Tuesday, January 22, 2008

Have a farewell--Part I

I never realise that I have a big bunch of good friends till I have to say good bye.

I have been busy catching up with friends and attending my farewell meet ups recently. Still have 7 more appointments to go before I leave KL for good. Rest assured, I will miss them loads.
Following from my last post on my last day at work, I went out for a movie with my brother and cousin after work and treated them with Japanese at Sushi Groove. Didn't take pictures this time round, do check out my previous review here.

The next day I declared myself as officially jobless, dragged myself out of the bed in the morning and headed to Isetan for retail therapy (yippee!). After a few rounds of card swiping sessions, I met timothy from 3meals.com for farewell lunch at Din Tai Fung. Thanks to tim for the treat and his precious time. I lost count on how many phone calls he picked up when having lunch :D Also didn't take pictures this time round, check out my previous review here.

Fast forward to dinner time, I met up with the floggers gang (wmw, jason, christine , chris and ekeng) for farewell food crawl at Jalan Alor.

First Stop: Restaurant Muar

We started off the crawl by having chendols and Nyonya food at Restaurant Muar. Check out my previous review here. Unfortunately we had to wait for 40 mins for the food to be served due to short of water supply in that area. Where did they get water from then? We dare not imagine further, at least we are still well and healthy the next day :p
Ekeng who pengsan-ed while waiting for the food to be served.

Luckily the food that was finally served made the long wait worthwhile. We had crispy fried egg drizzled with soya sauce (RM7), seafood beancurd (RM16) and butter kailan (RM10). This is one of the few places I would recommend for simple yet delish homecooked dishes.
RM1 chendol

Second Stop: Jalan Alor

Despite the short of water supply, we still made Jalan Alor our next stop for our food crawl.

We had grilled fish (RM15), grilled squid (RM15) and escargot-like shell fish (RM20). I enjoyed every bite of the lovely dishes.

Third Stop: Haagen Dazs
Yes, I suggested having desserts.
Yes, we walked all the way from Jalan Alor to Bukit Bintang for desserts.
Yes, I agreed stopping by Haagen Dazs for desserts.
Yes, I was the only one who didn't order any desserts.

I only remembered that I had my craving for ice-cream fixed at Gelatissimo that afternoon when I stepped into Haagen Dazs. Having decided not to exceed my daily allocated quota for desserts, I told the rest of the gang I'll only stick to plain water :p

Jason's flower blossom (RM29.90) - choose 6 ice-cream flavours of your choice served in a waffle bowl.

Christine's cookie crunch (RM22.90) - cookies & cream ice cream served with crushed cookies chocolate sauce and whipped cream.

Wmw's macadamia nut crunch (RM26.90) - soft baked cookies served with cookies & cream, cookies & chocolate and macadamia nut ice-creams.

Ekeng's sinful fix.

Ekeng's haagen dazs moment, with disturbing food paparazzi.

Christine & Chris' sweet moment.

Made me wanna share the same sweet moment too. Guess who was hiding behind the haagen dazs menu.

What a coincidence, Wmw and Chris actually wore the same Hard Rock Cafe t-shirt that nite! Now guess who is who :p

Everyone with satisfying smile (ehmm...except jason..releks lar!)

Last Stop

Gathering adjourned at around 1am, we stopped at BHP station to feed the car with fuel this time round and headed back home to get a few more hours sleep before we resume our food crawl the next morning with another group of floggers...to be continued...


Simon Seow said...

How come you're paying for your brother and cousin and not the other way around? They should be treating you mah.

Wah, 7 more appointments to go. You must be real busy this week. Let's go Palate Palette, my treat :p.

JOjo said...

Woah! Your fellow friends are trying to make sure u r well fed before releasing you to the lion city huh? Hur..hur...


ekeng said...

Hahaha..i can't stop laughing for the first picture..really disappointed becos no "Wo Ah Ma" Siu Kai Yek and Muar Otak-Otak :(

But i'm so enjoyed every moment with u guys.

ekeng (Hong Kong Zai)

ai wei said...

happy farewell. the haagen daaz must be a sweet feast!


