Monday, January 14, 2008

WIP @ Bangsar Shopping Centre.

'We are going to wip @ Bangsar Shopping Centre for our Association's gathering', announced my boss.

'whip???' I was like, shame on me being a food blogger who has no idea bout this new eatery in town.

Till I saw the restaurant signage...

ahmmm...she was referring to that 'W'ork 'I'n 'P'rogress restaurant.

Ambiance wise, it is quite creative and cost saving since the restaurant theme is 'Work in Progress'. The background music was abit too hip for corporate luncheon but great for buddies' meet up.

Take a look at their story...

And now, back to food. Sad to say it was rather disappointing for the price paid but the drinks did make up for it. So I guess next round I'll just stick to their drinks and fill up my tummy next door instead.

Apple Mint (Recommended)

Smoked chicken RM25 (Triable with medium low expectation)

Chicken Makanwala RM25
(Triable with medium low expectation)

Giant ice kacang topped with a scoop of haagen dazs vanilla ice cream RM19
(Not recommended for that hefty price tag, the pakcik selling RM1 ice kacang at the roadside fares better)

Sing Chow Beehoon/ Stir fried vermicelle RM19
(Triable with low expectation-My makan kaki commented that her mum cooks better beehoon)

Pepperoni Pizza RM33
(All makan kakis commented that it is disappointing, tasted abit bland as the pizza came with too little tomato base so I guess it is not recommended. The only plus point is the thin crispy crust)
Check out lyrical lemongrass' gorgeous review here.


"Joe" who is constantly craving said...

looks like the food also all in Work-In-Progress!

HairyBerry said...

it's so funny how your makan kaki commented on the Sing Chow Beehoon. haha! i still don't get their concept nor their culinary direction. for me, its usually alexis in bsc :)

Anonymous said...

Teething problems .. perhaps..??

Anonymous said...

Kakaka..what a good disclaimer. WIP!

Jason said...

Ahaha... kinda agree with Joe's comment :)

JOjo said...

Hmm... Looks really can be deceiving!
Too hefty a price to pay.

Big Boys Oven said...

VVIP? oh yes WIP! sound a bit expensive, whereas the food are rather normal!

ekeng said...

Hahaha...i'm agree with Joe too..Work In Progress !!!

~Christine~Leng said...

shame on me ;P have never heard of this too :)
ice kacang for RM19? ok.. that's real pricey!

wmw said...

Stick to Souled Out? Prices cheaper too there I think?

daphne said...

Interesting concept...too bad abt the food!

Christina Kim said...

Too bad that the only thing recommended was the Apple Mint:p
Like Joe said, all still "Work-in-progress"!:p

Xiu Long Bao said...


Apparently her mum is a good cook wor. Yeah, they still haven't made up their mind on their culinary direction i guess, work in progress!

crunchasarus rex:
hmmm...maybe since it's a pretty young rest in town.

aiks, it nvr came across my mind that it is their disclaimer!

apparently it is a sister rest of souled out but no idea why their food is so disappointing.

exactly! I mean I dun mind paying for good food but not hefty price tag for compromised quality.

the food is below average wor.

yala, sad case...

yeap! Rm19 because of that scope of haagen dazs ice cream! Rm12 normal ice kacang.

yup, went for lunch at souled out yesterday, the menu is pretty much the same like WIP and it is alot cheaper!

haha...maybe they wan to make sure that the food matches the restaurant's theme-Work In Progress!

The drinks are not too bad. Good for buddies late nite meet up but not for tummy fillers lar.

teckiee said...

woman...bila mau pergi panjat batu lagi? mesti panjat sebelum u pergi to kiasuland

Cokeworld Citizen said... should tell this to the boss there. Maybe lunch will be free after telling him. kekeke.
Seems like juice is the next in thing. lolz...recently i like to have super sour green juices. Anyway try apple with carrot, no sugar added. *thumbs up*

Xiu Long Bao said...

can can...wait till i come bck from my first trip to singapore :)

cokeworld citizen:
actually the rest manager was aware that im snapping pix for my blog but no special treatment
ok, apple + carrot, will check this out!

Anonymous said...

Mushroom Pizza = RM30!! It's a bit salty. The only good thing is the thin crust. And the evironment is aweful --- noisy Disco music from the retro's!! Not recommended.

SHAZANA said...

their last day is tomorrow people! they will be closed for two months or so what they said. my friends and i went for dinner there and we got a free "wip we will miss you" batch for free :)