Thursday, August 16, 2007

12 Layers of Xiu Long Bao

Layer One: On The Outside
Name: Long Bao, XIU
Birth Date: 11th August, past oledi lar.
Current status: Slouching in my office chair.
Eye Colour: Err...will go examine afterwards.
Hair Colour: Black with a few golden strands
Righty or Lefty: Depends on what I'm doing.

Layer Two: On The Inside
Your Heritage: Unknown. My primary skool teacher said that I look like Dutch; Office secretary said Malay; Uni law lecturer said campur; My mum said she picked me out from a dustbin.
Your Fears: Gaining weight. That's why I need a magic slimming belt!
Your Weaknesses: Alot lar.
Your Perfect Pizza: With ice cream and chocolate fudge...whoaa

Layer Three: Yesterday, Today, Tomorrow
Your Thoughts First Waking Up: Today is Friday! Oh is not!
Your Bedtime: 12 lor.
Your Most Missed Memory: Laze around lazily after my very last law exam.

Layer Four: Your Pick
Pepsi or Coke: Also can. Make sure it is sugar free.
McDonald's or Burger King: Make sure they have vanilla sundae, if not both also out.
Single or Group Dates: What is this?
Adidas or Nike: I hate wearing shoes.
Tea or Nestea: Also can.
Chocolate or Vanilla: Vanilla. Hate chcolates sometimes.
Cappuccino or Coffee: Hate coffee. Somehow char siew bao is coffee-addicted.

Layer Five: Do You...
Smoke: I dun understand this creation.
Curse: Yes! dun mess with me..GRRrrrr...
Have a crush: Kenot tell lar!
Think you've been in love: Of cus in love lar.
Go to school: Managed to step out last year. Forced by mum to go to skool again for Master.
Want to get married: I'm still young!!! Wahaha...
Believe in yourself: Sometimes lar. Not when I have a bad hair day.
Think you're a health freak: Food bloggers don't practice this.

Layer Six: In The Past Month Have you...
Drank alcohol: Another creation that I dun understand.
Gone to the mall: Excuse me, shopping is the essence of my life.
Been on stage: Graduation counts?
Eaten sushi: Of cus! I'm the honorable life time member of Japanese Food Kawan Association. Recruiting now.
Dyed your hair: 4 years ago was bright red (crazy), 2 years ago was highlighted with gold.

Layer Seven: Have You Ever...
Played A Stripping Game: Nobody invites me to play also.
Changed Who You Were To Fit In: Why?

Layer Eight: You're Hoping
To Be Married: Dun wan to tell you.
For a: huh? wat?

Layer Nine: In a Boy (For guys, In a Gal)
Best Eye + Best Hair Color Combination: Never notice my eye color, let alone his.
Short Hair or Long Hair: Short hair!!!

Layer Ten: What Were You Doing
1 Min Ago: Clearing emails.
1 Hour Ago: Dreaming in front of the computer
4.5 Hours Ago: Dreaming in my dream land.
1 month Ago:According to my calendar, it's Monday so I must be mourning and dreaming in front of the computer.
1 Year Ago: Fishing expedition in the lecture hall back in aussie...haha!

Layer Eleven: Finish The Sentence
I Love: to shop and eat.
I Feel: ok lar.
I Hate: morons, impolite babarians.
I Hide: my slimming belt.
I Miss: holidays...arghhhh!
I Need: a break.

Layer Twelve: Tag Five People
1. citygal
2. jason, ipoh mali.
3. jian, coke world citizen.
4. poonky the evil monkey.
5. christine, brought up to share.
6. Add Big Boys Oven as well...haha

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Big Boys Oven said...

Layer 12: Are we the 6? hehehehe

Xiu Long Bao said...

BBO: added, really! go do ur homework now!

Anonymous said...

Layer Seven: Have You Ever...
Played A Stripping Game: Nobody invites me to play also.

can i invite???

Poonky said...

hoho skipped this tag because the evil donkey do liow long looong time ago hehe, go read it here fast fast

Jason said...

Aiyak. :p

~Christine~Leng said...

aiks.. kena tagged pula. xiu long bao.. U're a lawyer? Whoa.. so nice. must be tough huh?

Kok said...

xiu long bao,
Your name, Long Bao, Xiu? So secretive ah? hahaha!

"Joe" who is constantly craving said...

wahahaha lol...really very many layers ar..

Big Boys Oven said...

Eh! Macam kuih lapis aje! heheheheh

MeiyeN said...

why need to hide slimming belts one? O_o

Unknown said...

haha..doing my homework right away

Xiu Long Bao said...


yakah? okla, u r exempted from doing the homework.

do it do it. make a mille crepe out of u!

yalor, quite hectic actually. Happy doin ur homework!

why? wats wrong, dats my real name!

yalor, i tot u have to do this layering thing as well?

nope, it's mille crepe!

so dat no one can see, touch n use it! hahaha

oh, diligent gal!

Jackson said...


sc said...

wow, that's loads of Q&A woman!

Xiu Long Bao said...

yalor, i noe u r too busy to do tagging cus u dun even hav time to clear ur bcklog of food reviews. But i'll do it manually on our nxt gathering...haha

yup.was tagged by meiyen to do this it's quite fun too.