Monday, July 23, 2007

Miri Food Heaven

Some of you might be aware that I was away in Miri for a short trip to cari gali minyak. Before I went off, I sought advice from Kok who is a Miri-an on good food and places of interest in Miri. Sounded as if I'm going for one whole week :P Kok did recommend lots of great food like super fast selling char kuey tiao, rojak, fresh seafood & Kolo Mee.

Too bad I was fully occupied during day and night time *arghhh*. All I had was food arranged by my colleagues in Miri but they were good enough too! I miss the Sarawak laksa SO SO SO SO SO Much!!! And the fresh from the tank seafood, they were simply gorgeous, tasted so much better from our Unique Seafood Restaurant.

I reached Miri airport by 4 pm, due to flight delay by MAS Airline @_@ Greeted my fellow colleagues and off we went to check into our resort.

This is my room! It is big enough to accomodate 4 ppl and kinda scary for me to stay alone :P Thanks to my colleagues who told me ghost stories and insisted that they are 'real and believable'.
By 6pm, it's dinner time and I was brought to this famous Dragon Restaurant. No idea on the location. I can get lost in KL leave alone Miri...LoL. Perhaps Kok can help me out with the location of this restaurant?

Back to food, the seafood were fantabulous, fresh from the tank of course (I'm sorry my dear prawns, clams, fish, crabs & oysters!).

Can anyone help me out by naming this snail-looking thingy? All I know is that it is known as 'Dong Fung Lor' in cantonese. Most of the seafood were steamed as they were fresh enough to eat on their own. Get help with toothpick to dig out the flesh....come on come on...

Taada! Don't you reckon that it look gorgeous?
Next up is my fave dish of the nite--fresh steamed prawns. They were so sweet and juicy even without any seasoning. The best I have tasted so far.

The oysters omelette was overloaded with juicy oysters. Oishi!
And not to be missed--the fibrous pucuk paku with killer sambal.

The butter crabs were great too. The butter sauce was so thick and sinful. Aiyor, help me! I'm craving for seafood now.
A bowl of Sarawak pepper soup with big fat clams...I'm in heaven...

Done with the seafood, we went back to our resort with satisfying stomachs.

The next morning I have to wake up at 5am due to the tight schedule but nevermind *grin* I know I'm going to have the legendary Sarawak Laksa for breakfast ^_^

The Laksa broth was superb, very flavourful with generous serving of cuttlefish, chicken and prawns. Squeeze some lime juice for the extra kick. I'm awake, boss!
Hehe...actually I had 2 bowls of this. My colleagues were certainly impressed, "This is the first time I see you eating properly!"

Following that, no more great food as I was having meeting, meeting, meeting and have to rush to the airport right after that.

Anyway, to conclude this post, this is our office in Miri. Farewell my lovely Miri!

And my surprise from Ipoh--a bouquet of roses and lilies :)


Anonymous said...

So big lar your room! Flowers from CSB? :)

Lyrical Lemongrass said...

I miss Miri food. Haven't been there in years. I remember the seafood was good too. Sigh.

Nice flowers. ;-)

"Joe" who is constantly craving said...

tell csb he spoil market lar..always buy flowers..hahaha...looks like its time to spoil nicole also...

MeiyeN said...

da seafood... omg.. i feel like having that prawns and crabs right now! wondering if those are japanese snails.. hmmm awwwww csb is so sweeT! :D

sc said...

seafood looks so, so good!

Kok said...

xiu long bao,
You didn't taste the famous kolo mee? Alamak, you missed the chance! Don't worry, I'm sure you'll come again to Miri. Hopefully that time I can show you some places for food! haha!

Dragon Restaurant? Seriously, I don't know where is it leh. hahahaha! You describe me the landmarks and maybe I'll know. Sometimes, I don't go to restaurant by their name, I only go for food. :P

The seafood looks real good! Alamak, the paku pakis...I miss those! You should try another native plant, Midin. That's also nice.

At least, you tasted the Sarawak Laksa eh? :P

Aiyo, you CSB, KENG! Respect for him! :D

wmw said...

For me, those things are a must...Sarawak Laksa and Kolo Mee!

