Wednesday, January 02, 2008

I wish, I dream...

I know I'm supposed to put up at least a post on new year. Hope it is not too late though ( today is already the 2nd day of 2008) count me lazee :p

New Year's Resolution
My new year's resolution? Too bad I never have one. But I do have clear goal to work towards too, I mean I 'used to have'. My targets and goals have always been study hard and not to fail my exams. Now that I have left my comfort study zone and joined the work force (heck, it has been a year since I became a corporate slave), I thought I have lost the focus in my life or should I set my target as 'earn more money'...hmmm...doesn't sound right to me but yeah at least I'm changing the currency of my pay this year.

Have things changed since 2006?

My messy study desk in aussie

Till now, my office...still messy as ever

Used to stroll along the street freely

Now stuck in the office and yet pretend to be cheery

Looking back at 2007, so far it was the most happening year for me as I experienced alot of drastic changes in my life. Work wise, I have changed 3 jobs in a year and now moving down south :p Aside from being financially independent and managed to pick up my driving skills after spending time in aussie like a retard, I'm glad that I get to know and meet more new friends via blogging last year. From the first day I met them during the Sandias gathering to the Damansara Heights Corporate Slave luncheon, potluck parties and food sampling events, I enjoyed every moment spent with this bunch of great people.

Moving forward
As you all know, I'm making a big leap by venturing down south. I have no idea how hard life is going to be there alone...yet. But one thing for sure, I can still have my hankering for sashimi and sushi fixed there...phew! So I'm all set to go!

My Dreams
I dream alot, day or night. I have my dream house by the beach, dream job (i.e 'work' from home) and a lifestyle to dream for. I guess my dream shall always remain as a dream, try not to realise it so that I can still dream on...

Have a great year ahead :)


livewire said...

Achieve your dreams so you can make bigger dreams.

Anonymous said...

Dreams are very good..! A good year ahead..!

daphne said...

Change can be scary but then change can be exciting too! All the best for the year of 2008!!! Keep the dream alive!

~Christine~Leng said...

May you have a great year ahead gal! To more Japanese food!
Just follow your heart and go with the flow :) Having dreams are good :)

Dreams come true ya!! and more dreams coming up!

Big Boys Oven said...

Dearest, into the coming years, you know you still have us....... you know I am the phone directory, rite! lol!

ekeng said...

Wish you all the best in year 2008 and Wish your Dream come true :)

Anonymous said...

Awww...don't worry. I can assure you that being a corporate slave in Sg is much more rewarding than in KL (at least financially). But of course, you won't get to spend time with such a great loving fellow corporate slaves like me!!

HairyBerry said...

dun worry, xlb...i too, packed my bag, left kl and started working in's been 5 years now and so far, no complains, i'd say...on the lighter side, i already have some japanese restaurants in mind to bring you to...hehe!

Christina Kim said...

You will have a GREAT year ahead!:D

Anonymous said...

All the best in the Lion City! I'm sure you'll work wonders there as well for yourself and those around you. Just imagine, a year from now, what an interesting and inspiring Reflections post you'll write! :D

Jason said...

Aww.. that sounds so sad but you've been very brave you know! We hope that you'll achieve your dream in SG. And don't forget us! *tsk tsk*

Bernsy said...

happy new year, and have a good year ahead...

MeiyeN said...

may all your wishes come true in year 2008! all da best to you, babe! please don't forget me yah.. :p

"Joe" who is constantly craving said...

well all the best girl..yes i also used to think abt those days in carefree so fun..

Xiu Long Bao said...

hmmm...make sense to me. So next up, make bigger dreams :p

yeap...just dream on...hav a great year ahead too!

haha...we need changes in our lives once a while rite to keep the excitement going.

Yippee! More sashimi to come!

BBO: so touched. Be prepared to be bugged by me ah :p

thx for the wishes. A good year ahead for u too :)

aye...tease me lar! you should come over to singapore n hav a cross-border corporate slave luncheon..haha

haha...awaiting for that! I wanna conquer all good Japanese restaurants in singapore *wink*

thx for the wishes. happy new year to you too and have a great year ahead :)

wow..that's very encouraging :) thx for the wishes.

haha...of course i won't forget you guys. will try to come bck n resume our makan sessions :)

thx for the wishes :) Have a great year ahead too!

Of course i won't forget you! Do lemme know if u r coming down to singapore for a visit :)

thx for the wishes :) yeah, those were the days...

Cokeworld Citizen said...

Eat loads of Singapore good food on behalf of me!!! Wheee~

Good luck!!

But don't come back with sloshing spare tire! Eeeeeeee XD

Cutie said...

I'm feeling lonely already in Singapore. Well, just have to be strong. You won't feel it that much during normal working days but weekends will definitely bring u sadness....

sc said...

xlb, all the best downsouth! as for your dreams...csb, are you reading this? hehe

KPC said...

Dont leave your GID machine on!!!And owh...didnt know you are going to Sg.....

wmw said...

Hey, don't be a stranger...But looks like you already forgotten your homeland since you forgot your award! Hahahah...

Mark said...

No messy I see, just a hard worker you are. Wish you all the luck in 2008!

Xiu Long Bao said...

cokeworld citizen:
haha...spare tyre???eee...scary! Will walk n exercise more then since it is so safe n clean over there :p

thx for the wishes! remember to come n visit me ya :)

heya, im coming down soon :) We can kill time by hanging out, go shopping, n makan together...yeah!

haha...what does going downsouth have to do with my GID machine???

aye, tease me lar :p I'll enlarge the cert n hang it on my wall...haha

:p Nvr bother to tidy up my office till the recent obligatory new year spring cleaning *malu*

Cokeworld Citizen said...

safe but not really clean anymore but still 10X better than msia. I pernah jog with my cousin at 12 midnight XD

Anonymous said...

Don't worry! Life is gud eventhough it dishes out things 2 ya, gud n bad! Look up n hav a gr8 yr ahead!