cream does look good. Me like sweet sweet too !

Anonymous said...

lol..u guys sound like couple

Anonymous said...

Hehe, you guys do sound like a couple, as kampungboycitygal puts it...

Sweet sweet mochi leads to romance, maybe? Hehe.

"Joe" who is constantly craving said...

oooh....if its rm2 shud b ok rite? i know those u get in the japanese supermarkets already that kinda price..

Anonymous said...

Hi this looks really good and usual. Oh it is in Singapore. That is interesting. I've never notice this.

I happened to surf pass your blog and I found it very interesting. The photo here are wonderful. Well done!

Alex's World! -

Par said...

It's been a while since I last ate mochi ice cream.

Cokeworld Citizen said...

oh mochi...i knew missing bugis junction was a huge mistake :S

hehehe...both of u always hang out together hor?

since the day u step in spore, 8 out of 10 post is associated with japanese. now i can understand why u can be the lifetime JFKA member.

Xiu Long Bao said...

The texture is just nice for me. Not mouldy or powdery. Love it though some flavours come with medicinal taste.

jap ice-cream:
Yeah, i love their matcha flavour too :)

really dat poetic meh. bet you will like their mochi ice-cream if you like Sweet. Sweet. Sweet stuff.

citygal & kenny:
oh yeah, we certainly sound like one. U mean 'jimui' right? kakaka...

RM2 so cheap? Where can I get with that price???

hiya, thx for dropping by :) Yeah, alot of interesting food over here esp Jap food. Just need to explore around.

This is my first time trying mochi ice-cream. Not bad, love the uniques combination.

cokeworld citizen:
Yeah, call me Jap makan queen...haha. Thanks to him lor, if not i wldn't get to sample so many good food in sg. I quite like Bugis leh, have only explored it recently. Alot of good food and interesting places to explore over there. Not miss out next round you come over to sg ya!

Cokeworld Citizen said...

Haha i Luv bugis junction. Thats where I got my Cheese Kaya Toast. Wonder the tea hut is still there : P

hey wudnt the mochi become hard if put in cooler?

wont miss it next time around.

teckiee said...

eh woman.. when are u not coming back? i want to make a trip down to SG. Meet up with u and Nic

Anonymous said...

such pretty colors!

Jason said...

Ice cream~~!!
*throws ice cream scoop to XLB*

Elena said...

WOW! my fav mochi + ice cream!!! Soooo bad they don't have it here in Msia .. ={

Btw, nice blog. I'm keeping u linked. =)

Anonymous said...

look yummy!!!

Jean said...

these are nice!!!!
I love Mochi!
and this is the 1st time I "saw" Mochi Ice cream~
Hope that I can have a bite~XD

Xiu Long Bao said...

cokeworld citizen:
The mochi ice cream was abit hard and difficult to bite at first. Next must drop by this place. Bugis is my new hang out place now Btw, I just went back n tried their pistachio mochi...another yumz :D

Lemme know when u r coming over. Will welcome u with red carpet n...good food.. hopefully if we can find any lah...haha

Yeah, I was attracted by the colours as well. Their biz tactic probably.

Why? Why? Why????

thanks for dropping by :) Mochi ice cream rockz.

Not all flavours lor. Some come with medicinal taste. Just stick the good old ones like green tea and red bean.

haha...hope they venture into msia soon. all these funny interesting food.

Big Boys Oven said...

After reading, i question myself who is this He? lol!

Big Boys Oven said...

oh!..... is Uncle Nic! lol!

w33k33 said...

remember meeee?? ; )