He sent you flowers cos he left you alone here? So sweet...

Anonymous said...

What a coincidence, my friend who just came back from KK has been raving about the Tong Fong Lor as well! :P Must try it myself.

simonso said...

Ur doggy eats durian too? Wont it die or anything like that?

Unknown said...

whoa..everything looks so good..CSB is so sweet a..must ask kayu kgboy to learn

Xiu Long Bao said...

Too bad i only stayed for one nite :( the flowers ah? who else will gimme flowers leh.

lyrical lemongrass:
Oh ya, i miss the seafood too, they are so fresh. No need sigh, u can fix ur seafood craving @ unique first.
thx ;)

huh? he told u he always buy flowers meh? the last time he bought me flowers was N years ago which we can't recall. Of cus u should buy some nice flowers for nicole lar. Must be romantic sometimes :)

Yalor, i feel like having them to when posting the pix ;p haha, are they call japanese snails?
Ur darling is sweeter lar, csb seldom buy me flowers one.

yup! yup! yup! can u hear that??? the seafood are calling me again!

yalor, i did ask my colleagues bout the famous kolo mee, but they said sarawak laksa is more popular in miri. But nvrmind lar, im going to KK soon for kolo mee ;p
hehe, i really dunno wat landmark leh, but nvrmind lar, seafood is nice everywhere in miri. Heard bout midin too, same like the pucuk paku rite?
Wat is so geng bout csb ? ;p

yalor, that was my 1st time having sarawak laksa. Havent tried kolo mee, will do when in KK :)
hehe, i didn't ask him bout the reason leh. Maybe bcus he has not been buying me flowers for the past N years?

Must try must try! The flesh is very juicy n springy but tasted bland cus they didn't add any seasoning.

simonso: dog loves all kinds of human food, she nvr take dog food one. I suppose she is super immuned oledi so no prob with D24 durians once a year & chocolates/ cheesecake as desserts everyday ;p

Haha...if kgboy is kayu then csb is big kayu, he has not been buying me flowers for the past N years la.

Kok said...

xiu long bao,
KK? KK not famous for its kolo mee lah. My aunty even ask us to tapao our kolo mee for her in KK whenever there's anyone going there. It's not the same. :P When you go KK, you should be able to satisfied your craving for seafood. KK, seriously, is a seafood heaven!

Alamak! You should have taken some photos mah. haha! Never mind, I'll check it out for you when I get back Miri.

Yea, midin is almost same as pucuk paku. A kind of native plant.

CSB sent you flowers leh. Not keng meh? haha!

Anonymous said...

Who knows, maybe some other secret admirers LOL

Anonymous said...

Yummy Seafood!
D snails/escargot looks delicious!
Looks very QQ, too!

Hows d flowers? Nice?

Anonymous said...

hehehe...if csb 'char tao'(kayu in hokkien) he wont buy u flowers lor...nyek nyek nyek...

O.o the seafood looooooookk so veli the FRESH! OMG OMG!

those are not fat clams lar...they are OBESE!

T.T *looked at the plate of nasi goreng in my hand, and the seafood pics*


Mark said...

If my memory still okay... those pucuk paku called Midin... I love it the moment I ate it few years back... Really hard to find it here...

Precious Pea said...

xiu long bao ar, so brave..managed to sleep or not? Anyway, if you ever go again and if you ever have to sleep all alone, I can volunteer to go with you.


Xiu Long Bao said...

Yar, heard dat KK is very famous for its seafood...drool drool :p send flower is keng ar?

aheh...nobody dares to come near me ;p will become dead broke if bring me out for dinner...haha

envious or not?

hehe...not only look good but taste GOOD!!! Obese is such a great food to describe the clam...LOL...have used it to describe my scallop in the new post. Aiya, nasi goreng oso veli nice mar ;p

sort of similar kind of plant. Very nice to go with sambal yumz!

precious pea:
hehe...ate too much so i fell asleep easily. so touched...will bring u along but dun fight for food wiv me ah!

Kok said...

xiu long bao,
send flowers all the way from Ipoh, not keng is what leh? hahaha!