Monday, December 03, 2007

Chocolate Parfait from Haagen Dazs

It's the day of the week again. I escaped from my pile of files and backlogs on Friday nite and went out for a walk. As I strolled along Bukit Bintang, the colourful and tempting Haagen Dazs signage caught my eyes. Time to indulge in some sinful treats I thought, so there goes my 30-day diet plan ( I already lost 29 days anyway).
That nite, I fed myself with a tray of 'free fat and free guilt' Chocolate Parfait (RM29.90). The Chocolate Parfait came with 4 types of superbly rich chocolate mousse...Too bad I didn't note down the types of chocolate mousse :p All I remember is that one is Belgium chocolate and one is Orange chocolate. Taste wise, to my surprise, the ice-cream like mousse was very rich and chocolatey, great for die-hard chocolate fans but it was too achingly sweet to my liking.
Am not sure what is this slab of whipped cream topped with orange peels and a slice of orange for. I tried to pair the cream with the chocolate mousse but the chemistry didn't work out well.
Aiks...guess I'll still stick to my classic fave green tea ice-cream on my next visit.
Haagen Dazs Outlets:
Lot 10; Mid Valley; Bangsar Village II, KLCC.


Big Boys Oven said...

wah you allop all on your own.... so greedy... at least I can have one of your cups of delicious choc a choc ice-cream lol! babe wanna have fun!

"Joe" who is constantly craving said...

wahlau canggih 1..they once screwed up my waffles 4-5 times..could see from their open kitchen..thereafter never believe in their "dishes" other then ice cream in the cup..

HairyBerry said...

yeah, what's with the orange and cream? haha...i love parfaits with a crunch!

Collecting Moments said...

babe for a moment i tot you said you lost 29kg!!! *jaw drop* hehe silly me.

Kenny Leong said...

mayb the orange n cream is jz 4 decoration, hehe^^

ekeng said...

The Chocolate Parfait look look like shooters..i think i can finish a cup one shoot.

Par said...

Ice cream looks good!

Xiu Long Bao said...

aye...have to be kiasu kiasi abit when it comes to ice cream :P Btw, i didnt finish the whole thing lar, too much for one person...haha..should have called u lar!

aiks, dat bad huh? I think u r right, just stick to their ice cream :I

yealor, the combination was so weird to me...LOL

Aiyor...i really wish so man. 29kg..whooaa!

haha...what a big slab of cream for deco purpose!

one cup one shoot??? must savour and appreciate it slowly lar :p

hmm...dats y i was so tempted to try it when i first saw it in the menu

teckiee said...

i wish i had ice cream now... nothing better than sweet stuff when i'm stressed up

Jason said...

You were at Bukit Bintang on Friday night right? How come suddenly had ice cream at Bangsar eh?

Bought anything at Pavilion? :P

Cokeworld Citizen said...

Oh yeah, Hagen's Green Tea ice cream looks superbly flavoured by green tea XD (colour very dark)

In Spore, I tried Uzumaki green tea ice cream. lolz, their ice cream triangle shape wan. The green tea ice cream I had was intensely flavoured by green tea. Taste real too. Not artificial green tea taste one finds in mooncake.

Cokeworld Citizen said...

eh eh! really paiseh...Its Azabu Sabo >,<

~Christine~Leng said...

indulging in choc? u should have shared it with me...! haha.

Kenny Mah said...

And this after my boo sends me an SMS about a Haagen Dazs buffet in Taiwan! Why is everyone Haagen Dazs-ing but moi?


undiscovered gryl said...

The parfait looks good.. ;)

Anonymous said...

OMG! Dat looks sinfully delicious! Drooollll...........

rokh said...

total chocolate indulgence. tempted to try

Cokeworld Citizen said...

Sendiri make parfait green tea swiss roll, hagen green tea ice cream , stuff both items in small tapas glass , then decorated with green tea wafer/biscuit and top it with green tea whipped cream XD

And there you have it 'Green Tea Exclusive' hahaha!

Xiu Long Bao said...

yeah..come to think bout it. I hav 3 times more sweet stuff after joining the workforce...haih

slurp! sinfully tempting.

cokeworld citizen:
aiks...ur description is tempting enough for me to drool over my keyboard. Great idea!

Jackson said...

wow..... do not know that Haagen Dazs are so good in decorating too

Xiu Long Bao said...

mana ada...i had ice cream at haagen dazs bukit bintang mar. thanks for the direction that day...heh heh...blurry me :p

cokeworld citizen:
Hoiyor!!! u r seriously tempting me with that azabu sabo green tea ice cream...droolll

yeah....i shud :p It is meant for sharing cus i didnt manage to finish the whole thing...wat a waste..aiks!

haha...go to ur nearest haagen dazs outlet and indulge!

yeah...great for choc lover :)

hehe...go get ur own!

eh...i thought ok only. Rm30 for 4 mini cups of parfait, of cus they have to make up abit by doing nice deco ;p

Jason said...

Oh, ya... BB... mistakely read :P

wmw said...

Mmm...sweet temptations!!!

daphne said...

wah! the shooters look good. great presentation from haagen dazs

Nick Chan said...

waah ! haegen daaz!! very expensive leh hor?

Nick Chan said...

linked you at btw. =)