Hazza said...

How come you lot all look relatively slimly built? With these food crawls, you all shouldnt look like this at all! The fish dishes at Meng Kee made me hungry again soon after my dinner!

HairyBerry said...

wah, party until so late still can wake up the next morning for dim sum ar??? oh, i forgot...someone was late...hahaha! why never take pic of hong kong boy doing the dance? hehe...

daphne said...

waH! sounds like fun. memories to bring with u!!!

teckiee said...

hhahhahah i like the way u edit WMW's face out ;p

~Christine~Leng said...

It was a great hangout and we'll miss you for sure ;)
Too bad we didn't have the chicken wings and otak otak.. ehem. haha
Thanks to who ah ekeng?? ;P

wmw has new eye shadows! pink and purple... trendy wo.. ;P

ET女子 said...

wawa~all so delicious~
i went to the Muar Restaurant b4, having the same dish~haha.

Big Boys Oven said...

for a second I thought you spooned chris........ gosh my excitement went dissappeared as soon as I found out not............lol!

ekeng said...

ahem...dunno who suggested to go Jalan Alor one :P

I told everybody.."NOT MY FORK"

Xiu Long Bao said...

cus one is not working and one is vacation trainee, dats y i have to foot the bill for them :I Hmm...palate palette, ur treat? Have i not tell u im a big eater :p

haha...yes they do! thanks for the wishes :)

wong ah mah siu kai yek & otak-otak are available when u r not around :p kidding lar. Thanks for joining us dat nite :) *ahem* btw, not my 'fork' too...

ai wei:
yes it was, we were loaded with sugar...haha

oh, dats y we need to crawl from one place to another to burn out the fats :P

*ahem* who was late ah :p Next time we will get him to do a full fledge dance along the street.

yes it was :) loads n loads of great meme to bring with me down south...

haha...yeap have to work out something new censoring techniques for her.

yeap, it was a fun outing with you guys. thanks to ekeng lar, not me :p and yeah, hope she likes her new eyeshadow.

yeah,love the food from muar restaurant and their dainty chendols, slurp!

heh heh...how did u find out ah?

wmw said...

Wah lau...what's that on my eyes??? So colourful one ah? LOL!

"Joe" who is constantly craving said...

gilanya..haha why every1 ice-cream all multiple scoops 1..no wonder exceed daily calories..

well hope u slowly take ur time to finish all the crawls la!

MeiyeN said...

definitely one sweet farewell dinner! sorry that i couldn't make it that night.. :(

Anonymous said...

So next stop is Singapore ppl.. singapore food..??

Xiu Long Bao said...

oh yes, do u like it? new purple and pink eye shadow with ur initials 'wmw' :p

haha...will do will do.

oh no prob, lemme know if u r making a shopping trip to singapore :D

crunchasarus rex:

Simon Seow said...

Don't worry, Paul or Ben will give me discount.

Jason said...

Eh... me ada smile la! Must be the photographer's problem :P

Anonymous said...

When is my turn?! Now you no longer poor so no time for a corporate slave like me la isit? :(

Julian Si said...

Bon Voyage, and do stay in touch with the Malaysia food scene as you leave us ...


It is the unity around makan sessions that binds us as Malaysians :-)

All the best!

Xiu Long Bao said...

serious? ahhmmm...now im tempted to go :p

hahaha...dat photographer ah? or my camers's prob :p

of cus have time for u lar lol... U figure out wat to eat k :) see ya when im bck.

thanks for the wishes :)

Melissa Siew said...

hie xlb..
OMG... the haagan daaz is looks so yummy!! gosh..
is sad to hear that u are leaving soon.. i've been reading blog for quite sometimes and i luv all ur post.. Well, all the best in the future ya.. take care ya..

Xiu Long Bao said...

melissa siew:
hey, thx for dropping by! I'll still try to update on msian food reviews if i come bck to KL (to settle my bills over here...haha).